This is a listing of trailers for the Smash 5 trilogy, consisting of Super Smash Bros. QuantumSuper Smash Bros. Chronos, and Super Smash Bros. Infinite.

Reveal Trailers

The Grand Opening

The trailer starts off with a completely black screen. A slight glow appears, and a Smash Ball appears in the air. From different directions, Mario, Mega Man, Link, and Kirby rush towards it, similarly to the original Brawl trailer. After looking at each other for a few seconds, they all manage to strike the Smash Ball at once.

The black screen then flashes white, and it cuts to a scene of the four characters fighting on the new design of the Battlefield stage. Various other scenes are shown, showing off returning characters- King Dedede uppercuting Bowser into the air with a well-placed hammer blow, Olimar throwing Pikmin at an unsuspecting Pikachu, Shulk countering an arrow from Pit through a perfectly timed Vision, and Robin blasting a dueling Zelda and Fox into a bottomless pit via Thoron.

Suddenly, as the first four characters are dueling, another Smash Ball spawns overhead. The four begin knocking each other, attempting to get the precious item, and Mario is just about to shatter it, when a small red creature zooms up and breaks it instead. Shocked, Mario falls back, and a new fighter jumps down from a higher platform- a girl with blue hair, a white dress, and a mysterious-looking bracelet. The girl looks at the four and calls over the red creature who had broken the Smash Ball, as a caption pops up- Ellie and Chomp join the battle! Mario notices that Ellie somehow has the Final Smash, and before anyone can react, Chomp uses it to grow to a massive form. As the four panic, Chomp punches towards the screen, whiting everything out and causing a game logo to appear.

After the screen fades to black, the screen cuts to the interior of a dark room, with a giant plasma screen broadcasting the fighters duking it out. A dark figure looks at the screen, then points toward two beings behind it- one short with two small ears, the other slender and humanoid. The two smaller beings nod and run off.

Swordsman's Bane

The trailer starts off with a black room again, and the Smash Ball appears as before. This time, however, instead of characters appearing, it simply shatters, and the screen turns white. The scene then cuts to a castle located in a heavily forested area. The camera zooms into the castle, and returning Smashers Ike and Marth are seen dueling with each other.

As the two clash swords, the mysterious slender figure from the last trailer appears. Snapping its fingers, it generates a burst of energy that knocks the two duelers apart. The figure steps out of the shadows, revealing another caption- Ghirahim cuts to the chase! Ike and Marth get up an attempt to strike Ghirahim.

The trailer then cuts to gameplay of the three Smashers fighting each other, with Ghirahim eventually triumphing KOing Ike with a well-placed Broadstrike. Just as Ghirahim is about to KO Marth, however, something strikes him through the chest. Ghirahim looks at the blade sticking through him as the camera zooms around to show the backstabber- revealing returning Smasher Toon Link. The diminutive swordsman then helps Marth up as Ghirahim falls over. The screen then whites out, revealing a game logo.

After the screen fades to black, the scene changes once again to the mysterious room. The dark figure snaps its fingers, which calls three new minions- one short and wearing a mask, one fat with spider-like legs, and a taller one wielding a hammer. The seeming master of these three finally speaks for the first time, telling them to search out new fighters to replace Ghirahim. The three run off, and the figure sits down in a large floating throne and begins chuckling to itself.

Team! Unite Up!

The trailer starts off in the same black room. The Smash Ball shatters and cuts to a scene of a futuristic city. Explosions go off as it is revealed that the Lor Starcutter is actually bombarding the city with laser blasts. The camera zooms inside the cockpit, revealing its normal pilot, Magolor, tied up in the corner as one of the creatures from the last trailer drives the ship.

Meanwhile, another ship sails up behind the Starcutter, ramming into it and stunning the driver. A lone figure leaps into the Starcutter, fighting off more of the creatures while making its way towards the cockpit. Eventually, a large red fist breaks its way through the cockpit doors, then disintegrates. Both the driver and Magolor stare at him as he attacks the creature, finally revealing his identity through a splash message- Wonder-Red unites up!

