This page shows a list of the Poké Ball Pokémon in the game Super Smash Bros. Riot.


Name Attack Description
133Eevee Eevee Evolve When Eevee is released, it will stand in one spot. After a few seconds, Eevee evolves into one of eight Eeveelutions: Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon or Sylveon.
095Onix Onix Rock Slide

After being released, Onix will fly upwards and go off-screen. After a few seconds, Onix flies at a random direction with high speed, damaging those in its way.

175Togepi Togepi Metronome Uses a random attack, but these attacks are unique to Togepi. These random moves include:

  • Freezing any nearby enemies solid
  • Putting enemies to sleep like Bellossom does
  • Causing a flower to sprout on the head of nearby foes, which gradually causes damage
  • Plunging the entire stage into darkness, so that only the player indicators are visible above each character
  • Causing an earthquake, embedding enemies into the ground.
052Meowth Meowth Pay Day Meowth rapidly throws coins towards the opposing players, slightly damaging them continuously.
587Emolga Emolga Discharge Emolga flies and stands in one position, then it releases a flare of electricity around.
101Electrode Electrode Explosion Charges up for a few seconds, then explodes, causing any player (including the one who released it) near it to fly away. However, sometimes it can be a dud and not explode. If it failed, it will explode shortly after. It can be picked up by characters and thrown at their opponents.
143Snorlax Snorlax Body Slam Snorlax leaps into the air, and then slams down again, causing heavy damage to the opposing players.
054Psyduck Psyduck Confusion Psyduck stands in one position, with a confused pose. Then it releases a confusing energy around it. Any opposing player that goes near it while doing this will get confused, getting one of many effects such as sleeping, stunning, flower effect, etc.
120Staryu Staryu Swift Shoots stars after homing in on a target. Before it attacks, if the target moves, it will keep firing in the original position.
225Delibird Delibird Present Delibird starts jumping around happily, while tossing different items at the one who released it for him/her to use them. However, anyone can grab the items.
254Sceptile Sceptile Leaf Blade Sceptile chooses a random target, then it starts performing various slashes with a leaf-like sword.
110Weezing Weezing Poison Gas Uses Poison Gas, which hits anyone around it.
677Espurr Espurr Psyshock Espurr releases a big shield-like psychic wave to attack opposing players.


False Swipe It attacks foes by dashing back and forth in one defined area. Foes hit by this attack are stunned. However, if the player is hit while in the air by Weavile, the player goes flying straight up.
201Unown Unown Hidden Power Leaves the screen only to return with many Unown charging in a random direction. The Unown that was released cannot be blocked, but the Unown swarm can be blocked.
702Dedenne Dedenne Volt Switch Dedenne charges up a big electric ball and then tries to aim it at a random target to shoot it. If it hits any opposing player, they get slightly electrocuted and are sent flying.
501Oshawott Oshawott Water Gun Oshawott will start spitting a forceful shot of water in front of it, pushing itself backwards while damaging any opposing player in front of it.
416Vespiquen Vespiquen Attack Order Vespiquen calls its underlings and sends them towards all opponents to quickly damage them as they do. Doesn't do that much damage, but attacks all opponents.
200px-Zangoose Zangoose Crush Claw Zangoose will start running across the stage performing kick moves with its claws, doing good damage and knockback. Zangoose will also attack upwards to damage falling or flying opponents.
405Luxray Luxray Wild Charge Luxray charges up a little and then creates a durable explosion of electricity at a distance, mostly trying to aim it at opponents.
182Bellossom Bellossom Sweet Scent Bellossom causes opponents close to it to fall asleep. Can sometimes cause small damage.
373Salamence Salamence Dragon Breath Salamence exhales a mighty gust back and fort that inflicts damage. It sometimes stuns opponents as well, or push them away.
428Lopunny Lopunny Healing Wish Lopunny heals half of the damage percentage of the one that released it. On rare occassions, Lopunny heals them entirely.
539Sawk Sawk Karate Chop Sawk simply goes around the stage, performing various karate moves at various opponents in attempt of sending them away. If anyone is caught in one of its combos, Sawk may KO them.
202Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Counter Counters all attacks, wobbling back on forth as it does so. The faster the wobble, the more damage it will do. It can hurt the player who released it.
673Gogoat Gogoat Double-Edge Gogoat prepares itself for a few seconds, and then performs an incredible tackle across the stage, at great speed, sending opponents flying.
701Hawlucha Hawlucha Flying Press Hawlucha targets the opposing player with the most damage percentage, and then flies straight up to later dive onto the opponent from the air.
571Zoroark Zoroark Night Daze Zoroark lets loose a pitch-black shock wave around it that continuously damages opponents. Sometimes a bigger shock waves comes out of Zoroark which does higher damage.

Eevee Evolutions (Eeveelutions)

Name Attack Description
136Flareon Flareon Ember Flareon charges for a bit and then releases little bullet-like flames around, continuously damaging those caught in the raining flames. It's one of the most common eeveelutions.
134Vaporeon Vaporeon Scald

Vaporeon releases shots of hot water around that will send opponents flying away. The closer they are to Vaporeon, the more damage they receive. It's one of the most common eeveelutions.

