Newcomer 1 SSBRNewcomer 2 SSBRNewcomer 3 SSBRNewcomer 4 SSBRNewcomer 5 SSBRNewcomer 6 SSBRNewcomer 7 SSBRNewcomer 8 SSBRNewcomer 9 SSBRNewcomer 10 SSBRNewcomer 11 SSBRNewcomer 12 SSBRNewcomer 13 SSBRNewcomer 14 SSBRNewcomer 15 SSBRNewcomer 16 SSBRNewcomer 17 SSBRNewcomer 18 SSBRNewcomer 19 SSBRNewcomer 20 SSBRNewcomer 21 SSBRNewcomer 22 SSBRNewcomer 23 SSBRNewcomer 24 SSBRNewcomer 25 SSBRNewcomer 26 SSBRNewcomer 27 SSBRNewcomer 28 SSBRNewcomer 29 SSBRNewcomer 30 SSBRNewcomer 31 SSBRNewcomer 32 SSBRNewcomer 33 SSBRNewcomer 34 SSBRNewcomer 35 SSBRNewcomer 36 SSBRNewcomer 37 SSBRNewcomer 38 SSBRNewcomer 39 SSBRNewcomer 40 SSBRNewcomer 41 SSBRNewcomer 42 SSBRNewcomer 43 SSBRNewcomer 44 SSBRNewcomer 45 SSBRNewcomer 46 SSBRNewcomer 47 SSBRNewcomer 48 SSBRNewcomer 49 SSBR

Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok
Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Crossover Fighter
Series Super Smash Bros. (series)
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. Annihilation
 Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok is an upcoming Crossover Fighting Game for the Nintendo NX that is the 7th Installment in the Super Smash Bros. Series. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Annihilation and is considered the final entry in the Destruction Trilogy. It features the largest initial roster of any Super Smash Bros. game thus far at 156 Character, 51 more than the previous entry. It should be noted however that some characters that didn't appear in Annihilation but do appear in Ragnarok are not newcomers as they previously appeared in earlier installments such as 4 or Destruction.


As there is little knowledge about the NX the controls of the game are unknown. It is however confirmed that characters retain their various basic combat abilities as well as 4 Specials and Final Smash. It has been noted however that some features have been added to the game.

On a multitude of levels players may now find climbable surfaces, these will appear different to other surfaces and will allow for access to normally inacessible locations for even the most agile characters. Climbable surfaces can appear as vertical climbs or hanging sections underneath other platforms. Temple was the first stage revealed to have this feature although it has been confirmed that several returning stages will have this feature.

Another new feature is the Stored Smash, this is a new ability in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok that allows players to hold down while they have obtained a Smash Ball. When this occurs the player will be able to unleash the Final Smash at a later point by pressing Up and Down simultaneously. The Stored Smash does not carry over on Stocks and interestingly, while a player has a Stored Smash their attacks inflict 10% more damage. It should be noted however that a player can only hold one Stored Smash although they can grab a second Smash Ball, said Smash Ball cannot be stored and must be used or lost.

Another new feature to the game is the Pairing System. This system allows players to tag team two characters instead of one character. While both characters share a Damage Percentage and Stock Count this allows players to use a more diverse range of attacks. While this feature doesn't work online in offline or local play the strength of a pairing between two characters makes them stronger as they defeat more opponents. There are different factors unlocked as two characters are paired often.

Pairing Level Defeated Opp. Bonus
Newcomer 20 +2% Standard Damage
Trainee 50 +2% Movement
Intermediate 120 +5% Vertical Jump
Adept 250 +5% Dmg. Resistance
Elite 400 +7% Horizontal Jump
Master 900 +7% Standard Damage
Veteran 1560 +10% Special Damage

Invasion Mode

In most maps there is an option to turn on a mode called Invasion Mode. Invasion Mode adds standard enemies relevant to the stage selected and makes them appear throughout the stage at various times causing more fights for the characters to face. There are a total of 15 Invasion Enemy Groups that can appear across several maps.

Invasion Mode came as a free update for all Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok games during February of Year 2.

Invasion Group Maps
Shroobs Stage One-One SSBRPeach's Castle SSBRComet Observatory SSBRNSMB World Six SSBR

Soda Jungle SSBRSubcon Desert SSBRTrip Trap Tower SSBRSuper Mario Galaxy SSBR

Giant Land SSBRBoo Mansion SSBRDelfino Airport SSBRDragon Driftway SSBR

Freezeflame Galaxy SSBRSammer's Kingdom SSBR

Stalchildren Hyrule Field SSBRSkyloft SSBRTemple SSBRDeath Mountain SSBR

Egg of Wind Fish SSBRDragon Roost Island SSBRGanon's Castle Ruins SSBRGerudo Valley SSBR

Sandship SSBRPalace of Twilight SSBRTower of Spirits SSBR

Insane Cultist Onett SSBRThe Cave of the Past SSBRSnowman SSBR

Saturn Valley SSBROsohe Castle SSBR

Bulborbs Forest of Hope SSBRDistant Tundra SSBRPerplexing Pool SSBR
Waddle Dees Halberd SSBRMoonstruck Blossom SSBRThe Arena (Stage) SSBRFountain of Dreams SSBR

The Amazing Mirror SSBRRipple Star SSBRGreat Cave Offensive SSBRLor Starcutter SSBR

Aurum Palutena's Temple SSBRSkyworld SSBRReset Bomb Forest SSBR
Toadies Yoshi's Island SSBRWoolly World SSBRRaphael's Moon SSBR
Octarians Inkopolis SSBRBlackbelly Skatepark SSBR
Side Hoppers and Skrees Brinstar SSBRBottle Ship SSBRBSL Research Station SSBRSR388 SSBR

Wrecked Ship SSBRSkytown SSBRPyrosphere SSBRDark Anon Wastes SSBR

Ducks Duck Hunt Wilds SSBRDuck Hunt Forest SSBR
Motobugs and Buzz Bombers Green Hill Zone SSBRFinal Egg SSBR
Mets Wily Castle SSBRJakob Elevator SSBR
Ghosts Pac Maze SSBR
Toads Castle Rock SSBRLuchador Arena SSBR
Imperial Soldiers Midgar SSBRKefka's Tower SSBR

Playable Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok features 156 Characters across First, Second & Third Party Franchises.

Starter Characters

Starter Roster SSBR
Mario SSBR Peach SSBR Bowser SSBR Link SSBR
Zelda SSBR Ganondorf SSBR Toon Link SSBR Sheik SSBR
Pikachu SSBR. Charizard SSBR Greninja SSBR Sceptile SSBR
Donkey Kong SSBR Diddy Kong SSBR King K. Rool SSBR Villager SSBR
Little Mac SSBR Captain Falcon SSBR Ness SSBR Olimar SSBR
Kirby SSBR King Dedede SSBR Pit SSBR Palutena SSBR
Yoshi SSBR Ice Climbers SSBR Samus SSBR Zero Suit Samus SSBR
Fox McCloud SSBR Krystal SSBR Marth SSBR Corrin SSBR
Wii Fit Trainer SSBR Balloon Fighter SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Sonic SSBR Megaman SSBR
Pac-Man SSBR Rayman SSBR Bayonetta SSBR Solid Snake SSBR
Phoenix Wright SSBR Professor Layton SSBR Terra Branford SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Crono SSBR
Simon Belmont SSBR Mii Fighters SSBR

Unlockable Characters

Complete Roster SSBR
Luigi SSBR Daisy SSBR. Bowser Jr. SSBR Petey Piranha SSBR
King Boo SSBR Geno SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Dimentio SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Midbus SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Rosalina SSBR Popple SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Waluigi SSBR. Wart SSBR
Impa SSBR Darunia SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Ruto SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Lana SSBR
Ghirahim SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Zant SSBR Vaati SSBR Jigglypuff SSBR.
Lucario SSBR Mewtwo SSBR Zoroark SSBR Gourgeist SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Ninjask SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Scizor SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Tyranitar SSBR Weavile SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Dixie Kong SSBR Cranky Kong SSBR Bashmaster SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Mugly SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Tiki Tong SSBR Funky Kong SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Isabelle SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Glass Joe SSBR
King Hippo SSBR Great Tiger SSBR Soda Popinski SSBR Samurai Goroh SSBR
Jody Summer SSBR Pico SSBR Black Shadow SSBR Blood Falcon SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Lucas SSBR Masked Man SSBR Kumatora SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Ninten SSBR
Plasm Wraith SSBR Mamuta SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Meta Knight SSBR Magalor SSBR
Marx SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Queen Sectonia SSBR Mega Titan SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Galacta Knight SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Dark Matter SSBR Medusa SSBR Hades SSBR Magnus SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Great Reaper SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Poochy SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Wario SSBR Ashley SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Mona SSBR 9-Volt SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Chibi Robo SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Inkling SSBR
Squid Sisters SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Rundas SSBR Sylux SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Weavel SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Space Pirate SSBR SA-X SSBR Falco SSBR Wolf O'Donnell SSBR
Leon Powalski SSBR Panther Caroso SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Ike SSBR Lyn SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Robin SSBR Roy SSBR Tharja SSBR Ephraim SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Shulk SSBR Fiora SSBR Elma SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Duck Hunt Dog SSBR
Mr. Game & Watch SSBR R.O.B. SSBR Takamaru SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Tails SSBR
Knuckles SSBR Zero SSBR Axl SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Globox SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Liquid Ocelot SSBR Raiden SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Miles Edgeworth SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Descole SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Cloud Strife SSBR Dracula SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Ryu SSBR Ken SSBRNew Challenger SSBR
Chun-Li SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Marina Liteyears SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Spyro SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Shovel Knight SSBR
Galleom SSBRNew Challenger SSBR Duon SSBRNew Challenger SSBR

Downloadable Characters

The DLC Characters for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok are a variety of characters both chosen by the developers, publishers and public to be included as later additions to the roster. Most DLC Characters from First/Second Party Franchises did not receive Newcomer Videos although a select few from the First/Second Party Franchises as well as all Third Party Franchise Characters including ones that are already in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok did receive promotional videos.

