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The true finale to the Smash Series

Super Smash Bros. Rematch, also known as SSBR or SSB8, is the last game in the Super Smash Brothers series and was published by Nintendo on ??/??/?? exclusively on Nintendo Switch and 3DS.


Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.57.21 AM
Super Smash Bros. Rematch plays the same as the last 7 installments. The SSB series is unique as it has characters health replaced by %'s. As each Player gets hit more and more, they're % grows higher and higher. The higher the %, the farther they'll fly. The goal is to knock the opponent off of the stage and/or off the screen in order to Score a K.O. The highest % is 999%.

The controls don't differ from the last game. They are more or less the same from the last game, with Final Smashes and charged attacks. There is also new grab attack, however: when in mid-air, you can grab the opponent and throw them in and direction. Also, if two players try to grab each other at the same time, there grabs will cancel each other out. Finally, the wavedash tech from Melee has returned as it's own funtion, and was implemented for more competitive players.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.34.51 PM

Up to 12 players can now play locally AND Online, making for some insane matches. You can play using a Nintendo Switch standard controler, a pro controler, a Nintendo 3DS, standard Joycons, Wii remotes, Wii controlers, and a Gamecube controller. The controls are as seen in the image above. If you are unhappy with the cotrols, the option to refigure them is always there in the menu so you can play to your liking. Only a handfull of stages can be played on with 12 characters.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.34.17 PM
Customizable Mii's return from SSB4, and they remain mostly the same. You can customize there moves, apperances, stats, and class. This time, 3 brand new classes where added: Mii Mage, Mii Cheif, and Mii Sportsman. All of these have special moves that can be customized. Also like in SSB4, you can share your Mii online for others to download and use for themselves. Finally, using Offical Mii's from SSBR's website will give you the character the Mii is based on's costume.

Changes from SSB4

  • Wavedashing and Air Grabs have been added.
  • The graphic are more Cell-Shaded then last time.
  • Zelda and Samus return to transforming into Sheik and Samus, but this time do so via Down Taunting. Same with the Pokemon Trainer, but with his Pokemon.
  • Gameplay is a little bit heavier then last time.
  • You can use Stamps from other Switch games on Miiverse posts.
  • When two characters grab at the same time, both grabs cancle out each other.


There are a total of 66 characters, with 48 starting characters and 18 unlockable characters. There are also 12 DLC Characters, bringing up the total to 78 characters. For more info...

  • For more info on how to unlock characters, click here.
  • For more info on every characters moveset, click here.
  • For more info on every alternet costume, click here.

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The games starting roster

Starting Roster

Strarting Roster

Mario MP100

Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle

Peach NSMBP BowserSSBCalamity WarioKingdomsofFighters Yoshi NSMBP
Mario Luigi Princess Peach Bowser Wario Yoshi
Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Link Smash5 356px-TPHD Zelda Artwork HWL Ganondorf Cover Artwork Kirby-1498784512 Meta Knight 2
Donkey Kong Link Zelda Ganondorf Kirby Meta Knight
Bandana Waddle Dee Obliteration Samus SMF NessSSBCalamity Question 025Pikachu-Original Jigglypuff SSB4 slight cropped and edited
Bandana Dee Samus/ZSS Ness Pokey Minch Pikachu Jigglypuff
LucarioSSBCalamity PokemonTrainerSSB4 Marth Heroes Lyn Fire Emblem Warriors FZeroAX Captain Falcon Smash 3C Classic Pit by ledgerewskie, Codex-9, the101, zarx1554 with credit to SomeSmashBro, PMDT, Smash 3 Team
Lucario Trainer Marth Lyn Capt. Falcon Pit
Olimar - Pikmin 3 250px-Shulk SSB4-1 Female Inkling - Splatoon Spring Man 250px-Animal Crossing Villager LittleMacVR
Olimar Shulk Inkling Spring-Man Villager Little Mac
250px-R.O.B.; Robot(Clear) Sheriff SSB4 Pac-Man Obliteration Duck Hunt Dog SonicSSBCalamity Shadow-Sonic-Forces-Speed-Battle-Artwork
R.O.B Sheriff Pac-Man Duck Hunt Duo Sonic Shadow
MM9 Mega Man Crash-bandicootps4 Rayman hd by supersegasonicss-d90n5iw M+RKB Rabbid Mario Solid snake ShovelKnightDiscord
Mega Man Crash Rayman Raving Rabbid Solid Snake Shovel Knight
Ryumvc Scorpion MK2 CloudSSBSpectrum S00105-blackmage Bayonetta Smash Bros Mii Mario Party
Ryu Scorpion Cloud Strife Black Mage Bayonetta Mii Fighter
Waluigi Artwork - Mario Party 6 KnuckleJoeSSB4 Hades Obliteration Kumatora
Waluigi (Master Edition Knuckle Joe (Master Edition) Hades (Master Edition) Kumatora (Master Edition)

