This is the Story Mode for Super Smash Bros. Retaliation. Story Mode in this game is somewhat different from Brawl's Subspace Emissary. Each part of the story is seperated into chapters, which consist of 6 levels (per chapter) and a hub world known as Smashtopia. The list of chapters is below;

  1. Chapter 1: Bitter Reunions
  2. Chapter 2: The Return of Evil
  3. Chapter 3: 
  4. Chapter 4:
  5. Chapter 5: Heroes Unite!
  6. Chapter 6:
  7. Chapter 7:
  8. Chapter 8:
  9. Chapter 9:
  10. Chapter 10: The Subspace Struggle

Chapter 1: Bitter Reunions

1-1: The Night Everything Went Wrong

It's the eve of a new Smash tournament, and everyone has been invited to Luigi's Mansion for some festivities. As the heroes are celebrating, an explosion causes the power to go out. When the lights come back on, several of the heroes find that Luigi, Jigglypuff, Krystal, and many others have been turned into trophies! The villains (consisting of Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, Mewtwo, Bowser Jr, Wario, Waluigi, and the Hands) enter the room. Wario uses a giant vacuum to suck up the trophies before flying away in a large truck with jet engines, but not before Maxwell (riding on Charizard) gives chase. The remaining heroes get ready to take down the villains. (TEAM BATTLE: Most of the starting heroes VS. Villain Team)

The battle finishes and the heroes are victorious. Or so they think. The Hands transform into Master Core and possess the remaining villains, allowing them to send the heroes flying. The villains board the Battleship Halberd and take off to capture Maxwell and Charizard, who have been turned into trophies.

Mario wakes up with his face in the floor of an unknown location. It looks familiar, and he soon realizes he's landed on Starship Mario. Rosalina and Lubba are nearby and alert Mario that Pit and Tempo landed on the Starship as well. (HUBWORLD: Starship Mario) Mario finds the two heroes and recruits them, and asks Rosalina to join. She turns down the request but states that she will help the three heroes reunite with the others. Lubba stands at the captain's wheel and steers Starship Mario into space.

HEROES RECRUITED: Mario, Pit, and Tempo.

1-2: Galaxy of Mystery

Ness and Diddy Kong have landed on some mysterious galaxy. They explore the location and find that the location they've just set foot in is Hyrule. They enter Castle Town, only to find that Ganondorf is trying to defend Link and Zelda's trophies from being brought back to life using his army. Ness fires a PK Thunder that accidentally alerts a Dodongo. 

HEROES RECRUITED: Ness, Diddy Kong, ???, and ???.

1-3: Distant Planet, Ho!



1-6: Into the Heat

Chapter 2: The Return of Evil

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Heroes Unite!

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Shadow Bug Infestation

Chapter 10: The Subspace Struggle

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