The trailer then cuts to gameplay of Wonder-Red in action on the new Blossom Tower stage, specifically showing off how the Unite Hand mechanic works. Eventually, Magolor manages to untie himself, revealing another splash message- Magolor sails in! Gameplay continues showing off Magolor's moveset, and the two newcomers eventually begin duking it out. Just before the two collide smash attacks, the trailer cuts to the game logo.

After the logo, the outcome of the battle is revealed- Wonder-Red has won, with Magolor laying dazed on the ground. Red contacts the Virgin Victory to pick him up alongside Magolor. Suddenly, more of the blue rifts open up over Blossom City, dropping more of the creatures. Red wakes Magolor up, and the two attempt to fight off the monsters.

Infinite Time

The trailer begins with the black room and Smash Ball like normal. However, the original four characters (Mario, Link, Kirby, and Mega Man) appear once again, trying to break the Smash Ball. Once they reach it, they are blasted aside by four unseen characters, who all hit the Smash Ball at once, creating a Quantum logo that sparks and creates logos for Chronos and Infinite.

First off, the game shows a match on the Cryogon, revealing the Battlefield design for Chronos. The match goes well until a blast of sonic energy knocks the majority of the fighters off-stage, revealing one of the four characters- Antasma frightens the competition! Suddenly, Antasma is bombarded by crystalline shots by a fairy-like fighter high in the sky- Ribbon spreads her wings! Gameplay is shown of Antasma and Ribbon fighting until Mario KOs the both of them.

Mario the jumps in the air and undergoes a graphical transition, similar to that of the initial SSB4 trailer. He then lands in Battlefield with its Infinite design, where he is attacked by a slender woman in blue- Fi calculates her victory! Mario fends off a couple of attacks from Fi, and then manages to land a couple of good strikes on her. However, a rocket-powered punch from an offscreen opponent launches Mario into the air, revealing the fourth character- Golurk awakens! Gameplay is then shown of both Fi and Golurk fighting. After a short montage involving every previously revealed fighter, the trailer eventually leads to the trio of logos once again.

However, after the logo, another short scene is revealed of Alpha and Omega facing each other in combat again. This time, the two seem perfectly matched, and appear to have entered a stalemate. However, just as Alpha is about to cheat by summoning one of his rifts, a massive green glow appears between the two of them, creating a shockwave that blasts them both back. A green triangle forms at the shockwave's origin as an eerie, high-pitched laugh echoes through the battlefield, and the screen goes dark....

The White Sorceress

The trailer starts off with the usual Smash Ball-styled intro. When the Smash Ball shatters, the trailer cuts to a barren desert with no plant life whatsoever. The camera then zooms in on a small temple situated in an oasis, where returning fighters Zelda and Robin are dueling each other. While the two seem evenly matched at first, Robin eventually gains the upper hand. Robin then begins charging a Thoron blast to finish off the princess- however, when he fires, a blue barrier erupts into existence that absorbs the electric blast. Robin is shocked at first, then glares as a second figure is revealed- a feminine figure wielding a book of some kind. The mysterious figure leaps in front of Zelda and poses, with a splash message appearing as well- Lana leaps into combat!

The Hyrule Warriors variation on the Hyrule Field theme begins playing as the trailer switches to gameplay of Lana in action. However, she seems weak at first, not using any attacks other than basic kicks and punches. After being attacked by several opponents, Robin manages to KO Lana.

Back in the mysterious temple, Lana is incredibly weak, and Robin is about to finish her off with another Thoron blast. However, Lana quickly pulls out a small purple object- the Lens of Truth- and aims it towards Robin. As a massive beam of light blasts out of the lens, Robin's clothing burns away- as does his skin, revealing the tactician to be nothing more than a disguise for a mysterious being in green robes. As the entity warps away, summoning hundreds of small Primid-like creatures, Lana pulls out her book and charges blasts of energy, restoring herself to full power.

