This is the full list of songs in Super Smash Bros. Resolution.

List of Music

Main Themes

Song Name Where It Plays Original Game
Finale Opening Movie SSBR
Finale (Main Menu) Main Menu SSBR
Finale (Dub Mix) Story Mode Credits SSBR

Super Smash Bros.

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Battlefield (Brawl) Original Battlefield
Battlefield (Sm4sh) Original Battlefield
Menu (Melee) Original Battlefield
Multi-Man Melee 2 Original Battlefield
Boss Battle Song 1 Original Battlefield/Story Mode
Final Destination (Brawl) Original Final Destination
Final Destination Ver. 2 Remix Final Destination
Menu (Melee) Ver. 2 Remix Final Destination
Break the Targets (Melee) Original Target Test
All-Star Rest Area (Melee) Original All-Star Mode

Super Mario

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Princess Peach's Castle Remix Mushroom Kingdom/Story Mode
Super Mario Bros. 3 Melee Remix Mushroom Kingdom
Main Theme (Super Mario 64) Original Mushroom Kingdom
Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) Remix Mushroom Kingdom/Story Mode
Try, Try Again Original Mushroom Kingdom
Good Egg Galaxy Original Mario Galaxy
Gusty Garden Galaxy Original Mario Galaxy
Buoy Base Galaxy Original Mario Galaxy/Story Mode
Purple Comet Original Mario Galaxy
Sky Station Original Mario Galaxy
Waluigi Pinball Remix Waluigi Pinball
Electrodrome Original Waluigi Pinball
Rainbow Road (Wii) Original Waluigi Pinball
Coconut Mall Original Waluigi Pinball
Royal Raceway (Mario Kart 8) Original Waluigi Pinball
Plucky Pass Beginnings Original Plucky Pass Beginnings
Walleye Tumble Temple Original Plucky Pass Beginnings
Touchstone Trouble Original Plucky Pass Beginnings
Sliding Slab Shuffle Original Plucky Pass Beginnings
Super Bell Hill Original Plucky Pass Beginnings

Donkey Kong

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Jungle Japes Remix Jungle Japes
Kongo Jungle 64 Remix Jungle Japes
DK Rap (Melee) Remix Jungle Japes
Opening (Donkey Kong) Remix Jungle Japes
Donkey Kong Remix Jungle Japes
Gangplank Galleon Original Gangplank Galleon
Bramble Blast Remix Gangplank Galleon/Story Mode
Jungle Level Remix Gangplank Galleon
Battle For Storm Hill Remix Gangplank Galleon
Jungle Level Ver. 2 Remix Gangplank Galleon


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Yoshi's Story Remix Yoshi's Story
Yoshi's Island Remix Yoshi's Story
Ending (Yoshi's Story) Remix Yoshi's Story
Flower Fields Original Yoshi's Story
Wildlands Remix Yoshi's Story
Knitty Knotty Windmill Original Knitty Knotty Windmill
Bounceabout Woods Original Knitty Knotty Windmill
Sponge Cave Spelunking Original Knitty Knotty Windmill
Clawdaddy Beach Original Knitty Knotty Windmill
Spiky Stroll Original Knitty Knotty Windmill


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
WarioWare, Inc. Remix WarioWare, Inc.
WarioWare, Inc. Medley Remix WarioWare, Inc.
Mona Pizza Song Remix WarioWare, Inc.
Ashley's Song Remix WarioWare, Inc.
Mike's Song Remix WarioWare, Inc.
Glittertown Original Glittertown
Neon City Original Glittertown
Boogie Mansion Original Glittertown
Prism Prison Original Glittertown
Launchpad Labyrinth Original Glittertown

The Legend of Zelda

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Hyrule Castle (64) Remix Hyrule Castle
Title (Legend of Zelda) Remix Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Temple Remix Hyrule Castle/Story Mode
The Hidden Village Hyrule Castle
The Legend of Zelda Medley Remix Hyrule Castle
Great Bay Remix Great Bay
Saria's Song (Melee) Remix Great Bay
Song of Storms Great Bay
The Dark World Great Bay
Ocarina of Time Medley Great Bay
Dragon Roost Island Pirate Ship
The Great Sea Pirate Ship
Molgera Battle Pirate Ship
Village of the Blue Maiden Pirate Ship
Minda's Lament Pirate Ship
Termina Field Termina Field
Tal Tal Heights Termina Field
Gerudo Valley Remix Termina Field
Hidden Mountain and Forest Termina Field
Hyrule Field Theme Termina Field


