Super Smash Bros. Rise of the Generations is a game for the Nintendo DS, and the Wii. There are obviously returning characters, like Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, and Donkey Kong. Plus, new characters, like Bowser Jr., Krystal, and characters in SSF2, like Goku, and Megaman. One more thing, the Yoshi (series) has a new character, the Baby Mario Bros.


Default Characters

Sample Fighter Series Bio
456px-BrawlMario Mario Mario Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom has returned to Brawl.
Link Link Legend of Zelda Link, the protector of Hyrule has returned to Brawl.
Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby, the pink ball with a big mouth has returned to Brawl.
3DPikachu Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu, the Thunder Pokémon has returned to Brawl.
Foxsmnas Fox Starfox Fox, the leader of team Starfox has returned to Brawl.
Samus Samus Metroid Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter has returned to Brawl.
Brawl ZeroSuitSamus Zero Suit Samus Metroid Samus, without her Power Suit, has returned to Brawl.
384px-BrawlZelda Zelda Legend of Zelda Zelda, the princess of Hyrule has returned to Brawl.
Sheik Sheik Legend of Zelda Sheik, Zelda's transformation, has returned to Brawl.
Bowser Bowser Mario Bowser, the King of Koopas has returned to Brawl.
File:BrawlDK.jpg Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong, the king of DK isles has returned to Brawl.
BrawlYoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, Mario's Best friend has returned to Brawl.
250px-Peachssbb Peach Mario Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has returned to Brawl.
WarioClassicBrawl Wario Wario Wario, the Master of Microgames has returned to Brawl.
BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong, DK'S little buddy has returned to Brawl.
Pit1 Pit Retro Pit, the captain of Pauleta's bodyguards has returned to Brawl.
File:Ash Poke Trainer.jpg Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Red returns to Brawl, along with Squirtle, Ivysaur, & Charizard.
BrawlLucas Lucas Earthbound Lucas, the kid with the PSI power, with fears has returned to Brawl.
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Kirby King Dedede, the self-styled king of Dream Land has returned to Brawl.
Pikmin2 Olimar Pikmin Olimar, the astronaut with Pikmin fighting for him has returned to Brawl.
BrawlSonic Sonic Sonic Sonic, the world's fastest Hedgehog has returned to Brawl.
Tails Tails Sonic Tails, the 2-tailed fox has joined to Brawl.
Son Goku Goku Dragon Ball Goku, the warrior to search for Dragonballs has joined to Brawl.
MegaMan Megaman Megaman Megaman, the robotic warrior has joined to Brawl.

Unlockable Characters

Sample Fighter Series Bio
BrawlNess Ness Earthbound Ness, the PSI-Powered Boy has joined to Brawl.
Hidden03Luigi Luigi Mario Luigi, Mario's younger brother has joined to Brawl.
Bowser-Jr-Brawl-Edited Bowser Jr. Mario Bowser Jr., Bowser's second-in-command has joined to Brawl.
BabyMarioBros.Brawl Baby Mario Bros. Yoshi The 2 Mario Bros, as babies, have joined to Brawl.


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