This is a listing of all Boss Trophies in Super Smash Bros. Quantum.

Information about Boss Trophies

Boss Trophies spawn like any other item, but are twice as rare as Smash Balls and Quantum Rifts, making them truly uncommon. When picked up, they shatter like any other Assist Trophy, but instead of the boss immediately appearing, the background becomes similar to Final Destination's, and the boss falls down from the sky.

Boss Trophies attack all players, even the player who picked up the Boss Trophy. Like Stage Bosses from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, the player who succeeds in defeating the Boss Trophy is rendered immune to the massive explosion that follows.

Every Boss Trophy also has a specific Resistance and Weakness. Keep these in mind while fighting them.

Picture Name Series Description Resistance/Weakness
King Boo Mario

Mario Bros Emblem

The king of ghosts enters the smash not as a character, but as a boss! King Boo attacks by warping around, spewing ghostly purple fire, spawning in various dangerous traps and objects, and swallowing players and chewing on them. Resistance- Due to being a ghost, King Boo takes minimal damages from melee attacks that involve the player's body. He takes normal damage from melee attacks that involve weaponry, however.

Weakness- While King Boo is spewing fire, his tongue droops out of his mouth. Grabbing his tongue will stun him and lower his defense for a short time.

Queen Gohma The Legend of Zelda

File:The Legend of Zelda Emblem.gif

The parasitic arachnid queen drops in for a little boss fight! Queen Gohma takes her appearance from Hyrule Warriors in this game, and attacks with claw swipes, powerful stomp attacks, and incredibly deadly laser blasts. Resistance- Queen Gohma is usually guarding attacks from the front with a large shield, causing attacks to the front to cause minimal damage.

Weakness- Queen Gohma takes slightly more damage from fire-based attacks. In addition, while she is charging her laser blast attack, a strong enough projectile to the eye may stun her and leave her defenseless for a short time.

Taranza Kirby

File:Kirby Emblem.gif

For a villain who is never directly fought, Taranza sure is a powerful Boss Trophy! Taranza normally lingers in the background, and instead of directly attacking, brainwashes one of the characters, putting them under CPU-control and drastically increasing all of their stats. Resistance- Taranza's minion is resistant to any elements that they were originally resistant to, and he himself will not be able to be hit until his minion has been KOd, which will not count as a point for the attacker or as a KO for the possessed player.

Weakness- Taranza can only take a single hit from any attack, even those that do not deal any direct damage, before being defeated.

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