Unlockable Roster

Unlockable Roster

Paper Mario CS

000220px-Bowser Jr - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U 250px-Skull Kid MM KtdDedede PTWC Mewtwo Male Corrin Damaged
Paper Mario Bowser Jr. Skull Kid King Dedede Mewtwo Corrin
Tetrisblock Ice Climbers Are Back On The Ice ExcitebikeRadioactive MBiSON BombermanSSBAssemble ShantaeKOF
The L Block Ice Climbers ExciteBiker M. Bison Bomberman Shantae
MrGameandWatchSSBC Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) SandbagSSBC KingK.RoolSmashifiedEdit Pokken Darkrai Zero GU
Mr. Game & Watch Banjo Kazooie Sandbag King. K Rool (Master edition) Darkrai (Master edition) Zero (Master edition)


DLC Roster


BassSSBC MachampPokkénTournament Steve.png.png BandanaDeeBB 8-Bit Mario
Sora Bass Machamp Steve? Bandana Dee 8-Bit Mario
SFZero Fox McCloud FalcoSSBCalamity Greninjaskill Uprising lady palutena e3 2011 press kit 250px-Dr Mario - Dr Mario Miracle Cure Ike Heroes
Fox Falco Greninja Palutena Dr. Mario Ike


There are 42 stages to play on, as listed below. You can also turn them into Omega Stages, which make the stages flat and without hazards. Note: The stages with an * next to there names means up to 12 players can play on it.




300px-SSB4 Final Destination

Final Destination


Peachs Castle

Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64)

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Cosmic Blooper

Good Egg Galaxy

Hyrule Castle 64

Hyrule Castle

300px-SSB4 Spirit Train 2

Spirit Train


Fountain of Dreams


Dreamland 64

Sector Z SSBU

Sector Z

StarFox2 Astropolis






Crimson Clash Arena Icon Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium

Ssbb stages smashu onett hd final by dsx8-d917jfu


275px-SSB4 Magicant


640px-SSBB Big Blue Stage

Big Blue

Mute City SSB3DS

Mute City






Castle Siege

250px-SSB4 Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone

300px-Boxing Ring Punch Out

Boxing Ring

300px-Wilys fortress

Dr. Wily Fortress




New Flat Zone

SSBMania 75m


Loading Icy plains day

Icy Mountains


Balloon Fight

Spiral MountainV

Spiral Mountain



Excitebike - Mario Kart 8

Excitebike Arena


Palutena's Temple



WarioWare, Inc.

Wario Ware Inc.


