Krystal SSBR
Universe Star Fox
Availability Starter
Final Smash Cloud Runner
Krystal is one of the Starter Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok. A recent addition to the Star Fox Team, Krystal became Peppy's replacement in his retirement. She gets along well with the rest of Team Star Fox and has a romantic interest with the leader Fox, whom she met during the Saurian Crisis. Krystal is an expert in close quarters combat and this aids her in defending her friends from the Sharpclaw tribe, a band of militaristic reptiles.


Special Move
Neutral Special Staff Shot
Side Special Cluster Bomb
Up Special Staff Strike
Down Special Crystal Barrier
Final Smash Cloud Runner
Paired Smash Stampede


A new feature in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok, pairing has a secret ability in which if both characters perform Final Smashes together. Every Character has a partner that gives both Final Smashes a 5% Damage Boost when performing a Paired Smash.

Special Pair

Panther Caroso SSBR

Melee Masters

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