The trailer once again cuts to gameplay, but this time, a remix "Eclipse of the Sun" track is playing. The trailer shows Lana's more competent abilities in battle, such as summoning powerful barriers and firing blasts of energy to gain height. The trailer finally cuts to a Quantum/Chronos logo after revealing Lana's Final Smash, Musou Attack.

After the logos, Lana helps Zelda to her feet, smiling gleefully. The princess eventually notices a small card-like object with a green triangle on it- seemingly dropped by the mysterious robed man. She picks it up as Lana skips into the desert temple.

The Ultimate Pokémon Smash-Up

The trailer begins with the usual intro- however, after the Smash Ball shatters, there is simply a massive cloud of darkness. This cloud is revealed to be hovering over a large about of the Kalos region, with many a panicked Trainer running to safety. The cloud eventually makes a tornado-esque touchdown at Prism Tower, where it takes on Master Core's Titan form and roars loudly, audible across the region. As most of the trainers run, a sole trainer in black strides up to the tower, staring down the beast. The trainer releases her sole Pokémon to battle Master Core- a menacing-looking Garchomp, which roars at the shadowy monster. The trainer's face is finally revealed as a splash message appears- Cynthia reveals her power!

With a rendition of Cynthia's theme playing, the trailer cuts to gameplay of Cynthia and Garchomp, revealing that they work similarly to Rosalina and Luma- the primary difference being that Garchomp is much more powerful than Cynthia herself. This is proven quickly, as while the duo are capable of fending off many fighters, when Master Core KOs Garchomp, the champion is left relatively helpless and is soon KOd herself.

Back at Prism Tower, Garchomp has fainted, and Cynthia is barely conscious. As Master Core readies a final strike to finish her off, however, she notices a group of trainers running towards her, throwing Poké Balls. The balls open up, revealing several different Pokémon- namely Gallade, Vespiquen, Sableye, Manaphy, Floette, and Aegislash. A gleam in the sky plummets down to join the fighters, which is revealed to be a Legendary Pokémon through its splash message- Meloetta strikes up a song!

With the trailer now playing the Rival Theme from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, several gameplay switches between Quantum, Chronos, and Infinite show that all the previously shown Pokémon are playable, with Meloetta being in every version. Every Pokémon shows off their special abilities, and Master Core is finally KOd by Meloetta's Final Smash, Boomburst. The trailer then cuts to a triad of the game logos.

After the logos, Cynthia and the other trainers celebrate their victory over the massive Master Core. However, the particles that made up Master Core are quickly drawn towards the base of Prism Tower by something. As Cynthia watches, the thing the particles are being drawn towards are actually two men- one dressed in black with spiked red hair, the other with tan skin and blue clothing, both of which are absorbing Master Core into black Poké Balls with green triangles on them. The two men challenge the trainers to a Pokémon battle, which they all accept as the trailer fades to black.

Quantum Fusion

The trailer actually begins differently than the other trailers, as it begins with the slash intro from the SSB4 trailers. As a remix of the Smash 4 theme begins playing, the three game logos- Quantum, Chronos, and Infinite- appear on screen and fuse together into an updated Quantum logo.

The trailer then cuts to what appears to be a fusion between the Smash 4 and Quantum designs of Final Destination, a massive platform which is later revealed to be known as "Omega Destination". A 10-Player Smash is going on in the new stage- when the camera zooms in, it is revealed that the 10 fighters are actually former exclusives to the different versions, revealing that the three games have finally been fused into one.

As the 10 fighters brawl it out, a portal appears in the air above the stage, and Master Hand and Crazy Hand emerge, challenging the fighters. As they begin their battle, the trailer cuts to the updated logo again.

Xenoblade Saga

The trailer once again begins with a black room with a Smash Ball in it. The Smash Ball shatters, and the trailer cuts to a scene of Colony 9 from Xenoblade Chronicles. A fight has broken out as what appears to be a large Mechon (judging from its shadow) is attacking the colony. Shulk's team (save Seven) are seen trying to fight it off.

