Super Smash Bros. Racing (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズレーシング Literally Super Smash Brothers Racing) is a racing game for the Wii U, released in 2017. The game is set in the SSB franchise, but instead of a 2d-axis gimmick fighting game, it is a crossover racing game, a-la Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing. The game, like SSBB and SSB4, features characters from third-party franchises. It is also the first game to use the 3DS Nova-CART, A Cartridge with special hardware inside that improves gameplay and allows for certain features without forcing anyone to buy a new console. 

Super Smash Brothers Racing
Developer(s) Nintendo

Sega Sonic Team UGA (Merged with Sonic Team) Sumo Digital

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
August 1st, 2017 (WW)

September 1st, 2017 (eShop)

Single Player

Local Multiplayer Online Multiplayer

Age Rating(s)
ESRB - T (Cartoon Violence, Fantasy Violence, Mild Violence, Mild Lyrics)

PEGI - 12 (Online Gameplay, Violence) CERO - B (Sexuality, Violence)

Genre(s) Racing
Series SSB
Media Included 3DS Nova-CART


USA/CANADA/UK/AUSTRALIA:  SSB, at long last, gets a spinoff! This time, the fighters are breaking free from their 2-dimensional movement axis and hopping into vehicles and racing to see who's the best racer out of them all! (Characters) Race with characters from franchises from Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Sonic, Metroid, Final Fantasy, And More! (Tracks) From Mushroom Kingdom, to Grand Metropolis, Corneria to Spaceport 9, You'll never run out of fun, Especially with Omega Form to get Super Mario Kart-Style stages, and with special options INCLUDING the ability to flip everything horizontally, you'll always have something fresh to work with. (Custom) Customize vehicles, Choose said vehicles, Use music from your SD card in the tracks, Play with Mii Characters, and even make your own tracks! (Multiplayer) Play with up to 3 friends locally, have private races with up to 7 your Friends List friends, and Race against 17 other random online players in your country, continent, hemisphere, or world! 

MEXICO/SPAIN/ITALY: THE MULTIPLAYER FIGHTING EXPERIENCE SPINS-OFF INTO RACING! All of your favorite heroes and villains (and people who are just inbetween) join together to race and test their skills! (Characters) Characters from franchises like Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Kirby, Metroid, Final Fantasy, and more! (Tracks) With tons of tracks with special modes, you'll never be bored! (Custom) Customize your character's vehicles, the stage music, and even create a stage to play! (Multiplayer) You can play with people Locally, OR Online!

FRANCE/PORTUGESE: SSB GETS A RACING SPINOFF?! That's rigt! All of your favorite heroes and villains meet up to race and test their own skills! (Characters) Characters from franchises like Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Kirby, Metroid, Final Fantasy, and more! (Tracks) With tons of tracks with special modes, you'll never be bored! (Custom) Customize your character's vehicles, the stage music, and even create a stage to play! (Multiplayer) You can play with people Locally, OR Online!

JAPAN: SUPER SMASH BROTHERS FIGHT BY RACING! Take the lead with any character you want! Race on tons of tracks, and even create your own! Tons of music, and online modes galore! This time, it's more than just a race... It's a race of ages! All characters have their own Final Smashes, and when they use them, it's gonna get bumpy! Get Racin'!

Characters (*=Locked)

Each character has 8 palettes (with the exception of Miis, since their hair, skin, clothes, eyes, and if chosen, glasses color can be changed to a player's desire.)

Mario Series







Rosalina & Luma*

Kirby Series


King Dedede

Meta Knight*

Zelda Series


Toon Link


Yoshi Series


DK Series

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong*

Starfox Series




Mother Series






Metroid Series


Zero Suit Samus*

F-Zero Series

Captain Falcon

Final Fantasy Series




Fire Emblem




Pokemon Series





Space Channel 5 Series





.Hack Series




Warioware Series


Puyo Pop/Puyo Puyo Series




Game And Watch Series

Mr. Game And Watch*

Pac-Man Series


Ms. Pac-Man*

ROB Series





Stages (* = Locked)

The Nova-CART's hardware has a small chip that allows decent-looking stages without eating up memory. The chip does this by having several detail layers, the farther back the less detail, allowing the game to not mess with polygons OR create render distance issues. 