Nintendo 3DS


Kongo Jungle 64

Pirate ShipV

Pirate Ship

300px-SSB4 Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Island

Final Destination 64

Final Destination 64

Final Destination SSB4

Battlefield Melee




There are a total of 7 different gamemodes to play in, not including the standard Vs Mode and the Coliseum of Smash. They are all available from the start of the game, though with All-Star Mode more characters will be added as you unlock more. These gamemodes include:

Classic Mode (SSBR)

In Classic Mode, you fight through a few rounds of either fighting, a minigame, or a special event until you get to the Final Boss, Master Hand. It plays much like previous instalments of Classic Mode, but it looks more like Melee and Brawls Classic Mode more then SSB4's Classic Mode. Completing Classic Mode with any charcter will net you a special Trophy based on there Final Smash, and beating it with every character unlocks a new difficulty, Random. The difficulties changes up the order and the Final Boss:

  • Very Easy: 5 Rounds | 1 Minigame | No Mid-Boss | Normal Master Hand
  • Easy: 6 Rounds | 2 Minigames | No Mid-Boss | Normal Master Hand
  • Normal: 7 Rounds | 2 Minigames | Metal Mario | Normal Master Hand
  • Medium: 8 Rounds | 3 Minigames | Metal Mario & Luigi | Normal Master Hand
  • Slightly Hard: 9 Rounds | 4 Minigames | Metal Mario & Luigi | Master & Crazy Hand
  • Hard: 10 Rounds | 5 Minigames | Metal Mario, Luigi, & Link | Master & Crazy Hand + Skull Hand
  • Very Hard: 11 Rounds | 6 Minigames | Metal Mario, Luigi, Link, & Samus | Master & Crazy Hand + Skull Hand
  • Insane: 12 Rounds | 7 Minigames | Metal Character Army | Master & Crazy Hand + Skull & Bones Hand
  • Random: Random Rounds | Random Minigames | Random Metal Character | Random Hand

All-Star Mode

In All-Star Mode, you fight every single character in the game in one go. Your given 5 healing items and 1 life. If you die, it's game over and you'll have to start over. All characters are sorted into which SSB game they debuted in. For example:

  • Super Smash Bros. 64: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Ness, Capt. Falcon, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Samus, Kirby
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: Peach, Bowser, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Marth, Mewtwo, Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Wario, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Lucario, Pokemon Trainer, Pit, Olimar, R.O.B, Sonic, Solid Snake
  • Super Smash Bros. 4: Bowser Jr, Shulk, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Corrin, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Ryu, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta
  • Super Smash Bros. Rematch: Viruses, Paper Mario, Skull Kid, Bandana Dee, Pokey Minch, Lyn, Ninten, Inkling, Spring-Man, Sheriff, Shadow, Crash, Rayman, Rabbid, Shovel Knight, Scorpion, Black Mage, ExciteBiker, M. Bison, Tetris Block, Shantae, Bomberman, Banjo-Kazooie, Sandbag

Each character you complete All-Star Mode with will unlock a Trophy based on one of there own Moves.

Tag Team Mode

In Tag Team Mode, you control two characters at once. Now, when you press the taunt button, you swap between characters nearly instantly, allowing some insane combos to happen. Both also shair stocks and health, and if one is K.O'ed both are K.O'ed. This can also be played with a second player, and both swap between controling. This can be played with up to 12 players. Note that this mode is banned from Tourniments.

Multi-Men Melee

In Multi-Man Melee, you have one goal depending on which mode you choose: Either defeat all of the Multi-Men or survive as long as you can. The enemies can be one of three things depending on which one you choose. Either the original Polygon Team (Clones of the first 12 characters), the Virtual Fighters (Clones of Zelda and Capt. Falcon), Primids (original movesets, tho limited) and Miis (standard moveset of the MIi Fighter, Swordsman, Gunner, Mage, Cheif, and Sportsman). The diffrent settings include:

10-Man Melee: Try to fight and defeat 10 enemies without dying.

30-Man Melee: Try to fight and defeat 30 enemies without dying.

100-Men Melee: Try to fight and defeat 100 enemies without dying.

1-Minute Melee: Try to survive for 1 minute.

5-Minute Melee: Try to survive for 5 Minutes

10-Minute Melee: Try to survive for 10 minutes.