  • Reyn: Urgh... What kind of Mechon is this?
  • Melia: It certainly looks nothing like any Mechon I've ever seen.
  • Riki: Riki agree. Looks more like big metal Nopon!
  • Shulk: Stay focused, guys.
  • Dunban: Agreed. This is a new opponent. We must figure out a strategy.
  • Sharla: That means you too, Reyn.
  • Reyn: Hey! Whazzat supposed to mean?

Eventually, the large Mechon reaches their position as the group tries to fight it off. However, a well-placed swipe with a large drill knocks back Shulk, Dunban, Reyn, and Sharla as the remaining three look on. The camera reveals the true identity of the powerful Mechon- King Dedede's mecha, HR-D3, which is revealed to contain the king himself inside.

  • Shulk: Uhh... Everyone back off! That thing's no Mechon! It's worse!

The two remaining party members gaze upon the approaching robot. They then turn back to Shulk, as does Reyn.

  • Reyn: Hah! You kiddin' me? They don't even need the Monado for this one!
  • Melia: Yes. You four rest. We'll take care of this mechanical monstrosity.
  • Riki: Pow! Smash! Leave it to Heropon!

As they turn their backs on Shulk and face HR-D3, a united message pops up: Riki and Melia chain up! The trailer then cuts to the two new characters appearing in Colony 9 to fight the penguin king, as well as gameplay of other stages showing off each character's fighting style and Melia's Final Smash, Elemental Burst. Finally KOing Dedede, the trailer cuts to another game logo.

After the logo disappears, the scene cuts to the heroes talking about the recent encounter with Dedede.

  • Reyn: Hah! That old bird thought he could take us on!
  • Shulk: Hmmm....
  • Dunban: What is it, Shulk?
  • Shulk: That thing was from the last tournament I entered. Smash Bros., I think it was called.

Suddenly, a large blue crack appears in the air above them and opens up, dropping out bizarre creatures and what appears to be an eerie distorted version of Metal Face. The heroes prepare their weapons to fight off the attackers.

The Nightmare King's Return

After the usual opening, the scene now cuts to the World Bowser stage, where Mario and Luigi are fighting Bowser, who has recently obtained a Smash Ball, turning him into Giga Bowser. The fight goes on a bit, but suddenly, Giga Bowser retreats into a Clear Pipe, with the plumber brothers following suit. After a long ride, the Clear Pipe finally drops off Giga Bowser and the brothers at the top of the Great Tower of Bowser Land. As rain drenches the three fighters, Giga Bowser lets out a roar, and the fight begins yet again.

Mario manages to dodge a claw swipe from Giga Bowser, and hits him with a Fireball to stun him. While Giga Bowser's guard is down, Mario gestures to Luigi to finish him off, so Luigi can be the hero for once. As Luigi prepares to finish off Giga Bowser with a Poltergust 5000 attack, a wave of sonic energy suddenly appears and finishes off Bowser and turns him into a trophy. Luigi spots the figure who stole his victory, and suddenly screams, and hides behind Mario. Mario glares at the new opponent- someone Luigi wanted to never see again- a purple ghost-like humanoid with a cape, bow tie, and claws. As the figure laughs at the two plumbers, his splash message appears- Antasma frightens the competition!

While Antasma's final battle theme from Dream Team plays, we are seen gameplay footage of Antasma on various stages. The trailer also shows off the new Dreamy Tour stage a bit. After Antasma unleashes his Final Smash on Luigi, the Quantum logo is shown. We then see the two brothers as trophies, while Antasma gaze over his three prizes. The camera then zooms out, showing Antasma on a monitor similar to Alpha's. A shadow of a bee-like creature, who watched the fight against Antasma and the Mario Bros. is shown chuckling to itself, as the screen fades to black. This is the first mention of the story mode "The Queen's Ambition".