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Brinstar Remix Brinstar
Brinstar Depths Remix Brinstar
Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior Remix Brinstar
Title (Metroid) Remix Brinstar
Ending (Metroid) Remix Brinstar
Norfair Original Norfair
Main Theme (Metroid) Remix Norfair
Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) Original Norfair
Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime 2) Original Norfair
Vs. Meta Ridley Original Norfair
Lockdown Battle Theme Pyrosphere
The Burning Lava Fish Pyrosphere
Psycho Bits Pyrosphere
Nemesis Ridley Original Pyrosphere/Story Mode
Vs. Ridley Original Pyrosphere
Chozo Ruins Original Chozo Ruins/Story Mode
Frigate Orpheon Original Chozo Ruins
Sector 1 Chozo Ruins
Escape Chozo Ruins
Vs. Parasite Queen Original Chozo Ruins

Kid Icarus

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Title (Kid Icarus) Remix Skyworld
Overworld Remix Skyworld
Kid Icarus Original Medley Original Skyworld
Solo Menu Original Skyworld
That First Town Original Skyworld/Story Mode
Reset Bomb Forest Original Reset Bomb Forest
Dark Pit's Theme Original Reset Bomb Forest
Boss Fight 1 Original Reset Bomb Forest
That Burning Town Original Reset Bomb Forest
Magnus's Theme Original Reset Bomb Forest
Underworld Remix Underworld
Boss Fight 2 Original Underworld/Story Mode
Hades's Infernal Theme Original Underworld
Underworld Castle Original Underworld/Story Mode
Chaos Island Original Underworld/Story Mode
Thunder Cloud Temple Original Thunder Cloud Temple
Lightning Battle Original Thunder Cloud Temple
Aurum Island Original Thunder Cloud Temple
In The Space Pirate Ship Original Thunder Cloud Temple/Story Mode
At The Sanctum Original Thunder Cloud Temple

Fire Emblem

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Fire Emblem (Melee) Remix Castle Siege
Fire Emblem Theme Remix Castle Siege
Shadow Dragon Medley Castle Siege
Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem Medley Castle Siege
Winning Road (Roy's Hope) Castle Siege
Coliseum Series Medley Remix Coliseum
Against the Black Knight Coliseum
Ike's Theme Coliseum
Victory is Near Coliseum
Crimeon Army Sortie Coliseum
Id (Purpose) Arena Ferox
Conquest (Ablaze) Arena Ferox
Duty (Ablaze) Arena Ferox
The Devoted Arena Ferox
Meeting Theme Series Medley Remix Arena Ferox
With Mila's Divine Protection Remix Mila Shrine
Attack (Fire Emblem) Mila Shrine
Preparing to Advance Mila Shrine
Power Hungry Fool Mila Shrine
Time of Action Mila Shrine


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Green Greens (Melee) Remix Green Greens
Green Greens Ver. 2 Remix Green Greens
Dream Land 64 Remix Green Greens
Forest/Nature Area Green Greens
Floral Fields Green Greens
Meta Knight's Revenge Remix Halberd
The Legendary Air Ride Machine Halberd
Checker Knights Halberd
Boss Theme Medley Remix Halberd
Vs. Marx Halberd
Fountain of Dreams Remix Fountain of Dreams
King Dedede's Theme Remix Fountain of Dreams
Planet Popstar Fountain of Dreams
02 Battle Remix Fountain of Dreams
Squeak Squad Theme Remix Fountain of Dreams
Butter Building Remix Butter Building
Butter Building Ver. 2 Remix Butter Building
Gourmet Race Remix Butter Building
Frozen Hillside Butter Building
Ice Cream Island Remix Butter Building
Vs. Dark Matter Remix Story Mode

