Super Smash Bros. Parasol is an umbrella game created for the Tesseract-8, Tesseract-9, Vortex and Leviathen. It's a thing.


Strongbadian Faction StrongBadianFlag

Image Name Franchise Description Alt. Costume
NewestHomestar-1- Homestar Runner HSR a fast,armless...thing. He is one of the fastest characters in the game and thus is perfect for hit and run style attacks. He uses an orange spoon and lots of kicks to take down his opponents
88px-Homestar Runner


CBSOriginsSkin Christian Brutal Sniper 200px-gmod-logo-big a TF2 sniper who has mastered the art of melee weapons. He is insanely good at melee combat so getting close to him can spell disaster. After 7 kills he can use his Arrowzooka to take out opponents from long range but it only has 7 shots.(more if you kill more people with melee)

CBS Classic

SSBParasol Super Smash Bros. Parasol Parasol kirby you have to fight the very page you're reading! Isn't that trippy? Anyway Parasol is a balanced fighter using both ranged attacks(throwing pictures from his page at you) and melee(punches and kicks of course).


Fantendo Chat

CHEDDAR FIGHTERS Faction Parasolcheddarflag


Name Franchise Description Alt. Costume
Voltsmall 9-Volt Wariowarebomb The Nintendo fanboy joins the battle! He uses moves inspired by "retro" Nintendo games, some of which are... ripoffs of other Smash characters' moves. His final smash drops giant NESes (NESs? NESi?) on the other players.


  NES Mario

Badass Koopa Badass Koopa Mario This Koopa is so badass, he gets to be a fighter. Enough said. He can run over people in his special badass shell, and he punches people using his shades. His final smash involves dank maymays spreading across the arena. Illuminati, Mountain Dew, shit like that.


   Poopbutt Koopa

MJ Michael Jackson "Real Life" Yes, this is the King of Pop, and yes, he dances. He throws his hat and spins around all over the place. His final smash involves nearby players dancing with him to "Thriller", and then almost instantly killed.


Red MJ

Mman Mega Man Mega Man Hey, look, we actually have a Smash Bros. fighter! The "super fighting robot", Mega Man, joins the fray with more Robot Master weapons! His final smash is a... "visit" from his "brother", Proto Man, who jumps and shoots all the time similar to that of Mega Man.


Captain N Mega Man

Robuttnik Dr. Robotnik Sonic the Hedgehog We got a villian here, too! Dr. Robotnik likes to beat up his opponents with deadly mechs. And beans. He loves beans. So much, in fact, that he just throws beans everywhere in his final smash.

337px-Robotnik 42

Modern "Eggman"

Unten Unten Fantendo The official mascot of Fantendo...'s disembodied head.Unten rolls around and shoots lightning from his weird star eyes. Whats with that anyway? Is it a beorn thing or is unten just some kinda mutant?


      Unten's Body

Missingmodel Missingno. Pokemon A very strange and weird Pokemon who's a bird, apparently. It attacks using various mish-mashed Pokemon moves. Its final smash is Explosion; it heavily damages all players in range, but it heavily damages itself as well.



Blastoisething Blastoise Pokemon Your typical Blastoise, just blasting things. With water. It's also cool. Turtles with guns are cool. A strangely unseen trainer releases a Venusaur and a Charizard for Triple Finish, his final smash.


Mega Blastoise

Karate Joe Rhythm Heaven He punches bombs and isn't afraid of anything. Most of Karate Joe's moveset is pretty much a knock-off of Ryu's Smash 4 moveset. His Final Smash is his combo from Rhythm Heaven Fever.

                                                            Red Joe

Tails? Sonic the Hedgehog Tails here is not as normal as he seems. He's an expert at throwing pasta, he can launch himself at you, and to fly he spins his legs. His Final Smash involves eating any nearby players and inflating his stomach (basically, Deviantart Tails).

                    Modern Tails?

Assist Trophies

Image Name Franchise Description
Chester Chester Cheetah Cheetos-logo This guy jumps around the arena, constantly spreading Cheetos everywhere.
Shia Shia LaBeouf "Real Life" He motivates whoever summoned him, giving him/her lots of attack power.
Spooks Spooky Scary Skeletons Parasol kirby An army of skeletons dance across the arena. Everyone else will get knocked back if they hit one of these.
Bomman Bomb Man MegaManLogo All this guy wants to do is BLOW SHIT UP. And that's what he does; he throws bombs everywhere.


Image Name Franchise Descripton
Eternalcookieman Eternal Cookie Parasol kirby The players battle upon an eternal cookie that flies

across outer space. The cookie tilts if the player is standing on either edge.

Choochoowelcometothehypetrain Hype Train Parasol kirby A hype train featuring many wonderful people. The train may go through sun... things at times. If you collide with these suns, you'll be launched. It's best to do some platforming to avoid those.


  • It is the only Simple Studios game to be on all 4 of the original consoles

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