The first Promotional Video which was for the first DLC characters for the five Wonderful 101 Characters who appear as DLC. The last Promotional Video featured the announcement of; Banjo & Kazooie, Conker the Red Squirrel, Earthworm Jim, Shantae, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Rasputin Aquato & Jin Kazama.

Year 1 DLC Characters

These are the DLC Characters released on the First Year after Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok came out.

Captain Toad SSBR Dr Mario SSBR Cat Peach SSBR Paper Mario SSBR
Count Bleck SSBR Mimi SSBR Rawk Hawk SSBR Tubba Bubbla SSBR
Birdo SSBR Mallow SSBR Lord Crump SSBR Larry Koopa SSBR
Morton Koopa Jr. SSBR Wendy O. Koopa SSBR Iggy Koopa SSBR Roy Koopa SSBR
Lemmy Koopa SSBR Ludwig Von Koopa SSBR Twinrova SSBR Phantom Ganon SSBR
Byrne SSBR Yuga SSBR Gengar SSBR Dragonite SSBR
Roserade SSBR Rhyperior SSBR Chandelure SSBR Haxorus SSBR
Hawlucha SSBR Klubba SSBR Giygas SSBR Dark Meta Knight SSBR
Daroach SSBR. Knuckle Joe SSBR. Paint Roller SSBR Goriath SSBR
DJ Octavio SSBR Gandrayda SSBR Mogenar SSBR. Anthony Higgs SSBR
Chozo Statue SSBR Lucina SSBR Cordelia SSBR Oboro SSBR
Sukapon SSBR Isa Jo SSBR Wonder RedSSBR Wonder Blue SSBR
Wonder Pink SSBR Wonder Green SSBR Wonder White SSBR Amy Rose SSBR
Silver the Hedgehog SSBR Protoman SSBR Bass SSBR Grey-Ashe SSBR
Balder SSBR Boss SSBR Sundowner SSBR Tidus SSBR
Barret SSBR Tifa SSBR Sabin SSBR Locke SSBR
M. Bison SSBR Cynder SSBR Plague Knight SSBR Bomberman SSBR
Agnes SSBR Tiz SSBR Ringabel SSBR Edea SSBR
Dig Dug SSBR Bub SSBR Master Higgins SSBR Pocky & Rocky SSBR
Sora SSBR Amaterasu SSBR Sub-Zero SSBR Acht SSBR
Asura SSBR Banjo & Kazooie SSBR Conker SSBR Bill Rizer SSBR
Earthworm Jim SSBR Sparkster SSBR Shantae SSBR Monokuma SSBR
Crash Bandicoot SSBR Jak & Daxter SSBR Ratchet & Clank SSBR Rasputin Aquato SSBR
Jin SSBR Sir Arthur SSBR

After all Year 1 DLC Characters were released this image replaced the Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok Logo to confirm the end of the DLC for Year 1.

Post-DLC Ragnarok

Year 2 DLC Characters

Year 2 saw much more hype built around it as most of the characters from Year 1 were already requested or has been previous DLC in Destruction or Annihilation. This is why all the characters in the Year 2 DLC received their own Reveal Trailers.

The first trailer begins, the cuts creating the fiery Smash Symbol appear as the camera zooms into an ominous chamber, we see huge conveyer belts with mysterious machines being created. We then see Mario, Peach, Bowser, Mallow & Geno walking through the smoke off-screen as a mysterious figure lies waiting for the group to arrive. Peach lets out a gasp in surprise to see the mysterious figure rise up from their position as they exit from the shadows, a large golden grown glimmers from the smoke causing Bowser let out a roar. The smoke clears revealing the being to be Smithy, leader of the Smithy Gang. The Quintet charge forward to Smithy who quickly slams Mallow and Mario off to one-side with a single swing of his hammer. He then locks arms with Bowser as the two attempt to struggle for dominance, Peach intervenes, chucking a vegetable into Smithy's face causing him to lose balance. Smithy then gets up to see that in addition to the previous five, Rosalina, Luigi and Daisy have joined the battle. Smithy pulls out Smelter who he punches to fire a massive ball of hot metal. The metal solidifies around Luigi's and Daisy's feet forming itself into a Shyper, the Shyper then begins fighting Luigi and Daisy as the rest of the group charges at Smithy again. The screen then cuts to Smithy fighting in-game against Mario, Peach, Rosalina, Bowser, Daisy, Luigi, Geno & Mallow in a new stage; Smithy's Factory where the group fight along conveyer belts and against the massive hammers that fall from above. The battle demonstrates many of Smithy's abilities including his Face Change ability (Down Special), and just as Smithy is about to be defeated he breaks open the Smash Ball causing him to unleash his Sledge Attack on all the enemies ending the trailer.

Smithy SSBR
Smithy's Factory SSBR

The second trailer begins, the cuts creating the leafy Smash Logo appears as the camera zooms in onto a giant wooden barrel. We then here a familiar tune kick in and the start of the lyrics "So they're finally here performing for you, if you know the words you can join in too" the camera reveals; Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong & Funky Kong in the pose of the original 5 DK. As the lyrics get to what would normally be "DK, Donkey Kong" as the group perform their circle dance we see a long pair of arms stretch from off-screen and launch Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong & Funky Kong off the barrel, to where we see a disgruntled; Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong & Tiny Kong. The screen then cuts back to Donkey Kong who puts on a guilty smile and Diddy who's slowly backing away as the trio attack. The screen then cuts to Kongo Jungle where all eight Apes are fighting showing a variety of their attacks and even having Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong & Lanky Kong fighting King K. Rool in the Boxing Ring Stage. The trailer then shows off each Kong's Final Smash with Tiny Kong's Bongo Rockets, Lanky Kong's Balloon Explosion & Chunky Kong's Boulder Throw. The trailer ends with all 8 Kongs charging at; Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Samus, Yoshi & Link.

Tiny Kong SSBR
Lanky Kong SSBR
Chunky Kong SSBR

The third trailer begins, the cuts create a shadowy Smash logo as the camero zooms in we find Link, Zelda, Pit and Palutena walking through a mysterious forest, we hear whispers coming from all around them, Link and Pit pull out their weapons in caution as they reach a clearing they hear a mysterious laugh, the whole clearing begins spinning and the four of them suddenly find themselves within the trunk of a massive tree. Suddenly they hear a rattling, descending from the darkness above we see a pair of leather-hooked shoes, the body continues to descend and reveals itself to be Majora, Majora then lands on the ground creating a small shockwave, pushing the others back, he then engages in several dark tricks to confuse and overwhelm the characters. The screen then cuts to Majora inside Woodfall Temple where he and the other four are battling it out, Majoramanages to hold his ground and the clips show Majora fighting on other stages like Battlefield, Lorule Castle & Skyloft however we soon realise he's getting overwhelmed. The screen cuts back to the Woodfall Temple cutscene in which Majora has been knocked to the ground with Pit and Link having their swords drawn to Majora's head. Suddenly we hear another sound... "ODOLWA!" suddenly the Masked Jungle Warrior lands from the darkness aboves and bashes his shield into Link and Pit causing them to be knocked over, Zelda and Palutena then send out a flurry of magical blasts however Odolwa blocks these attacks from hitting Majora or himself with his shield. The screen then cuts to Zelda and Palutena fighting Majora and Odolwa as well as many other characters fighting the duo, the trailer ends with Majora unleashing his Wrath form as his final Smash.

Majora SSBR
Odolwa SSBR
Woodfall Temple SSBR

The Fourth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Mechanical Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we see Megaman, R.O.B., Acht and Sir Arthur fighting on the Jakob Elevator although the four are suddenly caught off guard by a pulse blast from off-screen, suddenly Ray 01 falls from above and blasts Sir Arthur away with a rapid fire attack. The screen then cuts to a rotating view of Ray 01 who is shown fighting many other Smash Characters, the footage shows numerous maneuvers and just how agile Ray 01 is in combat. The screen then cuts to Bogey's Cafe revealing it to be a new stage along with Ray 01, the stage shows Ray 01 fighting Mega Man and R.O.B. while chaos ensues in the background with several other Custom Robos crashing through fighting each other. The trailer ends with Ray 01 simultaneously KOing Mega Man and R.O.B. at the same time.