Star Fox

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Main Theme (Star Fox) Remix Sector Z
Main Theme (Star Fox 64) Remix Sector Z
Star Wolf/Sector Z Remix Sector Z
Aquas Original Sector Z
Sector X Original Sector Z
Corneria (Brawl) Remix Corneria
Corneria (Melee) Remix Corneria
Space Battleground Corneria
Space Armada Corneria
Theme from Area 6/Missile Slipstream Corneria
Venom Venom
Area 6 Venom
Area 6 Ver. 2 Remix Venom
Zoness Venom
Katina Venom
Fortuna (Heroic Pursuit) Original Fortuna
Breaching the Defences Original Fortuna
Break Through the Ice Original Fortuna
Star Wolf (Star Fox Assault) Original Fortuna
Star Wolf Fortuna
Andross Battle Theme Original Story Mode


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Pokemon Stadium Remix Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Main Theme Remix Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Battle (Gold/Silver) Remix Pokemon Stadium
Poke Floats Remix Pokemon Stadium
Vs. Champion Lance (HG/SS) Original Pokemon Stadium
Vs. Elite 4 (X/Y) Original Kalos Pokemon League
Vs. Trainer (X/Y) Remix Kalos Pokemon League
Vs. Champion Diantha (X/Y) Original Kalos Pokemon League
Vs. Champion Cynthia (D/P) Original Kalos Pokemon League
Vs. Mewtwo (X/Y) Original Kalos Pokemon League
Victory Road (R/S) Remix Ever Grande City
Vs. Champion Steven (OR/AS) Original Ever Grande City
Vs. Gym Leader (OR/AS) Original Ever Grande City
Vs. Wally (OR/AS) Original Ever Grande City
Vs. Frontier Brain (Platinum) Original Ever Grande City
Vs. Primal Groudon/Kyogre Original Cave of Origin
Vs. Aqua/Magma Leader Original Cave of Origin
Vs. Regi Trio Original Cave of Origin
Vs. Zinnia Original Cave of Origin
Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar Remix Cave of Origin

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Great Canyon PSMD Remix Great Canyon
Run Away Remix Great Canyon
Mt. Blaze Original Great Canyon/Story Mode
Sky Tower Remix Great Canyon
Defy the Legends Remix Great Canyon
Temporal Tower Original Temporal Tower/Story Mode
Temporal Spire Original Temporal Tower/Story Mode
Dialga's Fight to the Finish Remix Temporal Tower/Story Mode
Time Gear Remix Temporal Tower/Story Mode
Through the Sea of Time Remix Temporal Tower/Story Mode
Crystal Cave PSMD Remix Crystal Cave
Crystal Crossing Remix Crystal Cave
Amp Plains PSMD Remix Crystal Cave
Chasm Cave Remix Crystal Cave
Treeshroud Forest Remix Crystal Cave
Tree of Life: Island of the South Original Tree of Life
Partner's Theme Original Tree of Life
Theme of Hope Original Tree of Life/Story Mode
In the Morning Sun Original Tree of Life
Team Charm's Theme Remix Tree of Life
World Calamity Remix Story Mode
First Dark Matter Battle Original Story Mode/Final Destination
Dark Matter Reborn Original Story Mode
Don't Give Up Original Story Mode
Second Dark Matter Battle Original Story Mode/Final Destination
Mt. Blaze Peak Original Story Mode
Fight With Yveltal and Others Original Story Mode


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Onett/Winters Theme Remix Onett
Mother Melee Remix Onett
Fourside Remix Onett
Pollyana Remix Onett
Unfounded Revenge/

Smashing Song of Praise

Remix Onett
Magicant/Eight Melodies Remix Magicant
Smiles and Tears Remix Magicant
Mother 3 Love Theme Remix Magicant
Snowman Remix Magicant
Humoresque of a Little Dog Remix Magicant


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Mute City Melee Remix Mute City/Story Mode
Big Blue Remix Mute City
White Land Mute City
Fire Field Mute City
Red Canyon Mute City
Devil's Call in Your Heart Port Town Aero Dive
Brain Cleaner Port Town Aero Dive
Dream Chaser Port Town Aero Dive
Shotgun Kiss Port Town Aero Dive
Planet Colors Port Town Aero Dive