Ridley's Big Debut

The trailer begins with the normal Smash Ball/black room combination. Once the Smash Ball shatters, the scene cuts to the returning Pyrosphere stage, where Samus and Magolor are fighting off a horde of strange insect-like creatures. Just as the two finish off the final bug, a terrifying roar echoes through the stage, and a black shadow flies overhead. Samus tries shooting down the shadow, but misses as the monster lands on the stage, revealing it as the Other M iteration of Ridley.

Magolor fires off blasts of energy to stun Ridley, but he simply knocks the Halcandrian aside with his tail. Samus attempts to fire one of her new Ice Missiles down his throat, but Ridley dodges to the side, then knocks her off the edge. She manages to use her grapple beam to grab onto the edge, but Ridley jumps forward and blocks her recovery attempt. Ridley roars as a splash message appears- that is destroyed by something before becoming legible.

A slender man is revealed to have destroyed Ridley's splash message as he lands on the field. Samus, Magolor, and Ridley look on as the man pulls out a crappily-made splash message on a piece of cardboard- Waluigi Time! The three stare at him for a second, then resume their battle. Angered that he is being ignored, Waluigi pulls out a TV remote and presses a button.

After a bit of static, the trailer cuts to gameplay of Waluigi's moveset, revealing his kick-heavy aerials and special attacks, among his other moves. It then shows him in action against several newcomer characters, eventually ending in him KOing Ridley as a stage boss in Pyrosphere. The trailer then cuts to a Quantum logo.

After the logo, it is revealed that Waluigi also managed to beat Samus and Magolor, turning them into trophy form. Waluigi appears bored until a flash of purple light appears, and Taranza warps into the stage. Waluigi gives Taranza the two trophies, and the spider-like creature gives Waluigi a large chunk of gold in return. After the business deal, the two turn their backs on each other- until Taranza blasts Waluigi from behind with an energy blast, turning him into trophy form as well. Taranza laughs to himself as he collects the three trophies and warps away.

My Master's Command

After the usual opening, we see Link and Marth dueling on top of the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. The two seem equally matched, however Marth manages to gain the upper hand by knocking Link's sword out of his grasp, sending it plummeting to the ground. As Link tries to deflect every attack Marth strikes at him with his shield, the sword in the ground starts to glow a light-blue color.

As Link still struggles to keep up with Marth's attacks, Link's sword begins to levitate. and goes up to the Statue of the Goddess. Marth seems shocked about the sword levitating, but before he can respond, the sword manages to strike him down. Link, smiles at the sword, as if he knows who's possessing the sword. The sword then transforms into a light-blue humanoid dressed in purple. The humanoid's splash message then reveals her identity- Fi calculates her victory!

As Marth rises up to challenge Fi, gameplay footage of the latter is shown while Ballad of the Goddess is heard in the background. During the middle of Fi's gameplay footage, her Final Smash is shown. After some more footage, the Quantum logo is shown. Post-logo, Link has his sword back with Fi nowhere to be seen. As he swings it triumphantly, he then raises it to the sky, and the sword glows blue again, revealing that Fi has gone back into her sword form.

The Ancient Automaton Stirs

The tailer begins in what appears to be a clockwork temple. Here, we see Tetra and Robin dueling each other, with both of them being equally matched. The fight drags on for a bit, but as Robin decides to prepare a Thoron attack, a Dark Cannon from nowhere manages to knock Robin into the wall and turn him into a trophy.

Tetra turns around and finds Bowser (who was somehow revived since Antasma's reveal trailer) wielding a Dark Cannon. As Bowser laughs at and mocks the tomboy pirate, he begins to fire a number of arrows, which Tetra dodges with ease. Furious at how his attacks are missing, he decides to fire a fully-charged arrow at Tetra, However, before he can do, a rocket fist comes from out of nowhere and knocks Bowser out.