Ray 01 SSBR
Bogey's Cafe SSBR

The Fifth Trailer begins (this one is unique as it was moved ahead of the 6th Trailer which was the previous 5th Trailer), the cuts create a fiery Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we see Pikachu & Jigglypuff fighting on Sliph Co., the screen then cuts, Charizard and Lucario join in on the battle which has transitioned to Spear Pillar, the screen cuts again this time inside the Kalos Elite Four, Greninja & Mewtwo join the fight, the screen cuts very rapidly quickly spawning in the other Pokemon; Sceptile, Zoroark, Gourgeist, Ninjask, Scizor, Tyranitar & Weavile who are all battling each other ferociously on a cinematic rendition of a new stage... The Sinjoh Ruins, we see Charizard, Greninja and Sceptile team up to take down every other Pokemon, however just as they are about to know out Pikachu, from off-screen we see a wave of water slam Charizard in the back and cause Sceptile and Greninja to jump to the walls, we then see several bursts of Fire launch from the shadows knocking Sceptile down and causing Greninja to go on the offensive, suddenly a massive Spiky Shield is generated from within the shadows, the shadows retreat from the hidden characters revealing them to be the Grass-Starter, Chesnaught, the Fire-Starter Infernape and the Water-Starter, Feraligatr. The two trios begin battling each other rapidly with Infernape battling Sceptile in Aerial Combat while Chesnaught and Charizard deal heavy blows to each other whilst Feraligatr tries to knock down Greninja whose agility helps it avoid the attacks. The screen then cuts showing the three new Pokemon in battle with other Smash Characters on many stages, in addition, showing off the three Pokemon's Final Smashes; Giga Needle Arm, Fiery Close Combat & Giga Aqua Tail. The battles rap up with the three Pokemon dealing heavy blows against Pikachu in another new stage, Dark Crater. The Trailer ends with the three new Pokemon heading out of Dark Crater as Pikachu lies defeated, Pikachu slowly regains consciousness as we see a shadowy figure rise up from Pikachu's shadow and knock Pikachu out completely.

Chesnaught SSBR
Infernape SSBR
Feraligatr SSBR
Darkrai SSBR
Sinjoh Ruins SSBR
Dark Crater SSBR

The Sixth trailer begins, the cuts create a flowery smash logo, the camera zooms in and we are introduced to a new stage, it is not specified what the stage is until the end of the trailer, although it appears to be a dark forested area with a swamp. We see Wario walking through the stage slowly picking up golden coins, suddenly from out of the shrubbery behind him comes Waluigi who seems to have been spooked by something, Wario scorns him for being a cowardly to which Waluigi and Wario begin bickering, whilst they are bickering however we see a very fast shadow dash past the two and swipe Wario's bag of loot. Wario notices his loot has been stolen and starts yelling in anger, the shadowy figure drops the bag near the tree they are standing on and Wario goes to grab the bag however is stomped square in the face by the hidden figure, who is revealed to be Captain Syrup, who laughs at Wario's pain, Waluigi then tries charging at her only to be stopped by a swift roundhouse kick launching him far away. Wario gets up and tries to hit Syrup although is stopped by her pushing her arm into his head. Wario then has an idea, and quickly bites Syrup's arm and tries to throw her over him, however as she does this, she kicks the bag of loot as it lands on a small flat island off the main area they're on. Suddenly the two stop as they hear a loud roaring sound coming from the water itself, the island the loot lands on begins to shake and the loot falls in the water much to Wario's and Syrup's dismay. The flat island flips over to reveal it to be Scumflower, who lets out a roar. The screen fades to white and shows Captain Syrup, Scumflower and Wario fighting on the stage which is revealed to be Jiggle Jungle. The trailer showcases Captain Syrup's agile movement and quick yet powerful attacks as well as Scumflower's beastly attacks that allow him to completely dominate several light characters; Kirby, Jigglypuff and Pikachu. The trailer ends with Scumflower, Wario and Captain Syrup all pretty beaten resting on the boardwalk of Jiggle Jungle trying to recover from their battle, Syrup looks over at the other two and laughs, causing Wario to laugh as the two are laughing, Scumflower looks at both and forcefully laughs, slamming his fists onto the boardwalk causing it to break and all three to fall in the water, in which Wario and Syrup look angrily at Scumflower, the camera then pans around to behind the three where we see Waluigi swimming towards the bag of loot before getting knocked out by a piece of debris from the Boardwalk.

Captain Syrup SSBR
Scumflower SSBR
Jiggle Jungle SSBR

The Seventh Trailer begins, the cuts create a leafy Smash Logo as the camer zooms in we see Pit flying through the sky being guided by Palutena, Palutena explaining that a threat has appeared at her Temple, as he arrives he sees Link, Palutena, Marth and Ike already fighting against a mysterious group of enemies that appear to be Underworld Enemies, however on closer inspection Pit realizes they are Aurum. Landing down at the temple, Pit quickly engages in the Aurum enemies with Palutena and the others battling off the Aurum, however just as the group are overwhelming the Aurum, Pit is suddenly teleported into an Aurum Battleship. Inside he finds more Aurum to fight, receiving a telepathic message from Palutena, she tells Pit that wherever he is she can't find a way to get to him, suddenly Pit is ambushed by a multitude of Aurum, causing him to quickly manuever around the room to fight them off, however as more and more keep coming he soon realizes he's going to be overwhelmed, suddenly however the enemies stop attacking Pit and Pit sees that the enemies from the back are getting obliterated into tiny fragments, soon most of the enemies are destroyed and from the smoke, Viridi and Pyrrhon walk forward, Pit gets and goes to thank them however Viridi fires several shots form her staff causing Pit to be hurled against the wall and fall to the ground. The trailer then cuts to a new stage; The Aurum Battleship and has Palutena teleport in surprised to see Pit knocked down. The four then engage in the battle with Virid and Palutena performing primarily ranged attacks whilst Pit and Pyrrhon engage in close quarters combat. The trailer also shows Viridi and Pyrrhon going up against several other characters on numerous other stages showcasing their abilities. The trailer also shows Viridi, Pyrrhon, Phosphora and Cragalanche on the Reset Bomb Forest Stage and finishes up with Viridi launching Wario and Dark Matter off the stage with her final Smash. As the trailer ends an announcement comes up, stating that several stages can now have what is known as the "Invasion Mode" turned on and off. The trailer explains how the Invasion Mode has standard enemies that are relevant to said stage appear and try to deal damage against the characters.

Viridi SSBR
Pyrrhon SSBR
Aurm Battleship SSBR
Aurum Brain SSBR

The Eigth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Gusty Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we see Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight fighting on a cliff-esque stage which pans out to show that it's Dyna Blade's Nest. The group continue fighting however off-screen we hear the chirping of birds, the camera zooms out even more to reveal Dyna Blade's Chicks are causing quite a noise. The trio stop fighting due to the annoying sound and Kirby goes to push the chicks of the edge, however just as he gets close a pair of huge talons come crashing down picking Kirby up and slamming him into the ground. King Dedede and Meta Knight get in a battle stance as the camera rotates around and up this monster which is revealed to be Dyna Blade who lets out a roar, the reveal for Dyna Blade shows as Dyna Blade roars who charges at the duo and begins battling with them. Dyna Blade shows off its impressive skills and size against the group being able to hold its own. The match then shows Dyna Blade fighting other characters, however with each cut Dyna Blade is shown to progressively get more badly beaten eventually returning to the Cinematic on Dyna Blade's Nest, here we see Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight are standing at odds with Dyna Blade who is trying to protect her young, however just as she looks defeated, Dyna Blade lets out a roar and two portals suddenly appear next to her, out of the first portal a barrage of bombs go flying causing Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight to jump back while the other has a being fly out of it so fast that Kirby and Meta Knight duck to avoid it while King Dedede gets knocked over. The two individuals stand next to Dyna Blade revealed to be Poppy Bros. Sr. and Bugzzy. The camera pans to behind Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight as Dyna Blade, Poppy Bros. Sr. and Bugzzy charge at them with the trailer finishing.

Dyna Blade SSBR
Poppy Bros. Sr. SSBR
Bugzzy SSBR

The Ninth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Dazzling Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we see numerous fighters standing outside a large stadium, the camera zooms past these characters and into the arena where hundreds of spectators are cheering on to a large square ring. The camera pans over to the ring where we see two walkways to the ring at the center, one walkway has the lights focus on it as the camera zooms down to it, from the shadows of the walkway we see Little Mac emerge, who runs down the walkway and jumps into the ring, from the other side the lights focus on his opponent who is revealed to be Glass Joe, Glass Joe comes out somewhat weak in the legs, however the lights shine away from him as we hear disco music coming out of nowhere, suddenly the lights focus on the ring again as they change to a massive flickering Disco Ball, from atop the Disco Ball, we see Disco Kid who jumps down to confront Little Mac. The two engage in combat as the screen cuts to them fighting on the Boxing Ring Stage, the match shows off Disco Kid's rhythmic movements and disco inspired combat techniques, including his Final Smash the Disco Bomber. The screen then cuts back to the cinematic of Little Mac and Disco Kid fighting, however despite Disco Kid's swift moves, Little Mac lands a 3-Star Punch on him, sending him flying into his own Disco Ball, the lights fade as the crowd chants Little Mac's name. However! Just as the Lights have dimmed we see a red light beam to one of the walkways as a mist enters the walkway we hear the sounds Bull coming from the walkway, however the music begins as we hear Castanets, whilst roses shower down from above. Another fighter walks out onto the walkway, blowing kisses to the crowd, it is revealed to be Don Flamenco. Don quickly runs over to the stage and performs a dazzling set of punches that cause Little Mac to dodge against the ropes, the screen cuts again showing Don Flamenco this time with his very elegant attack style. The trailer cuts back to Little Mac finishing off Don Flamenco who lands to the ground defeated, his toupee falls off as he is knocked out whilst Little Mac walks off-stage ending the trailer.

