Super Smash Bros. Prime is a Super Smash Bros. game being made by Dry Bones, Pokemon DP, and Peach. While a unique game on its own, it will borrow beta elements from the cancelled game, Super Smash Bros. Revolution. The name is a play on Metroid Prime, since DB and DP couldn't think of anything better.


Name Description Special Moves
Mario30px The Nintendo mascot still lives strong in the Smash universe, as he makes his way to the battlefield once again. While his moveset still remains the same, he retains his role as the balanced individual to help get used to the game. Standard: Unknown
Side: Unknown
Down: Unknown
Final Smash: Unknown
Link30px Link comes back to the fray once again, but his amount of equipment makes him somewhat heavy and slow. He's a tad more swift now, but his jumping abilities aren't as sharp as they once were. Standard: Unknown
Side: Unknown
Down: Unknown
Final Smash: Unknown


Stage Description Songs
Mushroom Kingdom SSBP
Mushroom Kingdom 20px It's Mushroom Kingdom! A recurring stage throughout the Smash Bros. series. It retains its retro 8-bit feel, doesn't it? Main


  • You can find updates for this game at [[Super Smash Bros. Prime/Updates|Super Smash Bros. Prime/Updates
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