135Jolteon Jolteon Charge Beam Jolteon charges and then shoots a big electric in frontof it. Opponents caught in the beam mostly get KOd, if they are quite damaged. It's one of the rarer eeveelutions.
197Umbreon Umbreon Feint Attack The screen goes darker and Umbreon disappears. It reappears behind a selected opponent and tackles them, sending them flying straight up. It's extremely hard to dodge. Umbreon is one of the rarer eeveelutions.
196Espeon Espeon Psychic Espeon sends waves of psychic force across the stage. Items caught in it are put into a floating state, and opponents are slowed down. The one who released Espeon is not affected by this. Espeon is an uncommon eeveelution.
471Glaceon Glaceon Icy Wind Glaceons starts spitting an icy wind back and fort, freezing those caught in the wind. Touching Glaceon also freezes opponents. It's a semi-common eeveelution.
470Leafeon Leafeon Razor Leaf Leafeon will start sending cutting leaves in front of it in a shuriken-like fashion, similarly to what Chikorita did in Melee. It's one of the most common eeveelutions.
700Sylveon Sylveon Moonblast Sylveon borrows the power of the moon. It charges up with a magic radiation coming right to it (slightly damaging opponents) and then releasing all force around the stage, doing massive damage to those caught in the force. It's the rarest eeveelution

Legendary Pokémon

Name Attack Description
144Articuno Articuno Blizzard Articuno freezes opponents close to it. Sometimes sends foes flying off the top of the screen for a KO.
146Moltres Moltres Sky Attack Moltres burns opponents who touches it, blasting them in a random direction and usually KOing them.
145Zapdos Zapdos Thundershock Zapdos shocks opponents close to it, while holding them in one place (but can KO out of the electricity).
245Suicune Suicune Aurora Beam Fires a white beam in front of it. The beam only lasts for a split second. This has a considerably low attack range, but is almost an instant KO every time it hits.
244Entei Entei Fire Spin Makes a vertical pillar of flame appear where Entei is. Does a really massive damage.
243Raikou Raikou Thunder Summons a brutal thunder to land where Raikou is. An explosion of electricity occurs, and opponents caught in it that is standing on the ground get an instant KO, while those that are in mid-air just receive a lot of damage.
151Mew Mew Teleport Says "Mew!" and drifts into the sky and drops a CD. It is extremely rare. If all CDs are collected, Mew will drop a Sticker instead.
249Lugia Lugia Aeroblast Flies up damaging the opponents close to it and sends them flying. Goes into the background using Aeroblast that does massive damage.
250Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Sacred Fire Flies up high damaging opponents close to it and sends them flying. Goes into the background to make a huge vertical pillar of fire that appears where it was called from. Like Entei's attack, it does a massive amount of damage, but the attack radius is much bigger.
251Celebi Celebi Teleport Floats up into the sky and drops a few rare trophies. It is extremely rare.
Latias & Latios Steel Wing Either Latios or Latias appears, and then both will fly diagonally across the stage numerous times, inflicting heavy damage on any player hit.
383Groudon Groudon Overheat Appears on the battlefield and begins to injure all opponents who touch its flaming body.
382Kyogre Kyogre Hydro Pump Kyogre appears to float in the air, as it fires a jet of water at the other players. The water causes no damage but is very effective at pushing foes off the stage. However, it will hurt players who touch it.
384Rayquaza Rayquaza Twister Rayquaza begins to spin around in a tornado. Opponents caught in it will be sent flying straight up after getting a great amount of damage from it. It usually KOs them.
385Jirachi Jirachi Teleport Jirachi appears and drops stickers down for players to grab. It is extremely rare.
386Deoxys Deoxys Hyper Beam Flies into the sky, and uses Hyper Beam, which shoots an incredibly powerful beam of light directly downwards onto the field. Deoxys is always in its Attack Forme in this game.
483Dialga Dialga Roar of Time Dialga roars and sends a wave of sound. If opponents are hit by the wave, it KOs them. It's extremely hard to dodge it.
484Palkia Palkia Spacial Rend Palkia charges with a purple energy, and then unleashes it around the stage, KO'ing opponents on impact with the force. It is extremely hard to dodge.
490Manaphy Manaphy Teleport Manaphy drifts into the sky and drops either a rare trophy or a rare CD. It is extremely rare.
491Darkrai Darkrai Dark Void Darkrai releases a really obscure aura and puts every opponent that is on the ground to sleep, as they continuously take damage.
488Cresselia Cresselia Psycho Cut Cresselia sends several blades made out of psychic power back and forth at incredible speed, dealing massive damage.
494Victini Victini Flare Blitz Victini cloaks itself in fire, and then rams into opponents with rapid succession, incinerating them. Does high damage and knockback.
644Zekrom Zekrom Bolt Strike Zecrom flies to the center of the stage, charges a great ball of electricity and then strikes it onto the ground, causing a big blast and KO'ing opponents in its radius.
643Reshiram Reshiram Blue Flare Reshiram flies up dealing damage, then it appears on the background and starts spiting blue flames to incinerate opponents across the stage. It deals massive damage and sends opponents flying.
638Cobalion Cobalion Iron Head Cobalion appears on stage and slams opponents with its head, pushing them away of the stage and them KO'ing them if they are still caught by it.
648Meloetta Meloetta Relic Song Meloetta starts singing, making opponents sleep.
649Genesect Genesect Techno Blast Genesect flies to the top of the stage and then launches a beam of light upon opponents at many directions, dealing high damage and knockback.
717Yveltal Yveltal Oblivion Wing Yveltal flies to the center of the stage and starts to quickly damage opponents by increasing their damage percentage. Then it blasts an energy wave that is hard to dodge.
716Xerneas Xerneas Geomancy Xerneas creates a giant aura around it which attempts to trap opponents into it. Opponents caught in the area are continuously damaged and then sent flying after the aura breaks.
718Zygarde Zygarde Land's Wrath Zygarde gathers energy from the ground and starts unleashing a wave of energy flames at random directions.
493Arceus Arceus Judgment Arceus summons a rain of light blasts on the stage, it is almost undodgeable and instantly KOs opponents. Arceus is the rarest Pokémon in the game.

