Mii Fighters
Mii Fighters SSBR
Universe Miiverse
Availability Starter
Final Smash Depends on Mii Fighter
Mii Fighters is one of the Starter Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok. Every Man and Woman can join the fight as a Mii Fighter, with their diverse sets of abilities and techniques the Mii Fighters are a tricky lot to learn as there are five separate classes a Mii Fighter can be; Brawler, Swordsman, Gunner, Sportsman/Sportswoman & Mage. Watch out though as they're all surprisingly tough and durable.


Mii Brawler

Special Move
Neutral Special Megaton Punch
Side Special Spinning Fists
Up Special Heavy Uppercut
Down Special Meteor Slam
Final Smash Beastial Wave Punch
Paired Smash Fiery Fist Rain

Mii Swordsman

Special Move
Neutral Special Overcutter
Side Special Drilling Blade
Up Special Flip Slash
Down Special Pierce Strike
Final Smash Ancient Whirling Blade
Paired Smash Sky Sword Bomber

Mii Gunner

Special Move
Neutral Special Charge Shot
Side Special Blast Roll
Up Special Launch Pulse
Down Special Bomb Bolt
Final Smash Controller Release Cannon
Paired Smash Orbital Cannon

Mii Sportsman/Sportswoman

Special Move
Neutral Special Fiery Serve
Side Special Mega Bowl
Up Special Batter's Flight
Down Special Boxing Knockout
Final Smash Driver's Launch
Paired Smash Crowd Charge

Mii Mage

Special Move
Neutral Special Fire Blitzer
Side Special Frost Wave
Up Special Lightning Teleport
Down Special Shadow Flood
Final Smash Nature's Wrath
Paired Smash Stone Voider


A new feature in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok, pairing has a secret ability in which if both characters perform Final Smashes together. Every Character has a partner that gives both Final Smashes a 5% Damage Boost when performing a Paired Smash.

Special Pair

Wii Fit Trainer SSBR

Miiverse Defenders