Animal Crossing

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Title (Animal Crossing) Remix Smashville
Go K.K. Rider Remix Smashville
2:00 A.M. Remix Smashville
K.K. Gumbo Original Smashville
K.K. Condor Original Smashville
Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store Remix Town and City
The Roost Original Town and City
Bubblegum K.K. Remix Town and City
K.K. Disco Original Town and City
K.K. Cruisin' Original Town and City


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Main Theme (Pikmin) Original Distant Planet
Stage Clear/Title (Pikmin) Remix Distant Planet
Forest of Hope Original Distant Planet
Ai No Uta Original Distant Planet
Tane No Uta Original Distant Planet
Garden of Hope Original Garden of Hope
Environmental Noises Original Garden of Hope
World Map (Pikmin 2) Remix Garden of Hope
Stage Select (Pikmin 2) Remix Garden of Hope
Mission Mode (Pikmin 3) Remix Garden of Hope


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Gaur Plains Original Gaur Plains
You Will Know Our Names Original Gaur Plains
Xenoblade Chronicles Medley Medley Gaur Plains
Engage the Enemy Original Gaur Plains
An Obstacle in Our Path Original Gaur Plains


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Jogging/Countdown Remix Boxing Ring
Minor Circuit Remix Boxing Ring
Minor Circuit (Original) Original Boxing Ring
Title (Punch-Out!!) Remix Boxing Ring
World Circuit Theme Remix Boxing Ring


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Midday Majesty Original Kitchen
Night Play Original Kitchen
Bramblewood Forest Original Kitchen
Welcome to Oceania Original Kitchen
Mega Mech Menace Original Kitchen

Golden Sun

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Venus Lighthouse Remix Venus Lighthouse
Elemental Stars Remix Venus Lighthouse/Story Mode
Saturos Battle Theme Remix Venus Lighthouse
Battle Scene/Final Boss (Golden Sun) Remix Venus Lighthouse
Weyard (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn) Original Venus Lighthouse


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Splattack Original Inkopolis
Calamari Inkantation Original Inkopolis
Ink Me Up Original Inkopolis
Metalopod Original Inkopolis
Ink or Sink Original Inkopolis

Wii Fit

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Wii Fit Plus Medley Wii Fit Studio
Super Hoop Wii Fit Studio
Core Luge Wii Fit Studio
Rhythm Boxing Wii Fit Studio
Mischievous Mole-Way Wii Fit Studio

Rhythm Heaven

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Love Rap Original Rhythm Heaven
Karate Man Original Rhythm Heaven
Dreams of Our Generation Original Rhythm Heaven
Remix 8 ~ I Love You Original Rhythm Heaven
Remix 10 Original Rhythm Heaven

Sonic the Hedgehog

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Green Hill Zone Original Green Hill Zone
Emerald Hill Zone Original Green Hill Zone
Angel Island Zone Remix Green Hill Zone
Scrap Brain Zone Original Green Hill Zone
Windy Hill Zone Green Hill Zone
Live and Learn Original Central City
Rooftop Run Central City
Escape From the City Central City
Sonic Heroes Original Central City
Open Your Heart Original Central City

Mega Man

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Mega Man 2 Medley Remix Wily Castle
Mega Man Retro Medley Wily Castle
Mega Man 2 Retro Medley Wily Castle
Mega Man 3 Retro Medley Wily Castle
Mega Man 4-6 Retro Medley Wily Castle
Air Man Stage Remix Air Man Stage
Cut Man Stage Remix Air Man Stage
Quick Man Stage Remix Air Man Stage
Spark Man Stage Remix Air Man Stage
Shadow Man Stage Remix Air Man Stage


