Universe Fire Emblem
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Sealing Strike
Roy is one of the Unlockable Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok. A protector of peace, Roy helped settle many disputes between warring nations and between humans and dragons. Roy also possesses a legendary weapon of Elibe, the Sword of Seals, with this mighty weapon, Roy dominates in close combat fighting and is able to deal tremendous damage against those who get to close for his attacks to maximise on their damage.


Special Move
Neutral Special Flare Blade
Side Special Drilling Blade
Up Special Overcutter
Down Special Held Guard
Final Smash Sealing Strike
Paired Smash Critical Hit


A new feature in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok, pairing has a secret ability in which if both characters perform Final Smashes together. Every Character has a partner that gives both Final Smashes a 5% Damage Boost when performing a Paired Smash.

Special Pair

Corrin SSBR

Distant Fighters