Super Smash Bros. Retro Combat
Developer(s) Billy-Luigi Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everybody
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros. Series
Media Included Disc
Digital Download

Super Smash Bros. Retro Combat is the fifth installment of the Super Smash Bros. Series. The main new feature is that it concludes all Veterans and Stages of the 4 previous games. It will be released late Spring 2015 for all regions.



This mode can be played either solo or in multiplayer.


Play up to 5 players.

Special Versus


See: Super Smash Bros. Retro Combat/Characters

All Veterans will be included in the game. It is still unknown how many Newcomers there will be.




This game features a total of ... stages being all the previous stages of the last 4 insallements.

Image Emblem Name How to unlock
Zz-smashbros-icon- (20) Battlefield -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (20) Final Destination Beat All-Star Mode whit all characters
SSB Peach's Castle SSB Mario Series Peach's Castle -
SSB Mushroom Kingdom SSB Mario Series Mushroom Kingdom Play 10 times as Mario
Castle SSB Mario Series Princess Peach's Castle Play 10 times as Peach
Melee Mushroom Kingdom SSB Mario Series Mushroom Kingdom Play 10 VS-Matches on Mushroom Kingdom (64)
SSBM-Mario2 SSB Mario Series Mushroom Kingdom II Play 10 times as Luigi
640px-SSBB Rainbow Ride Stage SSB Mario Series Rainbow Cruise Play 50 times as Peach or Bowser
640px-SSBB Delfino Plaza Stage SSB Mario Series Delfino Plaza Unlock Bowser Jr.
SSB Mario Series Mushroomy Kingdom Play 100 times as Mario or Luigi
SSB Mario Series Mario Circuit Unlock all Mario characters
SSB Mario Series Luigi's Mansion Play 50 times as Luigi
SSB Mario Series Mario Bros. Fight as Mario vs. Luigi
SSB Mario Series 3D Land Play 50 times as Tanooki Mario
SSB Mario Series Rainbow Road Unlock Rosalina
SSB Mario Series Golden Plains Play 50 times as Kitsune Luigi
SSB Mario Series Mario Galaxy Play 20 times as Rosalina
SSB Mario Series Mushroom Kingdom U Play 20 times as Flying Squirrel Mario
SSB Mario Series 3D World -
SSB Mario Series Mario Golf Play 200 VS-Matches
SSB Mario Series Sprixie Kingdom Play 50 times on 3D World
SSB Mario Series Sticker Fest -
SSB Mario Series Mushroom Kingdom III Unlock all other "Mushroom Kingdoms"
SSB Mario Series Bowser World Play 20 times as Bowser
Zz-smashbros-icon- (22) WarioWare, Inc Unlock Wario
Zz-smashbros-icon- (22) Diamond City Unlock all Wario characters
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yoshi's Island -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yoshi's Story Play 10 times as Yoshi
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yoshi's Island Unlock Kamek
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yoshi's Island Unlock Shy Guy
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yoshi's New Island Fight as Yoshi vs. Shy Guy
Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Yarn Yoshi's World Play 50 times as Yarn Yoshi
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Kongo Jungle -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Kongo Jungle Play 10 times as Donkey Kong
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Jungle Japes -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Rumble Falls Play 20 times as Diddy Kong
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) 75m Fight as Donkey Kong vs. Mario
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) DK's Tropical Island Fight as Donkey Kong vs. Diddy Kong vs.Dixie Kong vs. King K. Rool
Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) Kong Beach Unlock King K. Rool
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Dream Land -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Fountain of Dreams -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Green Greens Play 10 times as Kirby
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Halberd Unlock Meta Knight
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Lollipop Land Play 25 times as King Dedede
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Pop Star Fight as Kirby vs. King Dedede
Zz-smashbros-icon- (9) Dedede Zone Play 50 times on Halberd
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Hyrule Castle -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Great Bay Play 10 times as Young Link
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Hyrule Temple -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Bridge of Eldin Play 50 times as Midna
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Pirate Ship Play 15 times as Toon Link
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Spirit Train Play 50 times as Toon Link
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Gerudo Valley Play 50 times as Impa
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Skyloft Play 20 times as Zelda
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Hyrule Field Fight as Link vs. Ganondorf
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Kakariko Village Play 50 times on Gerudo Valley
Zz-smashbros-icon- (21) Phantom Ship Unlock Pirate Ship and Spirit Train
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Planet Zebes -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Brinstar -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Brinstar Dephts Play 50 times on Brinstar
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Norfair Unlock Sylux
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Frigate Orpheon Play 50 times as Samus
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Pyrosphere Play 20 times as Ridley
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Planet Tallon IV Fight as Sumus vs. Ridley