Disco Kid SSBR
Don Flamenco SSBR
Disco Boxing Ring SSBR

The Tenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Neon Smash Logo as the camera zooms in we see Mario, Yoshi and Luigi fighting Bowser atop Trick-Trap Tower where in the cinematic scene we see the three have a distinct advantage against the King of the Koopas. Bowser is painfully defeated lying on the edge of the Trick-Trap Tower about to fall off, suddenly we see a magical blast shoot down from off-screen as Mario and Yoshi dodge the attack whilst Luigi, being oblivious gets launched away. We suddenly hear a cackling laugh as a broom-riding Magikoopa descends down in front of Bowser, revealed to be Kamek. Kamek uses his magic on Bowser to bring the giant Koopa back up, Bowser lets out a roar and the screen cuts to the four fighting atop Trick-Trap Tower in-game, the trailer shows many of Kamek's bizarre attacks including his Explosive Magic, Transformation Magic and Creation Magic. In addition we get a glimpse at the DLC Stage; Spike's Lost City. The trailer cuts back to the cinematic as we see Kamek use his magic blasts to knock Mario and Yoshi closer and closer to the edge, Bowser standing behind laughing triumphantly, Kamek sends out one final blast of magic causing the plumber and dinosaur to fall to their demise as the trailer closes we hear the Life Lost Music play while Kamek cackles away.

Kamek Character SSBR
Skytop Beanstalk SSBR

The Eleventh Trailer begins, the cuts make a Metallic Smash Logo as the camera zooms in we see Smithy having a hard time fighting off numerous Smash Characters; Mario, Kirby, Samus, Pikachu, Fox, Captain Falcon & Ness. The stage lights up to reveal it to be a new stage although all it appears to be is a large yellow-metallic platform with a large Red and Black pole in the middle, suddenly the camera zooms out and we see the fighters are actually battling atop the giant blade, Exor. The blade crashes into the ground and all the characters are flung off, as they land, Smithy is seen laughing in the distance, as Mario, Pikachu & Captain Falcon go in for an attack, they are struck back by several large axes, the group jumps back in surprise as five individuals about Mario's size wielding giant axes step forth from the dust revealed to be the Axem Rangers, Samus in frustration then begins powering up her Charge Beam when she is suddenly struck by a storm of arrows causing her to stop her attack and dodge the massive amount of arrows, as Smithy is slowly walking to the Axem Rangers we see on a cliff a tall, yet thin individual who jumps down and is revealed to be Bowyer. Bowyer laughs maniacally as Samus pointing out that she has an arrow straight through the end of her Arm Cannon, Samus in fury, lifts her arm cannon into the air and fires of a shot obliterating the arrow stuck in it. Kirby then steps forward to face the group, to which the Axem Rangers and Smithy merely laugh at his puny size, Kirby then unleashes his Inhale and slowly pulls the Axem Rangers in, however just as Axem Red is about to be sucked in, a long blade comes crashing down striking Kirby in the back and flipping him back into the group, the blade-wielding individual then flips through the air and lands next to Smithy and is revealed to be Boomer, the screen then cuts to one of teh other New Stages, Chandelier Panic in which the 16 Characters fight each other atop the chandeliers, the footage shows the fighters battling on many stages and also shows off Boomer's Crasher Blade Final Smash and the Axem Ranger's Final Smash where they summon Blade who finishes the trailer by ramming into Mario, Pikachu & Kirby and sending them flying.

Axem Rangers SSBR
Bowyer SSBR
Boomer SSBR
Exor's Descent SSBR
Chandelier Panic SSBR

The Twelfth trailer begins, the cuts make a warped Smash Logo as the Camera zooms in, however as it zooms in is quickly hit by a projectile and knocked back, we see Ness, Lucas and Kumatora fighting against Pokey Minch in his robotic Spider, the fast spider proves to be extremely agile able to easily avoid their attacks, suddenly Ninten appears however in his attempts for a surprise attack, Pokey quickly maneuvers out of the way and prepares to stand off against the four heroes, Pokey uses his Spider to sweep under all four heroes' feet causing them to trip and then pins Lucas up against a wall as Ness, Kumatora & Ninten are unable to get up, Pokey raises another pincer, ready to deal the final blow, when suddenly out of nowhere a shadowy figure crashes down on Pokey's machine with both fists with such force that Pokey's Machine is left in shattered pieces. The shadowy figure walks over to Lucas through the dust and is revealed to be Flint, who kneels down to Lucas and hands Lucas a Life Up Cream which completely recovers Lucas from his damage, suddenly the rubble of Pokey's spider starts to shake as Pokey rises up from it as a rumbling sound is heard off to the distance, suddenly the King Statue rams through the remains of Pokey's Spider and Pokey hops inside. Flint and Lucas stare at the King Statue and Flint smiles as he points at a glimmering light in the distance, suddenly two swords strike the legs of the King Statue causing it to become immobilized. Two more individuals walk over and pick up the swords, one shorter child-like individual and a taller individual. The two step from the smoke with Claus being the first he smiles at Lucas and Flint, while the other steps forward and is revealed to be Teddy, Teddy walks over to Ninten and gives him some Life Up Cream, quickly Ninten gets up and the five look over at the now immobilized King Statue. The screen cuts showing footage of Flint and Teddy in battle with Flint's direct fist fighting techniques and Teddy's affinity to use his Katana shown off, the trailer shows the two fighting many enemies across both the Mother Franchise and others. The Trailer ends as Flint is standing on a new stage; The Drago Plateau facing off against the Mecha-Drago.

Flint SSBR
Teddy SSBR
Drago Plateau SSBR

The Thirteenth trailer begins, the cuts create a misty Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we see we are in an industrial enclosed are, the lights are dim and we can here footsteps coming from the darkness, a large orange boot steps out of the shadows as ominous green lights illuminate the individual to be Samus. Carefully navigating this dangerous area, we see on an elevated section of the room there is a small red light slowly following Samus from a distance. Samus unaware of this red light continues on slowly approaching the end of the corridor, however just as she's about to reach the end of the corridor, the red light pulls out a small laser targets it on Samus and fires causing her to be shot into the wall, the light then jumps out of the shadows and lands on the main bridge of the area revealing to be Trace. Trace quickly changes form and lunges at Samus attacking her, Samus however fires a powerful Charge Beam sending Trace flying into the ceiling and then back onto the bridge. Trace gets up as Samus readies another attack at him, however before Samus attacks she hears a rumbling coming from all around her as the room shakes, Trace takes a few steps back as the bridge and entire room crumbles away to reveal the true location, Mondreus. The lava rises up from the ground below however the rumbling sound does not stop, Samus continues warding off Trace however the rumbling suddenly stops as several balls of hot rock are launched out of the lava nearly hitting Samus who just barely avoids them, suddenly a much larger ball of molten rock flies out and lands however when it lands it stands up and is revealed to be Spire. Spire charges directly at Samus however Samus uses her Ice Beam to cool Spire down before kicking him against the wall, the camera pans out to show Samus ready to fight off the two, the screen then cuts to show them fighting on the actual stage itself the trailer shows numerous battles of Trace and Spire against other Smash Characters and includes Spire's final smash, the Eruptor Dome and Trace's final smash, the Vanish Laser Cannon. The trailer ends with Spire and Trace launching Samus off the stage with a pair of attacks.

Trace SSBR
Spire SSBR
Mondreus SSBR

The Fourteenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Fiery Smash logo, however just before the camera can zoom in the fire is extinguished from off-screen, the camera turns around and we see we are in Onett, with Ness and Lucas looking around, they spot Pac-Man with his Fire Hydrant however Pac-Man only looks as puzzled as the two boys, the group continue to look around and they see Wario and Waluigi sneaking along the road of Onett with a bag of loot, suddenly we hear sirens and out of nowhere a speedy kick hits Waluigi square in the back sending him flying, Wario drops the loot in surprise as coins pile out the coins come to rest at the mysterious individual's feet, the camera zooms up and reveals it to be Patricia Wagon from the Mighty Switch Force series. Wario suddenly has a scared look on his face as Patricia readies her pistol, Wario tries to run however Patricia fires the pistol and sends Wario off-screen. The screen then cuts to Patricia, Ness, Lucas and Pac-Man on Onett ready to fight, the trailer shows many of Patricia's attacks and her high mobility as such. The trailer mainly shows Patricia fighting off villainous characters and even has her face off against the Space Pirate, Ridley. The trailer ends with Patricia using Corporal Gendarmor as her final smash.

Patricia Wagon SSBR

The Fifteenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Fungal Smash Logo, the camera zooms in and we get a view of what appears to be Toad Town, Bowser having rampaged it storms in ready to capture Princess Peach however the Mario brothers both stand in his way. The bros. belt Bowser with their hammers sending him flying in dispair, suddenly however we hear a cackle coming from all around as suddenly many Beanish individuals surround the trio ready to fight, the bros. and Peach get into battle stances however a mysterious figure floats down as the Beanish individuals march back into the shadows revealing them to be possessed due to their glowing purple eyes. The puppetmaster reveals herself to be Cackletta, letting out another cackle, the screen flashes several times before cutting to Mario, Peach and Luigi battling Cackletta in Toad Town. As the battle ensues we see many of Cackletta's different attacks including her Final Smash which possesses individuals for a short period of time allowing her to throw them off the edge or into danger. The screen cuts back to the cinematic in Toad Town where Cackletta has possessed Luigi turning him against Mario and Peach, suddenly however just before the Bros. clash again, lasers from far above shoot down causing Cackletta and Possessed Luigi to back off, Cackletta loses her control over Luigi who faints as a result. The camera rotates to the origin of the lasers in which we see many white, flying saucers above revealed to be Shroob Attack Saucers. Cackletta leaps up, determined to use the saucers against Mario, however Mario leaps up as well, ready to fight her. As they get on the saucers they begin fighting again, however a significantly larger saucer descends down from the two saucers, Mario and Cackletta are fighting on and opens up to reveal Princess Shroob, carrying a Laser Gun which she uses to destroy the saucer Mario was standing on. The Plumber evades the falling Saucer by jumping to a nearby one and the screen cuts again revealing Princess Shroob to also be joining the battle. The three fight on the new stage, UFO Attack and the trailer follows up by showing Cackletta and Princess Shroob battling other characters across a variety of stages, the Trailer ends with Princess Shroob's final smash in which she summons a mysterious individual.