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Spiral Mountain Original Spiral Mountain
Click Clock Wood (Spring) Remix Spiral Mountain
Treasure Trove Cove Original Spiral Mountain
Rusty Bucket Bay Original Spiral Mountain
Freezeezy Peak Original Spiral Mountain
Grunty's Furnace Fun Original Gruntilda's Lair
Gruntilda's Lair (Bubblegloop Swamp) Original Gruntilda's Lair
Gruntilda's Lair (Mumbo's Mountain) Original Gruntilda's Lair
Gruntilda's Lair (Treasure Trove Cove) Original Gruntilda's Lair
Gruntilda's Lair (Freezeezy Peak) Original Gruntilda's Lair

Shovel Knight

Song Name Original/Remix Stage
Strike the Earth Remix Plains of Passage
Watch Me Dance Original Plains of Passage
No Weapons Here Original Plains of Passage
High Above the Land Original Plains of Passage
Flowers of Antimony Original Plains of Passage
In The Halls of Usuper Remix Pridemoor Keep
An Underlying Problem Remix Pridemoor Keep
Of Devious Machinations Original Pridemoor Keep
A Thousand Leagues Below Remix Pridemoor Keep
Fighting With All Our Might Original Pridemoor Keep


Song Name Original/Remix Stage
The Windmill Song Original Breezegale
Stepping Wind Original Breezegale
Sign of a Hero Original Breezegale
Volkie's Song Original Breezegale
Main Theme (Klonoa 2) Original Breezegale
Untamed Heart Original Cress
The Closing Encounter Original Cress
Song of Rebirth Original Cress
Traveler Original Cress
Hyponia-Ruins of Sadness Original Cress

Other Series

Song Name Original Game Stage
Duck Hunt Medley Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
Famicom Medley (Brawl) Duck Hunt
Wrecking Crew Medley Wrecking Crew Duck Hunt
Wrecking Crew Retro Medley Wrecking Crew Duck Hunt
Balloon Fight Medley Balloon Fight Duck Hunt
Flat Zone Flat Zone
Flat Zone 2 Flat Zone
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario Flat Zone
Chill (Dr. Mario) Dr. Mario Flat Zone
Chill (Dr. Mario) Ver. 2 Dr. Mario Flat Zone
Bath Time Theme Nintendogs Living Room
Bath Time Theme (Vocal Mix) Nintendogs Living Room
Pictochat Living Room
Marionation Gear Living Room
Title (Big Brain Academy) Living Room
Kirby's Dreamland Medley Kirby's Dreamland Gameboy
Super Mario Land Medley Super Mario Land Gameboy
Pokemon Red/Blue Medley Pokemon Red/Blue Gameboy
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Medley Gameboy
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters Medley Gameboy
Tetris: Type A Tetris Tetris
Tetris: Type B Tetris Tetris
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land Tetris
Shin Onigashima Tetris
Tunnel Scene (X) Tetris
Icicle Mountain Summit
Ice Climber Summit
Baloon Fight Summit
Baloon Trip Summit
Golden Forest (1080 Snowboarding) Summit
Light Plane Pilotwings Pilotwings
Light Plane (Vocal Mix) Pilotwings Pilotwings
Light Plane (Original) Pilotwings Pilotwings
Turbo Jet Pilotwings
Pedal Glider Pilotwings
Electroplankton Hanenbow
Hanenbow Hanenbow
Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon) Hanenbow
Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi Hanenbow
Brain Age: Test Your Brain in Minutes a Day Hanenbow
Opening Theme/Select (Wii Sports) Wuhu Island
Wii Sports Series Medley Wuhu Island
Wii Sports Resort Wuhu Island
Wii Sports Resort Ver. 2 Wuhu Island
Title Theme (Wii Sports Resort) Wuhu Island
Excitebike Arena (Mario Kart 8) Excitebike Arena
Excite Truck Excitebike Arena
Mach Rider Excitebike Arena
Title (3D Hot Ralley) 3D Hot Ralley Excitebike Arena
Title (NES Remix 2) NES Remix 2 Excitebike Arena
Title Theme (Nintendo Land) Nintendo Land Nintendo Land
Nintendo Land Medley Nintendo Land
Final Results (Wii Party U) Nintendo Land
Mii Plaza Nintendo Land
Wii Shop Channel/Mii Channel Nintendo Land

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