Developer(s) Revolution Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
October 24, 2015
1-4 players
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Revolution is an upcoming fighting game being developed by Revolution Studios. It WAS scheduled to be released in 2016, but Nintendo released it early. It is overall the sixth Smash Bros. game. It will be released for the 3DS.


Starter Characters

Name Series Moveset Final Smash
Mario (MP10) 7
Mario series

Neutral: Fireball

Side: Cape

Up: Super Jump Punch


Ultra Fire Mario
Yoshi series

Neutral: Egg Lay

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Egg Throw

Down: Yoshi Bomb

Yoshi Dragon
Starfy T SSB4
Starfy series

Neutral: Star Spin

Side: Glide

Up: Shooting Star

Down: Hopping

Ultra Star Spin
Kirby Series

Neutral: Vulcan Jab

Side: Slide

Up: Rising Break

Down: Ability Inhale

Hypernova Inhale
Kirby series

Neutral: Mach Tornado

Side: Drill Rush

Up: Shuttle Loop

Down: Dimensional Cape

Galaxia Darkness
Crash prepared
Crash series

Neutral: Spin

Side: Slide

Up: Spin Jump

Down: Dig (on ground)/Belly Flop (in the air)

Aku Aku
Donkey Kong series

Neutral: Giant Punch

Side: Headbutt

Up: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slap

Konga Beat
250px-Bowser SSB4
Mario series

Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Flying Slam

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Bowser Bomb

Giga Bowser
Mortal Kombat series

Neutral: Freeze Blast

Side: Skating Slide

Up: Frigid Uppercut

Down: Ice Shaker

Frost Bomb
Mario series

Neutral: Toad

Side: Peach Bomb

Up: Perry

Down: Vegetable

Sheep Attack
Wario WL3
Wario series

Neutral: Chomp

Side: Wario Bike

Up: Wario Corkscrew

Down: Wario Waft

Mortal Kombat series

Neutral: Spear

Side: Fire Breath

Up: Flaming Blackflip Kick

Down: Minion Drop

From Hell
Mario series

Neutral: Green Fireball

Side: Luiginary Ball

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: Luigi Cyclone

Big Poltergust 5000
Sonic Adventure pose(Super Smash Bros. Wii U)
Sonic series

Neutral: Homing Attack

Side: Monitor Throw

Up: Spring Jump

Down: Spindash

Super Sonic

Unlockable Characters

Name Series Moveset Final Smash
Mario series

Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Cannonball

Up: Abandon Ship!

Down: Mechakoopa

Bowser Jr. Kart
Luigi's Mansion Series

Neutral: Punch

Side: Possess

Up: Uppercut

Down: Ghost Bomb

Super Greenie


Quick Battle Mode

In Quick Battle Mode, you can battle in a 2-4 player fight until you run out of stocks, time or stamina. If you have more points, not knocked out at the end or the most points after time is up, you win the battle. You can change the rules, number of items and how much they will appear on the stage randomly or more rules when you unlock it in the character selection screen.

Classic Mode

The old school mode from the SSB games. In Classic Mode, you can choose a path (either This Way (right), That Way (left) or Thatta Way (up)) so you will fight some enemies and collect coins and other gear. Sometimes when you reach the quater way mark, half way mark or sixth way quater you'll start doing metal battles, giant battles or Fighting Cosmic or Mii Team battles. At the end, you'll either face Master Hand (the path with no coins) or him and Crazy Hand (the path with coins). After defeating them, you'll get the credits. Defeat them in difficulty 5.0 (Fried)-10.0 (Frightmare), you'll face Master Core. Each time you defeat the monster in a higher difficulty, a new phase commences. After defeating all phases, he turns into a spherical core that has to be blasted away before it unleashes a one hit KO shock wave which it will do five times. Survive that and you'll finally win.

Halloween Smash Contest

Nintendo announced that on Halloween a Smash Bros. contest would be held. People would sign-up to see if they could join. However only 8 people would get into the battle.

MIL (More Info Later)

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