Cackletta SSBR
Princess Shroob SSBR

The Sixteenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a muscial themed Smash Logo as the Camera Zooms in, we see many characters; Mario, Link, Kirby, Fox, Villager, Marth and Sonic seated in a a concert style hall enjoying the peace and quiet, suddenly we see from behind the curtain of the stage a guitar and white animal foot sneak out from behind the curtain, suddenly the mysterious figure lands behind Sonic who is listening to music through his earbuds and knocks him out of his seat with the guitar, the camera pans back to show the shock on the other character's faces as the figure steps forward and is revealed to be K.K. Slider. K.K. brings his guitar up to his side and plays an extremely loud note, creating a physical manifestation of the note that hits an unsuspecting Fox, knocking him over. The screen then cuts showing K.K. Slider fighting many fighters with his guitar on various stages including the new stage introduced in the trailer, Club LOL. The trailer also shows off all 3 Animal Crossing Reps facing off against Mario, Link and Pikachu on the Battlefield as the Trailer ends with K.K. Slider walking back to the stage after all the characters were knocked out and sits on his stool to play his songs.

K.K. Slider SSBR

The Seventeenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Watery Smash Logo as the Camera Zooms in, we are joined by Toon Link on Dragon Roost Island, relaxing in the sun's rays, Toon Link gradually falls asleep and wakes up to find himself on an ominous ship. Uncertain of where he is, Toon Link slowly navigates around the ship searching the cabins to find it seemingly empty, Link then returns to the ship's deck where he finds four little girls standing side by side with matching outfits laughing quietly. Toon Link looks around to see what they're laughing at however their laughter is cut off as the four girls begin spinning around, purple smoke emitting from their feet. Then, in a burst of purple smoke the four girls turn into the Cubus Sisters and cackle at Link as the screen gets covered in the Purple Smoke. As the Screen clears footage is shown of Toon Link battling each of the Cubus Sisters on the new stage; Ghost Ship. Link battles each one and although losing to the eldest sister, he triumphs over the other three causing the trailer to return to its cinematic style where the Cubus Sisters flee in fear, in doing so they reveal a secret door to the Ghost Ship's Captain's Quarters. Toon Link enters the room expecting a new threat, only to find Mario, Wario, Donkey Kong, Link, King K. Rool & Marth tied up to the main pole in the room. Suddenly figure hiding in the shadows walks forward carrying a large bag of loot, seemingly taken from her captives. The Camera pans up to reveal Tetra to be their captors, Toon Link signals for Tetra to return the bag of loot, to which Tetra angrily drops the bag of loot, pulls out her Pistol and Saber and readies to battle Link, however Mario quickly shoots a fire ball and all 8 characters get into the fight. The trailer shows the various characters fighting on numerous stages and even shows off Tetra's Final Smash, the Pirate Ship. The Trailer ends with Toon Link spontaneously waking up from his dream to see Tetra walking over to him, Toon Link flinches due to his dream, however when Tetra offers him a hand up he recovers from his flinch and the two head towards the Pirate Ship that is docked at Dragon Roost Island. The Camera pans far back to show the three of the Cubus Sisters hiding behind one of the houses cackling quietly.

Cubus Sisters SSBR
Tetra SSBR
Ghost Ship SSBR

The Eighteenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Misty Smash Logo as the Camera Zooms in we see Rayman and Globox chasing an individual off camera, this individual swiftly summons the Medieval Dragon who roars loudly at Rayman and Globox, unsure of how to combat the beast, Rayman and Globox are knocked about, bitten by the Medieval Dragon and burned severely. After a series of beatings Rayman and Globox are lying on the ground unable to get up from their injuries as teh Medieval Dragon approaches to finish them off, however suddenly the camera shoots up to where we see a mysterious individual wielding a mighty battle axe come crashing down on the Medieval Dragon, slamming the Battle Axe into the beast's skull causing it to flee in fear. The individual turns to face Rayman and Globox and offers them a hand up, as they get up the lighting reveals the individual to be Barbara. The screen then cuts to show Barbara in combat fighting alongside Rayman and Globox against a number of villainous characters, the trailer then comes back to the trio cornering the individual at the Final Destination where the individual faces the trio ready to fight and is revealed to be Mr. Dark, who summons Ganondorf and Zoroark to fight alongside him. The trailer then shows Barbara and Mr. Dark going head on in combat with Mr. Dark trying to keep his distance from the warrior. The Trailer ends with the trio seemingly having defeated Mr. Dark who teleports away laughing at their false win.

Barbara SSBR
Mr. Dark SSBR

The Nineteenth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Mechanical Smash Logo as the camera zooms in we see Kirby racing against King Dedede, the camera then pans back to where we see Link riding on Epona quickly outpacing the two Dreamlanders, suddenly Link is surpassed by a pair of racers; Mario and Luigi in their Go-Karts, Mario and Luigi try to take a lead over each other only to have Charizard and Ninjask fly in between the bros. and knock them out with a Flamethrower and X-Scissor combination, the two speed along until both are forced into the ground from a sonic boom caused by Sonic the Hedgehog, racing along at blinding speeds however as he seems to be far ahead from the other racers a giant Blue Machine blasts past Sonic knocking him off course, inside the Blue Machine is Captain Falcon who looks directly at the camera and smiles, the camera zooms out and we see we are now on the Mute City stage where Captain Falcon is joined by Blood Falcon and Black Shadow in their race, however as the three battle for their placement a golden racer zooms past all of them and surpasses them on the finish line. As the race ends; Captain Falcon, Blood Falcon & Black Shadow hop out of their vehicles to see who the racer was, from the steam coming off the golden vehicle a tall figure walk forwards and is revealed to be Dr. Stewart who smirks at his defeated competitors, to which Black Shadow in a fit of rage charges at him, horns first. Dr. Stewart swiftly dodges the brute's charge and attacks him with precision jabs that quickly knock Black Shadow to the ground. The screen then cuts to show Dr. Stewart in combat with other fighters and includes his Final Smash, the Golden Fox. The screen returns to the cinematic as the trailer ends with King Dedede slowly waddling over the finish line, exhausted from the race while all the other racers including Kirby were having lunch, King Dedede confused by how Kirby got there so quickly notices that Kirby had the Warp Star behind him and angrily jumps up and down only to collapse from exhaustion with Dr. Stewart and Kirby as Doctor Kirby walking over to check on him.

Dr. Stewart SSBR

The Twentieht trailer starts, we hear the announcer oddly enough welcome the audience to the 20th Ragnarok Trailer stating that the final New Franchises to Smash will be revealed. Many panels flip over to reveal all the Nintendo Franchises, the announcer announces the number of Nintendo Franchises and then pauses, another mass of panels flip over revealing every 3rd Party Franchise excluding the Mighty Swtich Force! series as we see all but four panels are flipped over, the camera zooms in on the four panels as the top-most one flips over we see the Mighty Switch Force! series, the lights dim as the screen splits in two, divided by a black line down the center. Simultaneously a Magical Smash Logo on the left and a Smoky Smash Logo on the right are created by cuts as the camera zooms in through both. On the left we see we are a lush forest while on the right we appear to be in a canyon location. The camera for the left trailer notices an individual with orbs of light surrounding them while the camera for the right trailer turns to see dust being kicked up in the distance, the cameras both zoom in on the two individuals revealing them to be Yuelia from Fantasy Life & Carol Tea from Freedom Planet. Yuelia opens her eyes and seems to sense something far off and begins running towards it while the camera on Carol Tea is keeping pace with her, the two cameras go into a blur following the two characters as they sprint through their respective terrains, however suddenly the black line down the middle disappears revealing where the forest and canyon meet as they two clash in mid-air. As they land both of the characters stand up to realize the other was completely unharmed. They suddenly notice Link and Donkey Kong had been watching them from the sideline who nod at each other and charge at the two girls. Yuelia and Carol fight fearlessly against the great ape and Hylian swordsman is a lightning fast clash in the roughlands of they stand upon. The screen then changes in a blinding light to in-game where Carol and Yuelia battle various characters, however we soon see that the two new characters are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of opponents they have to face as the screen cuts back to the cinematic where Yuelia and Carol seem nearly defeated by DK, Link and Kirby, Meta Knight, Samus, Pit & Luigi who have joined them. Suddenly however a blast of dark magic from within the depths of the forest sends Kirby flying into the distance as Meta Knight swiftly dodges the attack as from the other side an energy blast and massive whip-like object slam into Luigi and nearly hit Samus who narrowly dodges the attack. Luigi is sent flying as Carol and Yuelia slowly get up as the causes of the three attacks come out from the shadows revealing to be Noelia, Milla Basset & Sash Lilac who are all confirmed to be playable characters. Link, DK, Meta Knight, Samus & Pit slowly back up against the wall as the five ready to fight as the screen flips over into two panels confirming both the Fantasy Life Series and Freedom Planet Series are joining the list of franchises in Ragnarok. Then the screen cuts to more in-game showing all ten characters from the cinematic battling it out on the Battlefield. The Trailer finishes up with many colours spinning together to create the Smash Logo. However just as it seems to have ended the Trailer goes back to the four panels showing all but the Central-Bottom Panel to have been flipped over as it has been chained shut, however we see Master Hand and Crazy Hand approach it with a key, unlocking the lock as the screen is blinded by white and the trailer truly ends.

