This article shows the alternate color palettes for the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Riot. They are in alphabetical order.

Each character has a different amount of alternate color palettes. The minimun amount of color palettes is 6, while the maximun is 8. Characters also have Alternate Costumes, which are similar to Alternate Palettes, but their changes are more drastic, going up to the point of changing model, animations, visual effects and voices. Gameplay is never affected though.

Characters with no Alternate Costumes will have the maximun amount of Color Palettes, but the Color Palettes might vary between 6 and 7 if they have one or more Alternate Costumes. This is because of the 8-Smash Mode, in which if everyone is using the same character, some will have to use the Alternate Costumes. Additionally, some Alternate Costumes come with Palette variations as well, rising the amount of Alternates of some characters' to more than 8. Most Alternates are based off or resemble something.


Baby Bros.

SSBRiot BabyBros Color Palettes
Default Default Colors Baby Mario's and Baby Luigi's default colors from most Mario games.
Green Green Baby Mario's is the same as Mario's green palette. Baby Luigi is Luigi's classic colors.
White White Both resemble Fire Mario and Fire Luigi.
Blue Blue Both resemble Ice Mario and Ice Luigi.
Yellow Yellow Baby Mario resembles Wario's/Baby Wario's colors. Baby Luigi resembles the orange Luigi coloration from the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon multiplayer.
Purple Pink Baby Mario resembles Luigi's pink palette, which is a reference to his clothes in Wreckin' Crew. Baby Luigi resembles Waluigi's colors.
Black Black Both resemble Flying Mario and Flying Luigi.
Red Dark Orange Baby Mario resembles Mario's sprite from Super Mario Bros


SSBRiot Bayonetta Color Palettes
Jeanne Bayonetta 2 render
Blue Dark Blue Bayonetta's default appearance from Bayonetta 2.
Yellow Yellow Based upon the Unforgiven handguns.
Green Green N/A
Pink Magenta Could be based upon the Scalborough Fair weapons.
Black Black Based off Bayonetta's appearance colors in Bayonetta 1.
Red Red Based off Jeanne's colors.
Jeanne Red Change's Bayonetta's appearance to that of her rival Jeanne.

Black Mage


SSBRiot Bomberman Color Palettes
SSBRiot PrettyBomber Colors
White White Based upon the White Bomberman that is usually the protagonist of the Bomberman series.
Red Red Based upon the Red Bomberman.
Blue Blue Based upon the Blue Bomberman.
Black Black Based upon Bomberman's former rival, Black Bomberman.
Green Light Green Based upon the Green Bomberman.
Yellow Yellow Based upon the Yellow Bomberman.
Pretty Bomber Pink Changes Bomberman's appearance to Pretty Bomber's.
Pretty Bomber Light Blue A Blue Pretty Bomber. Based upon Acrobat Aqua's color scheme.


SSBRiot Bowser Color Palettes
Yellow Green Bowser's appearance since Super Mario Sunshine.
Red Red Resembles the Red Koopa Troopas.
Black Brown Color originally debuted in Melee.
Green Green Based on an alternate costume in Mario Golf, as well as Bowser's color in Super Mario World and the DiC cartoons.
Brown Yellow Based upon Boom Boom.
Pink Pink Based upon Pom Pom.
Orange Light Orange N/A
Blue Dark Blue Based upon Dark Bowser.

Bowser Jr.

SSBRiot BowserJr and Koopalings
SunshineJr SSBR
Bowser Jr. Green Bowser Jr's original appearance.
Larry Blue Changes to Larry Koopa's appearace.
Roy Red Changes to Roy Koopa's appearance.
Wendy Hot Pink Changes to Wendy O. Koopa's appearance.
Iggy Light Green Changes to Iggy Koopa's appearance.
Morton Black Changes to Morton Koopa Jr.'s appearance.
Lemmy Yellow Changes to Lemmy Koopa's appearance.
Ludwig Blue Changes to Ludwig Von Koopa's appearance.
Sunshine Dark Blue Wears the Shadow Mario scarf he wore during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. His Koopa Clown Car changes of color as well to fit and the Paintbrush appears inside the car for aesthetic purposes.

Captain Falcon

Captain Rainbow

Captain Toad

SSBRiot CaptainToad Color Palettes
SSBRiot Toadette Color Palettes
Red Red Captain Toad's default appearance from Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
Blue Blue Based upon Blue Toad from the Toad Brigade.
Green Green Based upon  BankToad from the Toad Brigade.
Yellow Yellow Based upon Yellow Toad from the Toad Brigade.
Purple Purple Based upon Mail Toad from the Toad Brigade.
Orange Orange Resembles Fire Toad.
Toadette Hot Pink Changes Captain Toad's appearance to Captain Toadette's.
Red Red Red Toadette. Resembles the Super Mushroom's colors.
Green Green Green Toadette. Resembles the 1-up Mushroom's colors.
Blue Blue Blue Toadette. Resembles the Mini Mushroom's colors.
Yellow Orange Yellow Toadette. Resembles the Mega Mushroom's colors.
Purple Purple Purple Toadette. Resembles the Poison Mushroom's colors from Super Mario 3D Land.



SSBRiot Daisy Color Palettes

SSBRiot ClassicDaisy Color PalettesSSBRiot StrikerDaisy Color Palettes

Yellow Orange Original clothes.
Green Cyan Gives Daisy the cyan coloration she had in her alternate outfits from Mario Strikers Charged and Mario Sports Mix.
Blue Blue Gives Daisy her in-game coloration from NES Open Tournament Golf.
Purple Purple Resembles Shadow Peach's color scheme.
White White Based on a possible "Fire Daisy" coloration.
Pink Pink Based on Peach's color scheme. A few details change to look like Peach's.
Classic Yellow Changes Daisy's appearance to her debut look as well as her pre-Melee appearances in Mario games.
Classic Grey Monochrome coloration that resembles her Super Mario Land in-game sprite.
Striker Orange

Changes Daisy's dress to her armor from Mario Strikers Charged.

