Super Smash Bros. REbooted is a complete Reboot to the franchise of SSB and is the 5th game in the smash Franchise, its release date is set at the launch of the NX and its the first Smash Title to allow Franchise Specific Character Creation, Custom Costumes/Color pallets and Custom Move-sets for said Created Character(s), Now you can recreate characters or Make your very Own, Create Custom Alternate Costumes/color pallets and Custom Moves. Also a new App will be released for Phones and tablets to check your Status on the leaderboards, Send Smash Challenges to Friends or other players, Watch online matches and listen to the soundtrack on the go. its being developed by Bondai Namco and Nintendo, and being published by FTR Games and Nintendo of Japan.

Changes From Smash 4

  • Mii Fighters are removed and replaced by Custom Character Creation to add more Character Creation, However Custom Fighters are Still In the game due to having the same system to allow Custom Specials for all characters.
  • SSBRE takes a more Brawl Route in terms of Competitive Play, However changes are made to make the game Much more competitive than Brawl, mainly at SSB4 Level of Competitive Play.
  • the Art Style is retaining its Smash 4 color scheme but is darkened slightly.
  • Every Character (including Custom Created Characters) Now have voice actors and characters that spoke in Japanese now have a English Voice Actor exclusively for countries outside of Japan however, there is a option to switch to Japanese voices for the characters for the first time in smash history.
  • Adventure Mode returns from Melee, but has a new twist to match the 3ds version of Classic Mode (which Returns to This installment) you can now choose what Stage you wish to start from Beginning to End of Adventure Mode as always a boss awaits you at the end of Adventure Mode and Classic Mode but Master Hand and Crazy Hand are Absent in this installment of smash instead you fight two villains from Brawls Story Mode: Bowser and Ganondorf.
  • Brawls Campaign Returns but uses your Custom Character as the first Character you start with as you progress you get to play as characters like Mario and Link, and later unlock characters to play as in Smash Mode and Online.
  • Online Mode has been revamped with a new net code to fix internet Lag for online play and is the first time that 8 Player smash is now available Online on for fun mode.
  • Players can now share Custom Characters, Stages, Replays and screenshots from around the world.
  • Players can store up to 100 Custom Characters on the console's Memory and 50 on the new Nintendacloud app. allowing for more custom characters. its Three-Quarters more than the Mii Fighter Data on Wii U and 3DS.


Controller Variations



  • VS Mode - SSB's main mode where players duke it out in numerous ways, you can select 4 to 8 Characters to use for these VS Modes.
  • Classic Mode - Classic Mode is simple, beat stages to progress to the next, with the final Boss Waiting for you at the end (single player and local Co-Op)
  • All-Star Mode - A mode where Players Must Defeat the entire Roster with little Recovery Items.
  • Adventure Mode - Go Through various Worlds within various Nintendo and third-party titles
  • Story Mode: Legends of Smash - A Single Player Mode which is a cinematic Story showing the battle between Heroes and Villains
  • Event Matches - A mode Where you can test your skills in Goal Based Challenges needing you to have set requirements to beat them.
  • Smash Run - A mode where you beat up baddies and collect power ups with in 5 minutes, then engadge in a 1 minute final battle with the skills Obtained through a huge maze like battlefield.
  • Online - Play with players around the world and share Custom Characters, Stages, Replay's and Screenshots.
  • Stage Builder - Create Your own stages using the new Editor Inspired by the Trackmaina 2 Track Editor with Stage Building Material made by Modders from the Trackmaina Community.
  • Smash Plaza - A online mode where you hang out and battle with other players with rules made by the host of the match, players can also share their ideas here and Participate in Tournaments to earn special rewards not found in any local and/or single player mode.
  • Chaos Smash - this is a online mode where up two 12 players can duke it out in a huge map for total Domination, Players can choose special stages made for this mode and spawn in random Places within the chosen stage, some stages are objective based while others allow smash run based enemies to appear and players must defeat a much enemies as possible.
  • Competitive Smash - Play one on one against another player in Melee Tournament Rules, all but certain stages are available in this online mode.
  • Online Smash Run - Take Smash run Online for more fun.

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