Yuelia SSBR
Carol Tea SSBR
Noelia SSBR
Milla Basset SSBR
Sash Lilac SSBR
Castele SSBR
Elderwood SSBR
Levitania SSBR

The Twenty-First Trailer begins, the cuts create a fiery Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We see Mario batlting Bowser inside Peach's Castle, we see Kamek teleport in and cast magic however the magic hits the floor causing it to disappear as Mario and Bowser fall into the abyss, confused by what's going on they see themselves pass Bowser's Tower from 3D World, Bowser's Throne Room from Galaxy, Corona Mountain from Sunshine, Bowser's Lair from 64, The Castle Top from World and the Endless Pit Room from SMB3 finally landing in an odd castle area, the duo see Wart cackling at them the two ready themselves to engage Wart, putting their previous rage on hold to take care of the Nightmare King. Suddenly however a multitude of Bombs are thrown from the shadows behind Mario and Bowser causing them to be launched into the wall next to Wart. From the shadows a large Mouse-esque individual walks forward revealing to be Mouser as the screen cuts to showing footage of Mouser in combat with other characters and his rather Bomb-centric style of fighting. The Trailer even shows Mouser's Final Smash, the Bomb Drop as the trailer ends, we see Wart and Mouser laughing at the defeated Mario and Bowser who seem to be suffering from nightmares because of it.

Mouser SSBR

The Twenty-Second Trailer begins, the cuts create a Fiery Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We are greeted with a stadium location with a Pokeball symbol on the middle of the arena. In one end we can see Pikachu readying himself for battle while at the other end another Pokemon flexes its huge arms. Pikachu steps into the center ring section of the stadium cheering to the crowd getting a huge response out of them, the other pokem on steps forward its massive two-toed foot nearly the size of Pikachu alone enters the center ring as the camera pans up to reveal it to be Machamp who flexes his four arms again getting an equally huge response out of the crowd. A siren is then heard as a Pokeball symbol cuts to show Machamp battling Pikachu In game, the heavy hitting Pokemon lands powerful blows and although Pikachu being faster is able to dodge a few is not nearly as powerful and begins to get overwhelmed. A Bell rings and suddenly Charizard and Lucario join in the fight ready to battle Machamp, the trailer finishes as Machamp deals his Final Smash, the 1000 Punch Destroyer.

Machamp SSBR
Pokken Arena SSBR

The Twenty-Third Trailer begins, the cuts create a cotton-themed Smash logo as the camera zooms in. We see Kirby, Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt Dog, Yoshi & Corrin resting at a beach location as King Dedede and Meta Knight soon arrive with King Dedede holding a large beach ball, however Meta Knight's Galaxia Sword accidentally pricks the ball causing it to burst resulting in King Dedede sorrowfully mourning the Beach Ball. Suddenly however an ominous and unusual cloud flies over the group as Corrin squints to look at the cloud she notices that it appears to be made of clay, cotton and sketches. Suddenly the cloud strikes down with a crashing thunder turning Kirby, Yoshi and Duck Hunt Dog into Yarn versions of themselves, while Corrin and Wii Fit Trainer are turned into Sketches of themselves and King Dedede and Meta Knight are turned into Clay versions of themselves. The Cloud opens up while the group look at each other in confusion as a mysterious individual floats down from the cloud, gently floating above the ground the light filters onto the character revealing it to be Drawcia, who immediately blinds the camera with her cape causing the screen to change to in-game footage for Drawcia as she battles the various characters she had transformed in the cinematic who had returned back to normal. The trailer shows of Drawcia's ability to change other characters into; Sketch, Clay or Wool versions of themselves. The trailer then cuts back to the cinematic where Drawcia seems to have gained the upperhand, taunting Kirby and the others by turning them between forms causing them to mistep and trip, however suddenly another figure lands down in front of Drawcia and whips her to the ground before turning to face the group, and revealed to be Prince Fluff. The Prince then joins Kirby and the rest of the group as they stand in a circle around Drawcia lying in defeat as they perform the Kirby Dance.

Drawcia SSBR
Prince Fluff SSBR
Quilty Square SSBR

The Twenty-Fourth Trailer begins, the cuts create a shadow Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We are greeted with a field ravaged by a thunderous storm, two individuals standing face to face against each other although initially their appearances are shadowed by their surroundings the camera zooms in and we see it is Link and Ganondorf standing ready to battle, Ganondorf raises his arm to the sky as a Black and Blue Portal opens up pulling forth Zant from the Twilight Realm who stands beside Ganondorf smirking at Link, Link suddenly hears a whisper in his ear as an unknown individual launches their arm into Link's back however not injuring Link, merely hold him in place. The figure pulls out a black copy of Link which lands next to Link on all fours trembling from the force of being torn from Link, the figure begins to morph changing into a Wolf with a shadowy black overcoat and almost Neon Blue Eyes. The individual who caused this copy to be created lands gently atop the wolf patting it as the camera zooms up revealing it to be Midna. Link surprised to see Midna staggers in his place as Zant also staggers in shock, surprised to see the Twilight Princess seated before him. Midna then lifts herself off the wolf and gently floats in the air near Link before sending the wolf to attack Zant as the camera follows the Wolf's charge and shifts to in game footage showing Midna's ability of conjuring Wolves to assist her in battle as well as using her various abilities to fight. The trailer returns to the cinematic in which Midna uses her Final Smash, the Fused Shadow to utterly crush Ganondorf and Zant into the ground as Link and Midna prepare to head off from teh defeated Gerudo and Twili. Suddenly however they are stopped by a horn blown by an large individual riding a boar-like creature on a hill, the light from the sun shines on the individual revealing it to be King Bublin as the camera shows eye-shots of Link and Midna and a close-up of King Bulblin laughing as the camera zooms out from his perspective showing an army of Bulblins and Bulblin Riders have joined him.

Midna (character) SSBR
King Bulblin SSBR
Bridge of Eldin SSBR

The Twenty-Fifth Trailer begins, the cuts create a neon Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We are greeted with an intense battle between Samus and an unknown assailant atop the large bridges of Skytown, Samus ends up getting knocked back a few times before finally getting her ground as she raises her arm cannon to the individual, masked by steam. The Individual walks into visibility revealing to be a Steamlord. The Steamlord releases a magnetic pulse causing Samus to jump back again however she fires the Plasma Beam immediately after landing causing the Steamlord to be knocked back. The screen then cuts to footage showing Samus battling the Steamlord in game atop Skytown along with the Steamlord fighting various other characters however as the trailer continues the Steamlord is seemingly overwhelmed and cuts back to the cinematic in which the Steamlord seems to be defeated by Samus as it kneels before her, however before Samus can continue onward she picks up movement above her and jumps back just in time to avoid another character crashing into the bridge, this individual stands up and is revealed to be Ghor who signals for the Steamlord to stand up and fight to which the Steamlord does as the footage goes back to in-game in which Samus now combats both the Steamlord and Ghor atop Skytown. The trailer ends showing Ghor's final Smash.

Steamlord SSBR

The Twenty-Sixth trailer begins, the cuts create a smoky Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We see Luigi is navigating his way through what appears to be the mansion, however from behind him a suspicious white hand appears out of the shadow, as Luigi turns in fear he realizes it's just Mario, however something behind Mario causes Luigi to scream in fear, Mario turns to look and sees King Boo, the giant Boo scares the brothers causing them to run away from King Boo although they see a mysterious portal at the end of the hallway and while Luigi stops right before it, Mario not seeing where he was going crashes into Luigi and the bros. are teleported through the portal, when they land they find themselves in what appears to be an altered version of the mansion as they notice the ground is softer, suddenly boos appear however they turn out to be Paper Boos who are suddenly defeated by Paper Mario, Paper Mario goes to help up his 3-Dimensional counterpart and Luigi although the bros. notice two more ghostly individuals and this time, ready to fight go to attack, however Paper Mario grabs both bros. and holds them back as the two figures walk into view revealing to be Doopliss and Vivian greeting Mario and Luigi, who pause and then apologize to the others for preemptively attacking. However the group hears a laugh come from all around as suddenly Mimi and Dimentio appear from the shadows around them, all five get ready to fight, however before Mimi and Dimentio engage in combat with the 5 heroes we hear a crashing sound come from the levels above as O'Chunks crashes onto the floor the group is on quickly getting up and brushing himself off before getting into a battle stance ready to fight. The trailer shows the 8 characters fighting each other in the Boo Mansion, the trailer also showcases Doopliss, Vivian and O'Chunks various moves and even Doopliss' Final Smash.