Zz-smashbros-icon- (11) Galactic Federation Play 50 times as Zero Suit Samus
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Sector Z -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Corneria Play 50 times as Fox
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Venom -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Lylat Cruise Play 20 times as Wolf
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Zoness Fight as Fox vs. Wolf
Zz-smashbros-icon- (18) Sector X Play 100 times as Fox or Falco
Zz-smashbros-icon- (13) Distant Planet -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (13) Garden of Hope Play 10 times as Olimar
Zz-smashbros-icon- (13) Formidable Oak Play 50 VS-Matches on Graden of Hope
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7) Mute City Unlock Black Shadow
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7) Big Blue Fight as Captain Falcon vs. Black Shadow
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7) Port Town Aero Drive Play 50 times as Blavk Shadow
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7) Fire Field Play 20 times as Black Shadow
Zz-smashbros-icon- (7) White Land Unlock all F-Zero Stages
Zz-smashbros-icon- (1) Smashville -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (1) Town & City Play 10 times as Villager
Zz-smashbros-icon- (1) Main Street Play 20 times on Smashville or Town & City
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Saffron City -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Pokémon Stadium -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Poké Floats Play 20 times as Charizard
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Pokémon Stadium 2 Unlock all "Stadium" Stages
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Spear Pillar Play 20 times as Lucario
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Prism Tower Fightas Greninja vs. Pikachu
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Kalos League Play 20 times as Greninja
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Team Flare HQ Play 100 times as Jigglypuff
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Ever Grande City Play 20 times as Sceptile
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Kalos Stadium Unlock all Pokémon Characters
Zz-smashbros-icon- (15) Poké Floats 2 Play 50 times on Poké Floats
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6) Castle Siege -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6) Arena Ferox Play 20 times as Roy
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6) Coliseum Unlock Robin
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6) Plegia Castle Fight as Marth vs. Lucina
Zz-smashbros-icon- (6) Archanea Tour Unlock all Fire Emblem Characters
Zz-smashbros-icon- (8) Skyworld -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (8) Reset Bomb Forest Fight as Pit vs. Magnus
Zz-smashbros-icon- (8) Palutena's Temple Unlock Palutena
Zz-smashbros-icon- (8) Temple Ruins Play 50 times as Pit
Zz-smashbros-icon- (8) Angel Land Unlock Phosphora
Game&Watch Emblem Flat Zone 1 Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Game&Watch Emblem Flat Zone 2 Play 10 times as Mr. Game & Watch on Flat Zone 1
Game&Watch Emblem Flat Zone 3 Play 50 times as Mr. Game & Watch
Zz-smashbros-icon- (23) Wii Fit Studio Unlock Wii Fit Trainer
Zz-smashbros-icon- (23) Wii Fit Obstacle Course Fight as Wii Fit Trainer vs. Little Mac
Zz-smashbros-icon- (4) Onett -
Zz-smashbros-icon- (4) Fourside Play 50 times as Ness
Zz-smashbros-icon- (4) New Pork City Fight as Ness vs. Pokey
Zz-smashbros-icon- (4) Nowhere Island Unlock Lucas
SSB Ice Climber Series Icicle Mountain Play 20 times as Ice Climbers
SSB Ice Climber Series Summit Play 50 VS-Matches on Icicle Mountain
SSB Punch-Out Series Boxing Ring -
SSB Metal Gear Series Shadow Moses Island Unlock Solid Snake
SSB Metal Gear Series Caribbean Base Fight as Solid Snake vs. Raiden
Zz-smashbros-icon- (17) Green Hill Zone Unlock Sonic
Zz-smashbros-icon- (17) Windy Hill Play 50 times as Tails
Zz-smashbros-icon- (17) Lost Hex Fight as Sonic vs. Knuckles vs. Tails
Zz-smashbros-icon- (10) Wily Castle Play 20 times as Mega Man
Zz-smashbros-icon- (10) Maverick Factory Unlock Bass
Pac-Man SSB symbol Pac-Maze Unlock Pac-Man
Pac-Man SSB symbol Pac-Land Play 50 times as Pac-Man
Pac-Man SSB symbol Pacopolis Fight as Pac-Man vs. Blinky
SSB Rhythm Heaven Series Rythym Heaven Unlock Chorus Kid
Xenoblade Emblem Makna Forest Fight as Shulk vs. Reyn
SSB Golden Sun Series Weyard Play 50 times as Matthew
Professor Layton Emblem London Streets Play 50 times as Layton
SSB Splatoon Ink City Play 10 times as Inkling
Final Fantasy symbol Final Fantasy Win 20 times as Black Mage
200px-Bomberman symbol Bomber Base Play 80 times as Bomberman
Pencil-512 Hyphen Heights Unlock Maxwell
Pushmo Park Play 50 times as Mallo
Zz-smashbros-icon- (2) Balloon Fight Play 10 VS-Matches
SSB Electroplankton Series Hanenbow Play 50 VS-Matches
SSB DS Series Pictochat Play 100 VS-Matches
SSB DS Series Tomodachi Room Play 150 VS-Matches
Zz-smashbros-icon- (12) Living Room Play 200 VS-Matches
Zz-smashbros-icon- (12) Nintendog Park Play 250 VS-Matches
SSB Find Mii Series Find Mii Play 300 VS-Matches
SSB Find Mii Series Find Mii II Play 350 VS-Matches
Zz-smashbros-icon- (14) Pilot Wings Play 400 VS-Matches
Zz-smashbros-icon- (14) Wuhu Resort Play 450 VS-Matches
ROB Emblem NES ZONE Play 500 VS-Matches
Color Zen Zen Colors Play 550 VS-Matches
SteelDiverSeries Steel Diver Ocean Play 500 VS-Matches
Monster Hunter Smash Bros Logo Icon Moga Village Play 650 VS-Matches
SSB Find Mii Series Mii Universe Play 200 times as a Mii Fighter