Mega Pokémon

Name Attack Description
009Mega Blastoise Mega Blastoise

Hydro Cannon

Mega Blastoise starts shooting powerful watery blasts in front of it at high speed. The water blasts push opponents with his force and damages them.
065Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam Telekinesis Mega Alakazam makes all opponents and items in screen float for some seconds, leaving them vulnerable. While floating, opponents can still attack using their aerial moves.
094Mega Gengar Mega Gengar Shadow Punch Mega Gengar flies around throwing punchs at opponents with rapid succession. It's hard to dodge, and does high damage.
282Mega Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir Stored Power Mega Gardevoir stands in one spot, preparing itself. After some seconds, Mega Gardevoir causes a blast that KOs any opponent that stands on the ground and are hit by it.
359Mega Absol Mega Absol Night Slash Mega Absol appears and briefly reappears near opponents to slash them with powerful force, dealing up to 40% damage or KO'ing. It's quite difficult to dodge.
130Mega Gyarados Mega Gyarados Aqua Tail Mega Gyarados starts flying around, slightly damaging foes as it does. It stops for a moment, and after a few seconds, it performs a great swing with its tail, sending opponents flying.
142Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl Ancient Power Mega Aerodactyl summons various prehistoric rocks and fossils from the ground, no matter what kind of ground it is. After that it flies around while throwing them with great force at opponents. All fighters can also use these rocks and fossils as items to throw for a limited time.
248Mega Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar Stone Edge Mega Tyranitar summons sharpeded stones to come from the ground, dealing massive damage and knockback to those standing where the rocks pop out.
181Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos Electro Ball Mega Ampharos turns into an electric orb and then starts slamming itself at opponents, electrocuting them and sending them flying.
212Mega Scizor Mega Scizor Fury Cutter Mega Scizor runs in one direction after an opponent. After a certain time, it will jump either in the same direction, or the other direction before falling offscreen. Players cannot block its attack.
229Mega Houndoom Mega Houndoom Bite Mega Houndoom prepares itself for a bit, and then tackles an opponent with little to no warning, bitting them and usually KO'ing them as it does.
257Mega Blaziken Mega Blaziken Blaze Kick Mega Blaziken starts performing various kicking and punching moves around the stage, burning opponents with its arsenal. If it does a combo on an opponent, it KOs them.
303Mega Mawile Mega Mawile Play Rough Mega Mawile starts bitting opponents around the stage, sending them flying. It does a last bite before disappearing, which deals the most damage.
306Mega Aggron Mega Aggron Metal Claw Mega Aggron quickly rakes several opponents with its steel claws. It does really high damage.
460Mega Abomasnow Mega Abomasnow Ice Shard Mega Abomasnow rolls around to hurl chunks of ice at opponents from afar, continuously damaging them. It damages when it rolls as well.
310Mega Manectric Mega Manectric Electric Terrain Mega Manectric electrifies the whole stage. Any opponent that is standing on the ground gets damaged rapidly and after being stunned with power, is knocked away.
354Mega Banette Mega Banette Shadow Ball Mega Banette flies to the top of the stage and starts hurling several shadowy blobs at the whole stage, doing high damage.
302Mega Sableye Mega Sableye Shadow Sneak Mega Sableye hides behind its crystal and then the crystal disappears into the shadows. Sableye does an evil sound, and then appears behind an opponent, knocking them away with the crystal.
719Mega Diancie Mega Diancie Charm Mega Diancie leaves a magic charming dust on the stage as it flies up into the sky. All opponents do 50% less damage to the one that released it. It also throws a rare trophy. It is the rarest mega evolution, and the second rarest Pokémon after Arceus.