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This is a list of all Assist Trophies and Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. RebirthRebirth introduces Mega-Evolution Pokémon that can be only found in either Master or Ultra Balls.

Assist Trophies



Assist Trophy Action
Korrina After appearing on the stage, Korrina starts skating across the arena, using tricks to damage opponents.
Silver Silver lifts some boxes in from hammerspace and throws them at opponents. When he's done with that, Sliver holds one opponent in place, leaving them vulnerable for attacks. The effect wears off when Silver leaves.
Urban Champ Urban Champ appears on the stage and gives opponents strong jabs and uppercuts. He can also use manholes to trap opponents.
Glass Joe Glass Joe appears on the stage and uses his Taunt Punch move on a selected opponent. He's the only assist trophy that can be damaged.
Mona Mona jumps off her scooter, which explodes upon contact with an opponent. She then snaps some pictures using her camera, with can stun opponents. 

Kamek summons a magic spell that effects only one opponent and the person who summoned the Magikoopa in the first place. His spells include;

  • Fire - Causes the effected people to catch on fire as if they had used Superspicy Curry. Each flame is 5% damage, leading up to 40% damage total.
  • Ice - Causes the two people to become frozen until Kamek leaves or they are attacked.
  • Slower and Slower - Causes the effected to slow down more and more until they come to a complete stop. 
  • Mind Swap - The two people's characters switch (eg. Player 1's character becomes Player 2's character).
Cranky Kong Similar to Mr. Resetti in Brawl, Cranky Kong rocks in a chair and talks about when Smash was much simpler. If you try to attack him, Cranky will jump out of his chair and use his cane to hit opponents.


All returning Assist Trophies do what they did in their previous appearance.

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