Cruel Melee: Try to survive an ounslaught of brutal enemies.

Sandbag Soccer

In Sandbag Soccer, you and a team of 3 try to knock a Sandbag into the goal of the other team. In a 5 minute Time limit, both teams must try and score as much as possible. The team with the highest score wins. This game can be played on 5 maps: A small arena, a medium arena, a large arena, a arena with hazards, and a completley flat arena. If the option is turned on, Items can spawn to mix thing up a bit, tho are set off by default. Up to 8 players can play at once, CPU or otherwise.

Tournament Mode

Returning from Melee, the Tournament Mode lets you arrange your own Tournament with friends or CPU's. Up to 20 characters can compete, and it can be either Timed Matches or Stock Matches. The stages you fight on are set to flat by default, but you can make it so every stage could be avalible or just one stage only. Also, you can play these online as well with friends or anyone else. You can even set prizes for the winners like a Mii Costume or a Screenshot or a Trophy/Smash Card.

Omega Smash Mode

In Omega Smash, it at first is nearly exactly like the normal VS Mode. However, apon entering a match, every character is given a random buff or de-buff and are forced to fight with it. There are many things these can effect: the characters, there attacks, items, the stages itself, and even if it's a Stock Match, Timed Match, or Stamina Match. Here is an example:

Smash Attack Damage | Heavy Weight | Fast Attacks | Explosives Only | Fixed Camera

Master Hand Mode (SSBR)

In Master Hand Mode, you get the option to play as the Master Hand himself and fight off wave after wave of CPU enemies. You can use all of Master Hands moves via inputting combos, which look can view via pausing and pressing the - button. Each wave naturally gets harder and harder as you continue on, and if you manage to make it all the way to round 50 (the maximum round), you'll have a 1v1 duel with Giga Bowser. Note: You'll need to unlock this mode via beating Classic Mode for the first time.


There are over ??? items to use, and ??? Assist Trophies as well. Each Item and assist do various things, and can often be used to turn the tide of the battle. If you don't want a certain item or none at all, you can always switch some or all off in the menu. For more info on each Item or Assists uses, click here or here.

CyanSmashBallAssistTrophySSB4Super Mushroom3DWorldPoisonMushroomMK8HammerSSBBBob-OmbWiiUMetal baseballRayGUNssb4KAR Food MaximTomatoFairyBottleSSB4Pokeball2BlueshellkartFranklinBadgeSSB4Bulletbillmk8Rocket BeltBrawlScrewAttackSpringSonicETankBeehiveSSB4SpecialFlagDrillArmPirhanaPlantFlowerDream Magnet SpriteWii U GamePadCratesSSB4BoxingGloveAku AkuSSBEB,XbombSuperLeafMK7Superspicy CurryTNTFood HoDNES ZapperBumperssb4MetalBoxBackShieldBeamSwordSSb4MrSaturnHW CuccoRocketBeltSSBC


TOO BAD! WALUIGI TIME!BlueLakituNES (SMMDIY)250px-ChainChompWiiUAssistAshleyMillenniumEggplant Wizard-UprisingNightmare-wizardLololo and lalala by superkiryoshi-d5ktjh6ArwingMKSMetroidassistLucasTomNookACaFLucinaFig 20 doclouisVector-0ProtoManSmashGhostsAnarchyMumboJumboEggplantmanCrunch BandicootGlobox Rayman LegendsRiku (Scan) KH3DPrimidLapis5RiskyBootsMP CreeperNintendogs-bulldogMr. Resetti NLPong Costume MarioPhoenix Wright UMvC3Young link-0

Coliseum of Smash


Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.32.16 PM
Coliseum of Smash is the biggest feature in Super Smash Bros. Rematch, and was made to put a distinction between the other games. In it, your character goes through randomly generated challenges in hopes of winning prizes like Smash Cards or Trophies, gaining fans to earn even harder challenges, and even an alternative way to unlock characters. There are three different kinds of challenges, all of which are randomized. These include:
  • VS Battle, where you simply fight against 1-12 fighters with either a time limit, limited stocks, or with stamina. Items are always turned off and the stages are always Flat.
  • Smash Run, where you choose between 7 stages and try to reach the end as fast as possible. Enemies, other characters, and hazards will try to stop you. There will be a list of them below.
  • Challenger Matches, where one of 15 bosses will fight you. There will be a list of all bosses below, along with info on how they attack and act.

