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Unlockable Characters

Waluigi: Play 5 hours of events in event mode. WaluigiBrawl

Princess Daisy: Play on the Sarasaland stage as Luigi. Daisy

Luigi: Have Luigi join you in story mode. Hidden03Luigi

Roy: Defeat Giant False Marth in story mode. Roy

Koopalings: Play on all stages as Bowser and Bowser Jr.. Koopalings

Marth: Play on the Castle Siege stage as all characters. BrawlMarth

Princess Elincia: Complete team mode as Lyn. Elincia

Lyn: Play as Marth 50 times. Lyn1

Lucas: Play on the Onett stage as Ness. Lucas

Amy Rose: Defeat Jet the Hedgehog in story mode. Amy Is A Cute Hedgehog

Falco Lombardi: Play on the Lylat Cruise stage as Fox. FalcoBrawl

Toon Link: Clear all-star as Link without continues. BrawlToonLink

Wolf: Unlock Falco Lombardi. Wolf O&#039;Donnell

Jin Kazama: Play on the Moonlit Wilderness stage as any character.

Paragoomba: Beat Paragoomba in story mode. Paragoomba Card

Baby Donkey Kong: Obtain 6 Donkey Kong trophies. BabyDK

Captain Syrup: Beat Giant Captain Syrup in story mode. Captain Syrup

Cranky Kong: Play on the Rainbow Road stage as Pauline. CrankyKong

Lucario: Beat Giant Pikachu in story mode with Mewtwo. Lucario

Mewtwo: Play on the Pokemon Stadium stage as Lucario. Mewtwo Clash

Jigglypuff: Buy five or more recipes like spam or beef in Revenge Food Buying Money mode in vault. Jigglypuffbrawl

Pauline: Play on the Rainbow Road stage as Diddy Kong. Pauline007

Mr. L: Play as Luigi 3-4 times in a match. Mr L

Unlockable Items

Only 2 items are unlockable.

PokeBall: Defeat Pikachu in all-star mode.

Assist trophy: Beat Giant Assist Trophy in story mode.

Unlockable assist trophies

Only 1 assist trophy is unlockable.

Paula: Beat Paula in story mode.


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