King Dedede
King Dedede SSBR
Universe Kirby
Availability Starter
Final Smash Dedede Dance
King Dedede is one of the Starter Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok. This gluttonous and greedy king is sometimes the enemy of Kirby although more often than not he will be controlled by another being and once Kirby has freed him, will aid Kirby in fighting the evil that trapped him. A penguin looking creature, King Dedede is quite laid back although can easily snap into action if need be. He has sought revenge on those he deems dangerous to Popstar on several occasions.


Special Move
Neutral Special Hammer Slam
Side Special Spinning Hammer
Up Special Rocket Hammer
Down Special Hammer Spin
Final Smash Dedede Dance
Paired Smash Waddle Charge


A new feature in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok, pairing has a secret ability in which if both characters perform Final Smashes together. Every Character has a partner that gives both Final Smashes a 5% Damage Boost when performing a Paired Smash.

Special Pair

Queen Sectonia SSBR

Royal Revenge