Doopliss SSBR
Vivian SSBR
O'Chunks SSBR

The Twenty-Seventh Trailer begins, the cuts create a sandy Smash Logo which as the camera zooms into se find Samus, Kirby, Link & Sceptile navigating through a desert location, they find refuge in a stone tower and notice strange symbols on the walls almost looking like english letters although with eyes, the group descend into the lower levels where they encounter a treasure chest, Link excitedly approaches it although Samus grabs his arm pulling him back noting the ropes attached to the chest to which Link nods and whips out his Boomerang cutting the ropes causing the trap to go off, releasing a few jets of fire. After the jets cease the group approach the chest, Link opens the chest to oddly find a portal inside the chest, confused, a creature suddenly bursts out of the portal causing the group to back off and get into their battle ready positions, however the creature is revealed to be Froslass who smiles at the group causing them to lower their guard, however the Froslass lets out a high-pitched screech causing everyone to cover their ears as the Pokemon causes the room to slowly become coated in ice, suddenly however it is cut off by the activation of a Pokemon in the walls of the tower as a deep rumbling sound is heard and a Golurk busts through the wall behind the chest causing the group to jump back again, suddenly they hear a rustling sound come from the corridor behind them as well as a Cacturne shows up, the Cacturne releases a tendril of vines down the corridor striking Kirby and nearly striking Link although luckily the Hylian used his sword to sever the vines. The Golurk goes to punch Samus who barely holds it off with her strength as Sceptile rushes over and knocks the Golurk back with a Dragon Tail attack. The group then back up against each other as the screen cuts to in-game footage of the three new Pokemon fighting against Samus, Kirby, Link & Sceptile as well as more footage showing them not only fighting other Pokemon but also other fighters and includes Golurk's Rocket Giga Impact Final Smash and Froslass' Howling Blizard Final Smash as the trailer ends.

Froslass SSBR
Golurk SSBR
Cacturne SSBR

The Twenty-Eighth trailer begins as the cuts create an Electrical Smash Logo as the camera zooms in we see two shadowy figures standing atop a small cliff face, meditating among a thunderstorm in the background, we then hear a thumping sound in the distance as one of the figures opens their eyes to look over in that direction, the camera zooms over a pair of giant fists moving along the damaged badlands, the camera zooms up to show us that it is Donkey Kong running along the badlands towards the cliff with Diddy Kong on his back. The Kong leaps up to the top of the cliff where the two figures stand waiting as Diddy Kong hops off ready to fight them, Donkey Kong pounds his chest as Lightning cracks from behind the figures revealing them to be Dread Kong and Karate Kong, Karate Kong glares at Diddy and smiles before performing a roundhouse kick nearly hitting Diddy although surprises Diddy by using his ponytail to whip Diddy Kong to the ground, meanwhile Dread Kong and Donkey Kong have locked their arms together in an attempt to overpower one another. The screen flashes to white from another flash of lightning as we are shown the two new kongs in combat with other characters showing off their various attacks and techniques, including their Final Smashes; Karate Kong's Astral Wave and Dread Kong's Thunder Slam. The Trailer ends with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong lay defeated on the cliff as the other two Kongs smile at their victory and high five each other.

Dread Kong SSBR
Karate Kong SSBR

The Twenty-Ninth trailer begins, the cuts create an Electrical Smash Logo as the camera zooms in we are greeted with a huge treasure room filled almost to the brim with gold, jewels and other precious metals. The camera notices a yellow blob in the sea of treasure bobbing about, the camera goes below to take a look where we see Wario swimming through the treasure wearing a scuba mask and carring a bag that is slowly filling up with treasure. Wario notices the camera and signals for it to be quiet, however suddenly a huge grey arm tears through the treasure and lifts Wario up by his midsection as the camera follows we see the arm belongs to the Shake King who is clearly angry that Wario was attempting to steal his treasure, the Shake King lets out a powerful roar as the screen shatters and shows off in-game footage of the Shake King, showing his sheer size in comparison to most characters and the power behind his attacks, the trailer finishes off by returning to the cinematic in which Wario has been defeated by Shake King, although unbeknownst to both of them; Captain Syrup, Shantae, Shovel Knight & Waluigi have stolen all the treasure and sneaked out leaving the two in the giant empty room confused as to what happened.

Shake King SSBR

The Thirtieth Trailer begins, the cuts create a Magical Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We find we are greeted with Link running up a massive flight of stairs, as he passes each of the giant pillars we see Link's appearance change to match his different incarnations however as he reaches the top we see that he appears similar to his Link to the Past appearance. A large arena in front of Link contains to points of interest, a large individual we quickly see is Ganondorf standing next to a large crystal holding within it, Princess Zelda. Link brings forth his blade ready to fight as the Gerudo King turns to face Link, however Ganondorf merely laughs at Link as his body sinks into the large shadowy circle on the floor surrounding him, from this a new character rises up from the shadows in a drastically different form to Ganondorf bearing a more slender body wearing heavy robes, the shadows fade from the character revealing them to be Agahnim who casts a powerful spell causing Link to dodge the attack as it hurtles into a nearby pillar destroying it, watching from above we see Meta Knight, Pit, Olimar & Duck Hunt Dog flying above watching the battle ensue, the screen then cuts to show Link and Agahnim battling in Ganon's Castle Ruins with Agahnim's powerful ranged attacks seeming to give him an edge. The battle returns back to the cinematic where Link kneels down from his injuries as Agahnim readies his final attack, however Pit nods quickly at the rest of the group to move in as they all perform a Cross Dive attack to knock Agahnim off his guard allowing Link time to recover. Meta Knight lands in front of Agahnim engaging the wizard in direct combat while Pit stands behind Agahnim reading his bow as the screen cuts back to in-game footage showing Agahnim directly battling Meta Knight while simultaneously dodging Pit's arrows and Olimar's and Duck Hunt Dog's onslaught. Agahnim finishes the trailer by letting out his Final Smash the Great Destroyer.

Agahnim SSBR

The Thirty-First Trailer begins, the cuts create a misty Smash Logo as the camera zooms in. We see we are at Peach's Castle where Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad are heading off to bed, the camera follows Luigi and Mario as they head down an opposite corridor to Peach and the Toad, as the bros. reach a pair of doors on opposite sides of the castle, Mario and Luigi wave good night and head into their rooms, the camera stays in place as time quickly elapses to somewhere near midnight as we see shadowy mass moving along the walls and floors of the castle and entering Luigi's room, the camera follows the mass as we see Luigi fast asleep as the mass takes form revealing to be Antasma, however just as Antasma is about to enter Luigi's dreams Mario enters to check on Luigi and sees Antasma standing ready to attack, Mario quickly attacks the shadowy creature as the screen cuts to show Mario fighting Antasma in Peach's Castle Antasma uses his various attacks against Mario although just as Mario seems to get an upperhand, Antasma starts using his Special Attacks to overwhelm the bro, although is sent flying when Mario obtains a Smash Ball unleashing his Final Smash. The cmaera comes back to the cinematic where we see Mario also pulling off his Final Smash as he sends Antasma flying out of the castle into the skies above as Luigi incredibly has stayed asleep the entire time, Mario then heads off to bed as the trailer ends. However it is revealed that Antasma landed in Bowser's Castle where he finds the King of Koopas sleeping and instead enters Bowser's dreams only to be caught in a battle between Mario and Bowser and quickly beaten up by the two.

Antasma SSBR

The Thirty-Second and Final Trailer begins, the cuts appear as we here the Smash music playing in the background we see cinematics of Mario, Link, Fox, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, Yoshi & Donkey Kong fighting each other on the Battlefield stage we then see clips of numerous other characters from Melee, Brawl, Wii U/3DS, Destruction, Annihilation, Ragnarok, Year 1 DLC & Year 2 DLC. The Camera then fades to black as a message appears on the screen thanking all the players for their continued support through the two years of preparing and releasing DLC to the public, the panels return flipping over to reveal every franchise thus far, excluding 1. With the locks now broken the last panel flips over and we see a dark portal as the camera enters it. We see the camera pan over an odd city location as it rotates around a large apartment-esque building. Reaching the top we see a shadowy figure wielding a long melee weapon standing ready to fight as they leap from the building's peak to the streets below. In the streets we see Link, Princess Peach, Wario, Olimar & Sonic wandering the streets with Wario leading the group seemingly elated due to him carrying a large bag of what is assumed to be loot. Suddenly however a cane strikes Wario on the head causing him to drop his bag and have it immediately swiped. Wary of the individual who attacked Wario, the rest of the group ready themselves and look around for the culprit, suddenly however Peach feels the weight of her crown lift of her head as she looks up only to see a golden hook has lifted her crown to a shadowy individual who quickly disappears again before she can attack, suddenly the shadowy figure appears at the end of the street causing Wario to get very annoyed and letting out steam clouds of anger. The figure smiles as it charges directly at the group at an alarming speed, Sonic dashes as the shadowy figure, however is caught off-guard by the cane the individual wields knocking him square in the chest causing him to be pushed into a nearby wall, Olimar readies a few Pikmin and throws them at the individual only to have them be knocked away by the cane, Olimar himself is simply launched by the sheer speed of the individual, finally Link readies his blade and shield ready to combat the individual, as the individual readies an attack, Link quickly deflects the attack with his shield knocking the thief off their feet and into a wall, the group quickly recovering from their injuries surround the individual who as the light shines down on them is revealed to be Sly Cooper, Sly quickly realizes that he's surrounded and turns invisible and quickly trips everyone before escaping, leaving behind Peach's Crown and Wario's bag of loot. The camera then changes to in-game footage showing Sly battling other characters on numerous stages and his various abilities and attacks using his cane. The trailer ends with Sly KO'ing Wario and telling the large plumber to watch where he keeps his gold before running off into the night with Wario's bag of loot, much to Wario's dismay.