Striker Cyan Daisy's alternate costume from Mario Strikers Charged.

Dark Samus

SSBRiot DarkSamus Color Palettes
Cyan Light Blue Dark Samus' default appearance from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
Blue Blue Based off Sylux from Metroid Hunters.
Orange Dark Orange Resembles Samus' coloration from the earlier games.
Red Crimson Red Based off Trace from Metroid Hunters.
Green Green Based off Kanden from Metroid Hunters.
Brown Brown Based off Spire from Metroid Hunters.
Purple Violet Based off Noxus from Metroid Hunters.

Diddy Kong


Donkey Kong

SSBRiot DK Color Palettes
SSBRiot BoxerDK Color Palettes
Brown Brown DK's default appearance.
Black Black N/A
Red Red Based upon his original appearance in the arcade game Donkey Kong.
Blue Blue An alternate coloration from Donkey Kong 64.
Green Green An alternate coloration from Donkey Kong 64.
White White

Based upon Super Kong from Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Boxer Brown Changes his look to his Punch-Out!! Wii appearance.
Blue Silver

A blue Boxer DK. Also based upon Super Kong's color scheme.
Green Dark Yellow A green Boxer DK. Fur color resembles him under the effects of the Banana Juice in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Dry Bowser

SSBRiot DryBowser Color Palettes
White Grey Default appearance.
Red Light Red Resembles the Red Bones color scheme from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Black Black Resembles the Dark colored Dry Bones alternate from Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Mario Sluggers.
Green Light Green N/A
Brown Brown His brown-ish coloration resembles Dull Bones colors from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Pink Light Pink

Orange Light Orange Slightly resembles regular Bowser's coloration.
Blue Dark Blue Resembles Dark Bones colors from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Dark Bowser's color scheme.


SSBRiot Falco Color Palettes
White White

Based on his design from Star Fox Command.
Orange Orange His orange pants resemble his appearance in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D.
Green Dark Green Based on his clothing in Star Fox Assault multiplayer mode.
Red Red Resembles a cardinal bird.
Blue Dark Blue N/A
Pink Purple Resembles the color of scheme of Krystal in Star Fox Command.
Black Black "Dark Falco" costume from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
White Aero Blue N/A
Assault Red Gives him his Star Fox Assault appearance.


Galacta Knight

SSBRiot GalactaKnight Color Palettes
Pink Magenta Default appearance from Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Red Red N/A
Blue Light Blue N/A
Green Green N/A
Yellow White

Resembles Meta Knight's white alternate from Kirby's Air Ride.
Purple Purple N/A
??? ??? New color palette soon.
Black Light Red Kind of resembles Meta Knight's original concept colors.



SSBRiot Geno Color Palettes
Blue Blue Default appearance from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Yellow Yellow Inverted colors in clothing.
Red Red Resembles Mario's color scheme.
Pink Hot Pink Resembles Peach's color scheme.
White Light Blue

Resembles Mallow's color scheme.
Purple Purple Resembles Croco's color scheme.
Green Dark Green Resembles moss.
Black Black A dark color palette. Referred to as an "evil possessed doll".


Ice Climbers

SSBRiot IceClimbers Color Palettes
Ice Climbers Polar PM




SSBRiot Jigglypuff Color Palettes

Kalos Trainer

SSBRiot KalosTrainer Color Palettes

King Dedede

King K. Rool


SSBRiot Kirby Color Palettes



SSBRiot Kumatora Color Palettes



SSBRiot Link Color Palettes
SSBRiot OcarinaLink Color Palettes
SSBRiot TwilightLink Color Palettes New


Little Mac




SSBRiot Luigi Color Palettes
SSBRiot MrL Color Palettes

Mach Rider

Mamoru & Fululu


SSBRiot Mario Color Palettes
SSBRiot DrMario Color Palettes


Mega Man

Meta Knight

SSBRiot MetaKnight Color Palettes
SSBRiot DarkMK Colors


SSBRiot Mewtwo Color Palettes
SSBRiot ArmoredMewtwo Colors



Mr. Game & Watch

SSBRiot MrG&W Color Palettes


Olimar & Pikmin


SSBRiot PacMan Color Palettes

MsPacManSuperPacMan SSBR


SSBRiot Palutena Color Palettes



SSBRiot Peach Color Palettes

SSBRiot FirePeach ColorsShadowPeach SSBR


SSBRiot Pikachu Color Palettes


SSBRiot Pit Color Palettes
SSBRiot RetroPit Colors
SSBRiot DarkPit Colors

Plusle & Minun

Professor Hector

Professor Layton

SSBRiot Layton Color Palettes


SSBRiot Raichu Color Palettes


SSBRiot Ridley Color Palettes
Meta Ridley Art


Rosalina & Luma

SSBRiot Rosalina Color Palettes
Cosmic Spirit SSBR



SSBRiot Samus Color Palettes

Dark Suit SamusLight Suit Samus



Shovel Knight

SSBRiot Shovel Knight Color Palettes
TheBlackKnight SSB3M


Skull Kid


SSBRiot Sonic Color Palettes


Space Invaders

SSBRiot SpaceInvaders Color Palettes


Toon Link



Waddle Dee

SSBRiot BandanaDee Color Palettes



SSBRiot Wiggler Color Palettes
SSBRiot SunshineWiggler Colors

Wii Fit Trainer



SSBRiot Yoshi Color Palettes
Winged Yoshi SSBRiot


Zero Suit Samus

SSBRiot ZSS Color Palettes
SSBRiot FusionZSS Color Palettes

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