These are all of the Palutena's Guidances in Super Smash Bros. Retaliation. Please note that not all of them are complete. 

Voice Actors

Kid Icarus characters

  • Pit and Dark Pit: Antony Del Rio
  • Palutena: Brandy Kopp
  • Viridi: Hyden Walch

Other characters

  • Professor E. Gadd: Kazumi Totaka (appears in Luigi's conversation)
  • Luke Triton: Lani Minella (appears in Professor Layton's conversation)
  • Chrom: Matthew Mercer (appears in Robin's conversation)
  • Peppy Hare: Dex Manley (appears in Fox's conversation)

Default Characters


  • Palutena: You know who this guy is, right, Pit?
  • Pit: Of course I do! It's Mario!
  • Palutena: If memory serves, he helped you fend off the Subspace Army. What you don't know is that Mario is quite famous. He's been considered the most recognizable hero in his world!
  • Pit: I thought Luigi was...
  • Palutena: True, but at least he's not always in someone's shadow.





Donkey Kong

Fox McCloud

  • Peppy Hare: Fox! Come in!
  • Pit: Uh...Peppy? I think you have the wrong communications channel on.
  • Peppy Hare: Oh! Sorry...
  • Palutena: It's alright, Peppy. Anyways, would you mind giving some tips to Pit for fighting Fox?
  • Peppy Hare: Certainly! Pit, you might want to watch out for Fox's blaster and speed. Both of them together make an amazing team. 
  • Pit: Alright, I know that. Anything else?
  • Peppy Hare: When Fox cracks open the Smash Ball, he'll summon his Landmaster! That thing's got a T&B-J2 laser cannon and can launch Smart Bombs!
  • Pit: Thanks, Peppy.
  • Palutena: I think you should also be thanking me for those tips I gave you last time.
  • Pit: Oops. Uh...thank you, Lady Palutena.
  • Palutena: You're welcome, Pit.

Samus Aran



Princess Peach




Ice Climbers

  • Viridi: Aww..look at those cute little parka-wearing people!
  • Pit: Hey! Those are the Ice Climbers! I met them while travelling through Subspace!
  • Viridi: Quick question...where were these guys last time?
  • Pit: I'll admit, I'm not exactly sure where they went.
  • Palutena: Wherever they were, they're here now!
  • Pit: Do you have any tips, Lady Palutena?
  • Palutena: Oh! Yes, I do. They have a tendency to use their Ice Shot move, which summons a small stalagmite to slide across the stage and sometimes freeze people!
  • Viridi: They'd make great additions to the Forces of Nature! I've been needing an Arctic Officer.

NOTE: This conversation references how the Ice Climbers were absent in Super Smash Bros. 4 and returned in this game. Pit never actually teamed up with the Ice Climbers in Subspace, save for the final battle if the player chose Pit and Ice Climbers to be on their team.

King Dedede

Zero Suit Samus



Diddy Kong

Toon Link


  • Pit: Gah! I-I must be seeing double, Lady Palutena!
  • Palutena: That appears to be the case.
  • Pit: Well, at least it's not Pitoo again...
  • Dark Pit: My name is Dark Pit!
  • Pit and Palutena: DARK PIT?!
  • Dark Pit: That's right, you two jerks! I have successfully combined myself with Pit's DNA to allow me to participate in these tournaments.
  • Pit: are you speaking right now if you're in my cells? 
  • Dark Pit: That is a very good question. 

NOTE: Dark Pit's appearance references that he is now an alternate costume for Pit.

Olimar & Pikmin



Mii Brawler

Mii Gunner

Mii Swordfighter

Mii Wizard

Mii All-Star

Duck Hunt Duo

  • Pit: I don't want to fight that adorable dog!
  • Palutena: Easy, Pit. You're fighting the dog AND the duck.
  • Pit: I can only imagine what'll be on the dinner table tonight. Roasted duck with a side of dog!
  • Palutena: We'll see about the duck, but the dog...can live. These two are called the Duck Hunt Duo, and for good reason. The dog hunts the duck usually.
  • Pit: So now they're buddies?
  • Palutena: Well, yes. Don't forget that mysterious shooter that would come out of nowhere.
  • Pit: Oh, right. Shouldn't they be called the Duck Hunt Trio instead?

Mega Man

  • Viridi: Hey look, it's Mega Man!
  • Pit: I'm not surprised he's back. I assume nothing much about him has changed.
  • Palutena: Actually, his neutral special has changed to his Buster Charge. It's similar to Samus' arm cannon, but this one has shorter range and more charge time. 
  • Pit: Well, besides that, he's still got all his cool weapons, right?
  • Palutena: Yes. His other weapons are still here. 


  • Viridi: What's that kid doing on the battlefield?
  • Pit: I don't think that's just any kid, Viridi. That's Maxwell!
  • Palutena: I didn't even have to tell you who it was, Pit! How did you know who Maxwell was?
  • Pit: Uhh...ancient relic told me?
  • Palutena: Anyways, you're going to want to watch out when Maxwell pulls out his notebook.
  • Pit: What's so scary about a notebook?
  • Viridi: Let me explain. Maxwell can summon just about anything by writing it down!
  • Pit: I so wish I could do that...

Excite Biker

  • Pit: A biker? Shouldn't he be on a dirt track or something?
  • Palutena: Well, this one isn't. That's the Excite Biker.
  • Pit: Excite...Biker? Why is this so exciting?
  • Palutena: Pit, he came from the same era as you! You should have a little more respect for him.
  • Pit: Right, right. Anyways, do you have any strategies?
  • Palutena: Watch out for his side special, Turbo. He'll send you flying if he lands a hit on you.
  • Pit: I'll do my best, Lady Palutena.
  • Palutena: One more thing, Pit! His neutral special, Wheelie, packs a punch if the wheel rolls onto your body.
  • Pit: Ewww....



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