Tetra manages to find the source of the fist- a teal statue with yellow symbols on its body. Suddenly, the statue moves, and the head's eyes turn from black to yellow, and the symbols on its body begin to glow. As the figure begins to roar, its identity is revealed in a splash message- Golurk awakens!

Gameplay of Golurk is then shown while the Kalos Elite Four battle theme plays in the background. After Golurk's Final Smash is shown, the trailer switches back to the cutscene, where Bowser manages to regain consciousness and rises up to face Tetra and Golurk. As the Koopa King summons a band of Primids to aid him, Golurk decides to remove the seal on its chest, unleashing its full power. The trailer then switches back to gameplay, where we witness Golurk's Quantum Anomaly in action. After more footage, the Quantum logo is revealed.

Post-logo, Bowser, being weakened after the fight against Golurk and Tetra, flees with Robin's trophy, and summons more Subspace troops, including an Auroros fleet and a few Armanks. As Tetra chases Bowser, Golurk lets out a fierce battle cry as it begins to battle the Subspace army. This is the first reference to "The Negative Core".


The Omega Arc

The trailer begins in the same black room with the Smash Ball. However, instead of shattering like usual, it is struck by a blast of energy by what appears to be a woman in a black and white metallic gown, fighting off a man dressed in similar garments. She tries fighting off the man, but is eventually knocked down, revealing her identity through a splash image- Lady Omega ends the battle...

The man attempts to finish off Omega, but a red version of the mysterious rifts appears below her and she vanishes. The man simply smiles and begins chuckling to himself as the screen fades to black.

Alpha's Ambition

The trailer once agains begins in the black room with the Smash Ball. It shatters, and gameplay cuts to the new version of Final Destination, as Mario, Kirby, Samus, and Melia are seen fighting each other. The fight goes on for a few minutes, until one of the blue rifts appears and fires out a sword-like projectile, which knocks the four back. The mysterious man from the Omega Arc trailer comes out, with two of the same sword-like constructs floating at his side, as another splash message appears- Lord Alpha begins the corruption...

Mario is the first to get up, and he attempts to strike Alpha, but the new adversary fires off a blast of energy that stuns Mario in mid-air, causing him to fall to the ground. The other fighters approach Mario as he slowly gets up- with eerie blue glowing eyes. Turning on the other Smashers, he manages to defeat them all and degenerate them into Trophy form.

As Alpha gazes over his prize, he orders Mario to collect the trophies for him. Before Mario can pick up Samus's trophy, however, a blast of electric energy knocks him back. The two antagonists look up to see Lady Omega hovering in the air, next to a sleek female fighter with a long scarf. The girl flexes her muscles, giving off a burst of electricity and a splash message- Phosphora strikes back!

The trailer then cuts to gameplay, showing a match between Lady Omega and Phosphora vs. Lord Alpha and the corrupted Mario, labeled as "Mario α". After much fighting, the battle ends in a stalemate, with Lord Alpha and Mario α retreating into another blue rift. Phosphora quickly activates the three fighter trophies as Lady Omega opens up a red rift, beckoning the newly awakened fighters to follow her. While they are at first confused, Phosphora explains what had happened, and they decided it would be best to follow Omega for now. The trailer ends as the five step into the rift and it closes.

The Captain's Orders

The trailer starts off with the same black room/Smash Ball intro. Once the Smash Ball shatters, it cuts to a scene of the Great Sea, as Toon Link is attempting to scale up the Tower of the Gods with an unknown figure trailing behind him. Once he gets to the top, however, he sees Lord Alpha and the corrupted Mario summoning more of the corrupted creatures from the past trailers. Toon Link draws his sword, as the unknown figure leaps up over him, revealing a newcomer splash message- Tetra storms into battle!

Gameplay is shown of the 4 fighters duking it out on the Tower of The Gods stage, specifically showing off Tetra's ability to transform into Toon Zelda. However, Lord Alpha eventually dominates the two young fighters, and is about to have Mario finish them off, when a strange tune starts playing- and a glowing pickaxe drives right into Mario's head, launching him off the tower. Toon Link and Tetra star at the fighter who saved them, revealing another splash message- Captain Toad puzzles the competition!

