Get ready for the new era of Smash!

Super Smash Bros. Rebirth is an upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. series of games, and is the prequel to Super Smash Bros. DojoIt's release date is currently unknown, but it will be released on the Wii U on that unknown date. The game will have amiibo connectivity. 



  • Smash - Fight against up to 3 CPUs in an arena. You can choose from Coin Battles, Team Battles, Stock Battles, and Time Battles. Omega stages return, allowing players to fight on a Final Destination version of the stage.
  • Special Smash - The same basic rules of a Smash game, but you get to choose some rules. The possibilities are only limited to what is on the screen. What games will you play?
  • Rotation - In this mode, one controller is shared amongst four or more people. It's a team effort to win, as every K.O. results in a switch of players.
  • Tournament - Up to 36 players compete in matches until the champion is decided. You can customize the rules like in Smash and Special Smash, along with some special additions like Wild Card rounds and double elimination challenges.


  • Story Mode: The Puppeter's Tricks - Bowser has created an alternate version of himself called Puppeter Bowser, but instead of assisting the villains, the new deity starts recking havoc across the Nintendo multiverse! Read the story here.
  • Classic Mode - ???
  • All-Star Mode - Defeat fighters from every era of Smash! Start out way back when and head up to today! You can customize groups of fighters in this mode.
  • Events - ???
  • Stadium Minigames - ???
  • Smash Run - Explore many vast continents in search of stat boosts! Watch out for enemies and random events that may turn the tables on you and your opponents. 

Playable Characters

60 characters will be in the game, not counting DLC. Only 40 of those characters have been confirmed.


12 out of the 18 newcomers for the game have been confirmed.


28 characters have been confirmed to return out of the 42 SonicFanG7 stated would return.

Downloadable Characters

Unlock Criteria


  • Win 10 VS/Online matches.
  • Complete Classic Mode with no continues.
  • Win 25 VS/Online matches.
  • Defeat 100 enemies in Smash Run.
  • Win 100 VS/Online matches.
  • Win Smash Run 5 times as a Pokémon character.
  • Win 20 VS/Online matches.
  • Complete Classic Mode on any difficulty. 

NOTE: If you use no continues in Classic Mode while trying to obtain Ness, then you'll fight Ness and then Luigi.

  • Win 30 VS/Online matches.
  • Play any minigame (Break the Targets, Home-Run Contest, etc.) 5 times.
Mega Man
  • Win 35 VS/Online matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode with two-three characters from the same series. 

NOTE: Although not classified in the same series, clearing Classic mode as 2-3 third party characters will also work.

Captain Toad
  • Win 15 VS/Online matches.
  • Complete All-Star Mode as a Mario character.
  • Win 55 VS/Online matches.
  • Play as any sword wielder character 10 times.
Shovel Knight
  • Win 45 VS/Online matches.
  • Collect and use 30 weapon items.
  • Win 60 VS/Online matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode as Fox.
Masked Man
  • Win 50 VS/Online matches.
  • Set two new records on any two minigames.
  • Win 40 VS/Online matches.
  • Win Smash Run as Wario twice.
  • Clear a customized All-Star Mode.
  • Win 95 VS/Online matches.
  • Win Classic Mode as every character (not counting downloadable characters).
  • Complete Chapter 5 of the Story Mode. 
  • Win 65 VS/Online matches.
  • Clear All-Star Mode twice.
  • Defeat 50% of the bosses in Story Mode.
  • Win 70 VS/Online matches.
  • Battle on the Pac-Maze stage 5 times.
  • Use any third-party character twice.
  • Win 75 VS/Online matches.
  • Complete Classic Mode as either Link or Zelda.
  • Win 85 VS/Online matches.
  • Create 10 Mii Swordfighters.
  • Win 80 VS/Online matches.
  • Complete the event "Nintendo Power Hour" as any 1st party character.
  • Clear Classic Mode on 4.0 or above as Little Mac.
  • Win 90 VS/Online matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty as Pit.
  • Complete the event "Angelic Team!"
  • Win 105 VS/Online matches.
  • Clear 100-Man Smash as any StarFox character.
  • Complete the event "Zonessing Out".


Stages are where fighters face off against each other. In Rebirth, there will be about the same amount of returning and new stages. 47 arenas have been confirmed to be in the game, not counting DLC.

New Stages

26 new stages have been confirmed. 

Returning Stages

21 returning stages have been revealed;

  • 4 from Smash 64
  • 4 from Melee
  • 4 from Brawl
  • 4 from Smash 4 (3DS)
  • 5 from Smash 4 (Wii U)

Downloadable Stages

There have only been 4 downloadable stages confirmed - two of which are returning. 

Home Stages

This is the list of the home stages in Classic Mode. Only a few characters share home stages; see the list for who those characters are.

Character Home Stage
Mario Mario Kart Stadium
Luigi Luigi's Mansion
Bowser Bowser's Castle
Captain Toad Walleye Temple
Wario Gamer
Waluigi Mount Wario Slopes
Donkey Kong Snowmad Invasion
Dixie Kong Sunset Shores

Pokémon Stadium 3

Mewtwo Cerulean Cave
Kirby Cookie Country
Link Hyrule Field
Zelda Temple of Time
Impa Skyloft
Majora Majora's Moon
Young Link (DLC) Great Bay

Lylat Cruise

Falco Zoness
Wolf (DLC) Orbital Gate
Krystal Sauria

Samus Aran

Zero Suit Samus


Ness Onett
Lucas Tazmily Village
Masked Man Drago Plateau


Palutena Palutena's Temple



Castle Siege
Roy Akaneia
Sonic Chemical Plant Zone
Villager Town and City
Nester Meta Crystal
Mega Man Robo Tour
Inkling Ink Harbor
Crono Guardia Castle
Shovel Knight Tower of Fate
Tabuu Final Destination
Shantae (DLC) Sequin Land
Maxwell (DLC) Playground


  • Several characters (including Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina) are going to become alternate costumes for their respective characters.
    • Additionally, some characters will be getting their updated designs as alternate costumes. This is shown with Sonic (getting his Sonic Boom design), but other characters may get it as well.
  • Captain Toad was originally going to be an assist trophy, but SonicFanG7 decided against it. 
  • Here's some splash art made by Vonn Karma;
  • Lucas and Masked Man were originally going to share the same home stage, but that has since been changed. 
  • The working title for this game was project:Rebirth, and then later Super Smash Bros. R.
  • In some press releases, Saffron City was mistakenly labelled as a Super Smash Bros. Melee stage.
  • Before Shulk and Little Mac were revealed, Riki was revealed to be a returning Assist Trophy and Glass Joe was revealed as a new assist. See Super Smash Bros. Rebirth/ Assist Trophies and Pokémon for these two characters.