Occasionally, if your doing really well, a unlockable character will challenge you to a fight. You then fight him/her/it in a one stock 1v1 match on Final Destination. You'll need to beat the character in order to unlock him/her/it, but if you loose you can always re-challenge them to try again. If you run out of characters to unlock, you'll instead fight a team of randomly picked Metal versions of characters.

In-between matches, and depending on how many Fans you've gotten (which you can earn by beating challenges), the Audience will occasionally throw in helpful items into the stage to aid you. The more Fans you have, the higher chance this has of happening. These items can range from healing items to Assist trophies.

Smash Run Stages

There are a total of 7 Smash Run stages, and all of them have the same goal: you need to get to the end before the time limit ends. Along the way, each stage has unique enemies and hazards to block your way, and sometimes will even have other characters give chase to you. These stages include:

Challenger Bosses

There are a total of 15 Challenger Bosses you can fight. In order to beat them, of course, you'll need to attack them until there health depletes all the way. These bosses have 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. You can select your difficulty before the fight starts. The higher the difficulty, the bigger the reward. To see each bosses attacks, you can clicks here to see them. The bosses include:

Smash Cards

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.52.18 PM
Smash Cards are a new addition to the Smash Bros series and are brand new collectables in this game. Each card is based off a character, stage, item, boss, or NPC in this game, with over ??? cards that can be collected. These Cards go into your "Smash Collection" once you gain some, and can be viewed anytime.

You can unlock these cards by:

  • Playing Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Coliseum of Smash, and Online Mode.
  • Buy them from the in-game store
  • Trade them with other online (you'll need at least one card for this)

You can do many things with these cards. The biggest example is that you can trade them online with others and also show them off. You can also have them be one of the many option for prizes on Tournament mode, put them into screenshots, decorate them, etc. If you gain a duplicate, you will have the option to disregard it and "sell" it for money.

Finally, you can not only scan Amiibos to unlock cards, you can also transfer cards you've unlocked on the 3DS version onto the Switch version and vise versa.

Master Edition

On the games one year aniversary, a special edition of the game titled Master Editions was released for $130.00. It includes:

  • The game itself, with all the DLC plus 7 new characters.
  • The games soundtrack.
  • A special case for the Nintendo Switch.
  • A special Mario amiibo.
  • A download code for Smash Bros 64.


  • There was many things scrapped from the game:
    • Waluigi, Space Invader, Knuckles, Zero, X, Wii Fit Trainer, Dark Pit, Rosalina, Captain N, and Conker where planned but where removed. In Waluigi's case, he was close but was removed in favor of Paper Mario, and with Conker it was due to legal issues.
    • On the flip side, Steve? was meant to be in the game from the start, but due to difficulties with his animations, he was delayed. He was later released as free DLC. A similar story happened with Fox and Falco due to difficulties with a new Final Smash. They where later released as free DLC.
    • A Story Mode idea was toyed with, but Golden-Sans was lazy it seemed a bit much to somehow include all these characters, so that was removed in favor of Coliseum of Smash.
    • For a very short time, Bubsy the Bobcat was considered, but was dropped due to the backlash it would have cause due to Bubsy's infamousness.
    • The game went through several name changes, including Smash Bros. Endgame, Smash Bros. Finale, Smash Bros. End, Smash Bros. Last Fight, and Smash Bros. Final Smash.
  • This game by far has the most newcomers in a Smash Game, ringing in at about 24 newcomers, not including DLC.