Ninjask SSBR
Universe Pokemon
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash X-Scissor
Ninjask is one of the Unlockable Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok. Incredibly fast to many, Ninjasks flap their wings so fast it appears as if they are levitating. They have sharp claws that the can use to deal harsh attacks. Ninjask are fast and can deal out a lot of powerful attacks to combat those that threaten them.


Special Move
Neutral Special Slash
Side Special Thief
Up Special Solar Beam
Down Special Swords Dance
Final Smash X-Scissor
Paired Smash Fury Cutter


A new feature in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok, pairing has a secret ability in which if both characters perform Final Smashes together. Every Character has a partner that gives both Final Smashes a 5% Damage Boost when performing a Paired Smash.

Special Pair

Sceptile SSBR

Hoenn Adventurers