Layer 1: Nothing's wrong.

Layer 2: Texture quality drops a slight bit.

Layer 3: Particles become extremely simple, and textures drop a little more.

Layer 4: Things stop reflecting right. Texture continues to drop.

Layer 5: Particles, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, disappear. In addition, Texture is now as low is it can get without looking like a blurry mess.

Layer 6: Water, Mirrors, Metal, or anything that can reflect just stops reflecting altogethe. Water also doesn't ripple unless necessary.

Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros.)

Flipside/Flopside (Super Paper  Mario)

Pit Of 100 Trials (Paper Mario TTYD)

Castle Bleck (Super Paper Mario)*

Delfino Island (Super Mario Sunshine)*

Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)*

Distortion World (Pokemon Platnium)

Indigo Plateau (Pokemon Red)*

Pokemon Race Stadium (Pokemon)

Hyrule (Link Between Worlds)

Lorule (Link Between Worlds)*

Majora's Arena (Majora's Mask)*

Root Town Tour (.hack)

The Wave (.hack)

Emerald Hill Zone (Sonic 2)

Music Park (Sonic Advance 2)*

Ice Palace (Sonic Advance 2)*

Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes)*

Spaceport 9 (Space Channel 5)

Asteroid Belt (Space Channel 5)

Channel 5 Studios A (Space Channel 5, Extra Mode Path)*

Channel 5 Studios B (Space Channel 5 Part 2)*

Mt. Itoi (Mother)*

Fourside (Mother 2)

Tazmilly (Mother 3)

New Pork City (Mother 3)*

Metroid (Metroid NES)

Green Greens (Kirby Super Star)

Marx's Dimension (Kirby Super Star)*

Port Town (F-ZERO)

Corneria (Star Fox)

Jungle Japes (DKC)*

Primp Town (PPF2)

Arle's Test (Madou Monogatari)*

Chocobo Forest (FF9)*

The game also has a stage creator, and generally, a 8-GB SD Card can hold 127 stages.

Omega Forms are also available, turning them flat like Super Mario Kart.

There's also stage options that change mechanics in the stage.

FLIP - Flips the whole stage horizontally.

OBSTR. - Removes gimmicks that  hinder progress (Unless needed for the stage to function.)

NOBARS - Makes it easier to fall off the stage with no bars.

ALLBARS - Never fall off, ever again with nothin' BUT bars!

DRIFTSANITY - Changes the path to make the track drift-oriented!

BRIDGE JUMPS - Some bridges will become jumps.

MORPHTASTIC - Any time where a part of the stage can change will be stuck there (Unless it's needed.)

ANTIMORPH - Nothing can morph (Unless it's needed.)

SLACK - Racers who aren't doing well will be given an easy, pain-free personal path to catch up.

BACKWARDS - The track is raced the other way, edited as needed.

Stat Guide

All stats are numbered. 1 being the lowest and 20 being the highest. 

Speed - How fast your max speed is.

Accel - How fast it takes you to get to your max speed.

Boost - How fast you go when boosting.

Drift - How well you can drift.

Handling - How well you can control your car altogether. In other words, Turning, Control while going fast.

Defense - How much you resist bumping.

Recovery - How fast you recover from traps, items, and bumping.

Brake - How well you can stop the vehicle.

In addition, in customizing, there's other stats that should be noted:

Weight - Weight determines speed and handling. a higher weight slows the car down, but improves handling and recovery, while a lower weight allows you to accel faster, but also means you're basically done for if you get hit with a slew of items.

Tires - The slider of tires goes from smooth to rough. They determine how you do on certain roads. Rougher tires make offroading easy and reduce how much you slow down off the road, but don't handle well with boosting, while smooth tires allow for flawless gentle turning and boosting, and despite being bad for off-road, they go from 0-to-1 when getting off of the terrain faster.

Resistance - This determines how well your car does with dealing with traps and items. Having a high resistance means things won't faze your car, but on the off chance you get stopped, it might take a while to get back on the road. Lower resistance means you'll be easy to knock around but can continue on almost instantly.


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