Cutting back to gameplay, the trailer then shows off Captain Toad's gameplay, specifically showing off his Final Smash, Draggadon Cannon, before cutting to a game logo. After the logo clears, Alpha flies off the tower, hoping to retrieve Mario. Captain Toad begins talking to Link and Tetra, saying Alpha was up to n good, something they easily understood. A red rift then opened above their heads, containing Lady Omega and the fighters from the last trailer. Omega helps the captain up as Link and Tetra climb into the rift.

Blast from the Past

The trailer begins with what starts off with what appears to be the same black room/Smash Ball combination, but is quickly revealed to be in 8-bit style instead of the normal HD style. Upon the Smash Ball breaking, the trailer changes to footage of Earthbound, specifically in Fourside, where Ness's group is entering the Monotoli Building in order to see what is apparently a Runaway Five concert. The concert continues normally at first, until an 8-bit version of one of Alpha's rifts opens up on stage, and Porky in his spider mech comes out, taunting Ness. Ness follows Porky into the portal.

On the other side of the portal, Ness takes on his Smash-styled 3D form, and Porky's spider mech has changed into the mech from Mother 3. Porky leaps up into the air, landing behind Lord Alpha, Mario, and what appears to be the corrupted version of Metal Face from the Xenoblade Saga trailer. Ness readies himself to fight, when a shout of "PK Beam" is heard and a yellow blast strikes Mario right in the face, knocking him back. Ness looks up to see a young boy dressed similarly to him levitating downward slowly using PSI, revealing a splash message- Ninten slips in!

Gameplay is then shown of Ninten's gameplay, as well as Ness and Lucas for a few frames. The trailer cuts to a game logo after revealing Ninten's Final Smash, 4th-D Slip. Post-logo, however, the four villains retreat into a portal, which Ness decides to enter as well. As Lucas and Ninten try to warn him, Ness leaps in and the portal closes.

The Hunt Begins

The trailer begins with the black room and Smash Ball once again. This time, the scenery cuts to an underground cavern where Samus is fighting Lord Alpha, seemingly on her own. It doesn't end well, as she loses and is eventually corrupted by Alpha much like Mario was. Alpha chuckles to himself, and then orders Samus to look around in the caverns for something known as "Melenium ore". As Samus obeys and heads deeper into the cavern, Alpha doesn't notices an arm cannon being primed behind his head, and is almost shot when Mario takes the blast for him. Alpha turns around and sees a humanoid being in slick silver armor, who reloads his arm cannon and reveals a splash message- Sylux begins the hunt!

Gameplay is shown of Sylux's moveset, specifically his Shock Coil move, but just as he starts winning against Alpha, he retreats deeper into the cavern, causing Sylux to follow. Meanwhile, Samus is using her arm cannon to blast away at a glowing crystal the same colors as the Smash Ball, when a small, bluish crack in the wall begins glowing and seeping liquid. An arm cannon erupts from the liquid and begins firing shots at Samus, who dodges out of the way. The liquid then transforms into a dark, eerie clone of Samus, revealing another splash message- Dark Samus primes for attack! Gameplay then transfers to Dark Samus's moveset, showing off its ability to transform into Metroid Prime. Eventually, the battle transitions to Sylux and Dark Samus vs. Alpha, Mario and Samus, and the newcomers win, leading up to a game logo.

Post-logo, the trailer shows the three villains retreating into one of Alpha's portals as the rest of Lady Omega's team shows up to investigate the scene of the fight. Captain Toad, always attentive to gems, notices that the escapees apparently had managed to steal a chunk of the ore, something that worried Omega greatly. She did, however, warm up to seeing the two new Smasher willing to join the fight against Alpha- even though she refused to shake hands with Dark Samus.

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