Beta Elements

In the game's files there has been found codes to multiple diffirent Characters:

Bonkers 3D

Bonkers from the Kirby Series

  • "Bonkers": This is a code for a newcomer Bonkers from the Kirby Series. It has been said that he was replaced in favor for Knuckle Joe.
  • "nachur" could refer to the character Viridi from the Kid Icarus Series as the Japanese name of her is Nachure. She was cut out for unknown reasons.
  • "Sora" refers to the character Sora from the Kingdom Hearts Series. He has been cut out for not getting the permission for being him as a newcomer.
  • "rindi" could refer to the character Lyn from the Fire Emblem Series as the Japanese name of her is Rindisu. She was cut out for being to many Fire Emblem Characters in the game.
  • "Aisu_hokkyokugguma" (Literally translated: Ice Polar Bear), the most reasonable character could be the Polar Bear from the Ice Climber Series, altough it's not 100% sure.
  • "D_Samus" refers to the character Dark Samus in the Metroid Series. He has been cut out for unknown reasons.
  • "Alph" refers to Alph from the Pikmin Series. He has been cut out for unknown reasons.
  • "Ryūichi" is the main character: Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorny Series. It is still unknown why he didn't made it to the final game.
  • "Shadow" refers to Shadow the Hedgehog, he is a character from the Sonic Series. It is unknown why he isn't in the game.
  • "Proto_Man" refers to Proto Man from the Mega Man Series. He has been replaced by Bass in the final game.


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