Sly Cooper SSBR


Like other Super Smash Bros. games, stages are a vital component of the gameplay. There are over 100 stages in Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok with stages for the various franchises represented. Stages are dynamic and can feature natural barriers and obstacles, the Omega Form stages return and are possible for all stages. In addition a new Form for stages called the Fusion stage exists. In it it combines the features of two stages. All Stationary Stages are compatible and when competing in a Fusion Stage the left-half of the stage is comprised of features from the 1st Stage selected while the right-half of the stage is comprised of features from the 2nd Stage selected.

Finally a new aspect of the customization of stages is the level of obstacles. Returning stages have their standard number of obstacles as the normal setting and have more obstacles in Crazy Mode and less obstacles in Pure Mode. There is also the option to turn of obstacles all together without using an Omega Form of the stage called Pseudo-Omega Mode.

SSB Mario Series
Stage One-One SSBRPeach's Castle SSBRComet Observatory SSBRNSMB World Six SSBR

Soda Jungle SSBRSubcon Desert SSBRTrip Trap Tower SSBRSuper Mario Galaxy SSBR

Giant Land SSBRBoo Mansion SSBRDelfino Airport SSBRDragon Driftway SSBR

Freezeflame Galaxy SSBRSammer's Kingdom SSBR

Hyrule Field SSBRSkyloft SSBRTemple SSBRDeath Mountain SSBR

Egg of Wind Fish SSBRDragon Roost Island SSBRGanon's Castle Ruins SSBRGerudo Valley SSBR

Sandship SSBRPalace of Twilight SSBRTower of Spirits SSBR

Silph Co. SSBRIndigo Plateau SSBRBell Tower SSBRLake of Rage SSBR

Mt. Pyre SSBRSootopolis City SSBRSpear Pillar SSBRStark Mountain SSBR

Unova Route 4 SSBRN's Castle SSBRKalos Elite Four SSBRTerminus Cave SSBR

SSB Donkey Kong Series
DK Volcano SSBRCalamity Mines SSBRKongo Jungle SSBRSeventy-Five Metres SSBR

North Kremisphere SSBRGangplank Galleon SSBR

SSB Animal Crossing Series
Nook's Homes SSBRTrain Station SSBR
SSB Punch-Out Series
Beginner Circuit Ring SSBRWorld Circuit Ring SSBR
Mute City SSBRRed Canyon SSBRCasino Palace SSBRMultiplex SSBR
Onett SSBRThe Cave of the Past SSBRSnowman SSBR

Saturn Valley SSBROsohe Castle SSBR

SSB Pikmin Series
Forest of Hope SSBRDistant Tundra SSBRPerplexing Pool SSBR
SSB Kirby Series
Halberd SSBRMoonstruck Blossom SSBRThe Arena (Stage) SSBRFountain of Dreams SSBR

The Amazing Mirror SSBRRipple Star SSBRGreat Cave Offensive SSBRLor Starcutter SSBR

SSB Kid Icarus Series
Palutena's Temple SSBRSkyworld SSBRReset Bomb Forest SSBR
Yoshi's Island SSBRWoolly World SSBRRaphael's Moon SSBR
Warioware Inc. SSBRGamer SSBRTomb Traps SSBR
Chibi Garden SSBR
SSB Splatoon Series
Inkopolis SSBRBlackbelly Skatepark SSBR
Summit SSBR
Brinstar SSBRBottle Ship SSBRBSL Research Station SSBRSR388 SSBR

Wrecked Ship SSBRSkytown SSBRPyrosphere SSBRDark Anon Wastes SSBR

Corneria SSBRGreat Fox SSBRDog Fight SSBRVenom II SSBR
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Castle Siege SSBRPales SSBRArena Ferox SSBRBirthright-Conquest SSBR
Guar Plain SSBRFallen Arm SSBRNoctilum SSBRPrimordia SSBR
SSB Wii Fit Series
Wii Fit Studio SSBRWuhu Island SSBRTightrope SSBR
Duck Hunt Wilds SSBRDuck Hunt Forest SSBR
Game & WatchSymbol
Game & Watch SSBRParachute SSBR
Mursame Castle SSBR
Balloon Islands SSBR
SSB Sonic Series
Green Hill Zone SSBRFinal Egg SSBR
SSB Mega Man Series
Wily Castle SSBRJakob Elevator SSBR
SSB Pac-Man Series-
Pac Maze SSBR
Castle Rock SSBRLuchador Arena SSBR
Umbra Clock Tower SSBR
Metal GearSymbol
Shadow Moses Island SSBROuter Haven SSBR
Courtroom SSBR
Curious Village SSBR
Final FantasySymbol
Midgar SSBRKefka's Tower SSBR
Chrono Trigger SSBR
Inverted Castle SSBRClock Tower SSBR
Portside Docks SSBRSuzaku Castle SSBR
Planet Clancer SSBR
Dream Weavers SSBR
Tower of Fate SSBR
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Battlefield SSBRLabyrinth SSBRElements SSBRStardust SSBR

Blood Rain SSBRDeath Scales SSBRCrystal Heart SSBRMeadow SSBR

Final Destination SSBR

DLC Stages

Included with the DLC Characters are a multitude of new stages, currently there are 21 confirmed stages for DLC although more may be revealed.

SSB Mario Series
Grinding-Stone Tower SSBRSpike's Lost City SSBRToad Town SSBRHoohoo Summit SSBRPalace of Shadow SSBR
Forsaken Fortress SSBRLorule Castle SSBRDark World SSBRLanayru Mine Facility SSBR
Chroma Highlands SSBRTemporal Tower SSBR
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Lost World SSBRCrocodile Cauldron SSBRK3 SSBR
Rosemary's HouseHappy Happy Village SSBR
SSB Kirby Series
Hyper Zone SSBRKing Dedede Castle SSBRDyna Blade Nest SSBRQuilty Square SSBR
SSB Splatoon Series
Octarian UFO
Chozodia SSBRTourian SSBR
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Lagdou Ruins SSBRCity of Ostia
SSB Sonic Series
Chemical Plant Zone SSBRPlanet Wisp SSBR
SSB Mega Man Series
Grand Nuage SSBR
Vigrid SSBR
Metal GearSymbol
Tanker Incident SSBRGroznyj Grad SSBR
Final FantasySymbol
Macalania Woods SSBRFigaro Castle SSBRNorthern Cave SSBR
Deserted Temple SSBR
Ruins of Warfang SSBR
Flying Machine SSBRTroupple Pond SSBR
SSB Bomberman
Bomberman Arena SSBR
Caldisla SSBR
Hana Valley SSBR
Mortal Kombat Symbol
Sky Temple SSBR
Gohma Core SSBR
Spiral Mountain SSBR
Count Batula's Mansion SSBR
Crash Bandicoot Symbol
Cortex Castle SSBRStormy Ascent SSBRThe Lost City SSBR
Scuttle Town SSBRTan Line Temple SSBROubliette of Suffering SSBR
Capital City SSBR
Black Velvetopia SSBRMeat Circus SSBR
Ghost Town SSBR

Stage Bosses

Like other Smash Bros. Games, Stage Bosses appear on certain stages and can appear randomly and be used to gain points for players if defeated. The main difference is that Stage Bosses now appear on any stage of a particular franchise (unless Stage Bosses are turned off) and there are multiple Stage Bosses for each franchise that has them. In the first trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ragnarok it showed multiple Metroid Universe stages with the Stage Bosses Ridley, Kraid & Nightmare appearing throughout. The Mario Universe has the most Stage Bosses with 7, several franchises with only single representations do not have any Stage Bosses however.

Stage Bosses Applicable Stages
Boom Boom & Pom Pom SSBRBouldergeist SSBRGooper Blooper SSBR

King Croacus SSBRLakithunder SSBR

Motley Bossblob SSBRTryclyde SSBR

Stage One-One SSBRPeach's Castle SSBR

Comet Observatory SSBR


Soda Jungle SSBR

Subcon Desert SSBR

Trip Trap Tower SSBR

Super Mario Galaxy SSBR

Giant Land SSBR

Boo Mansion SSBR

Delfino Airport SSBR

Dragon Driftway SSBR

Freezeflame Galaxy SSBR

Sammer's Kingdom SSBR

Gohma SSBRKing Dodongo SSBRMoldorm SSBR

Mothula SSBRNightmare SSBRVeran & Onox SSBR

Hyrule Field SSBRSkyloft SSBR

Temple SSBR

Death Mountain SSBR

Egg of Wind Fish SSBR

Dragon Roost Island SSBR

Ganon's Castle Ruins SSBR

Gerudo Valley SSBR

Sandship SSBR

Palace of Twilight SSBR

Tower of Spirits SSBR

Dialga & Palkia SSBRGenesect SSBRHo-Oh SSBR

Legendary Birds SSBRRayquaza SSBRVolcanion SSBR

Silph Co. SSBRIndigo Plateau SSBR

Bell Tower SSBR

Lake of Rage SSBR

Mt. Pyre SSBR

Sootopolis City SSBR

Spear Pillar SSBR

Stark Mountain SSBR

Unova Route 4 SSBR

N's Castle SSBR

Kalos Elite Four SSBR

Terminus Cave SSBR

Arich SSBRBa-Boom SSBR


DK Volcano SSBRCalamity Mines SSBR

Kongo Jungle SSBR

Seventy-Five Metres SSBR

North Kremisphere SSBR

Gangplank Galleon SSBR

Nooks SSBRRisetti SSBR Nook's Homes SSBRTrain Station SSBR
Aran Ryan SSBRMr. Sandman SSBRSuper Macho Man SSBR Beginner Circuit Ring SSBRWorld Circuit Ring SSBR
Mighty Gazelle SSBRMr. EAD SSBROctoman SSBR