Super Smash Bros Overdrive
Developer(s) DarkGaming Studios,

Sam Station Inc. ™

Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U,SamStation,Uberloader
Release Date(s)
1 player


Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Successor Super Smash Bros. Slam!!!
Media Included TBA
Super Smash Bros Overdrive is a  Wii UUberloader  and SamStation  game of Super Smash Bros series developed by DarkGaming Studios , with help from LuckyEmileSamStation and others. The creator plans to make a new smash game in it's place with a more realistic roster.  









Photo Name Description Special Attacks Series
Mario MPR Mario "Nintendo's flagship hero is ready to rumble!" Same as SSBB Super Mario
150px Peach "A former damsel in distress, Peach is ready to show Bowser who's boss!" Same as SSBB Super Mario



Super Mario
King Bowser Bowser

"This evil tryant will stop at nothing to defeat his rival, Mario!"

Same as SSB Wii U Super Mario

Bowser Jr.

Super Mario
150px Yoshi "This cheerful dinosaur is ready to battle!" Same as SSBB


Rosalina Alpha


"The magical princess of the galaxy, and is the only princess in this game NOT to have a tendency to get kidnapped!" Super Mario
LinkSmash Link "A hero trying to save a princess from evil! That's not cliche at all!" Same as SSBB The Legend of Zelda
Zelda Alpha 2 Zelda

"The ruler of Hyrule! You'd think she would have better security, because Gannondorf always kidnaps her."

Same as SSBB The Legend of Zelda
Kirby Smash Kirby "This... thing joins the battle! Fear him, he will eat you." Same as SSBB Kirby
Dedede alpha 2 King Dedede "Remind me, why is THIS fat slob the king of Dream Land? His biggest threat is a pink marshmallow ball with a face and little tiny limbs!" Same as SSBB Kirby
Meta Knight KRTDL1 Meta Knight Same as SSBB


Pikachu SSB4 Pikachu Same as SSBB


PokemonTrainer Ash Same as Pokemon Trainer from SSBB Pokemon
PitSSB4 Pit "An angel who can hold his own against the god of the underworld? I'm impressed." Same as SSB Wii U Kid Icarus
PalutenaBrawl Palutena "The goddess of light!... why she has to be rescued by a mere angel is beyond me." Kid Icarus
Donkey Kong1 Donkey Kong "The ape with the big heart and the even BIGGER banana horde. Seriously how does he eat all those bananas without getting fat!?!?!?" Same as SSBB Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Diddy Kong "DK's sidekick who has a magical hat and shirt that never gets too small for him. I'd like to buy one of those." Same as SSBB Donkey Kong
FoxSSB4 Fox Same as SSBB StarFox



VillagerSSB4 Villager Same as SSB Wii U Animal Crossing
OlimarSSB4 Olimar "Apperantly this spaceman is a HUGE optimist, because I question the reliability of tiny plant people.Except they have super powers. FEAR THIS FORMIDIBILE-ISH FOE!" Same as SSBB Pikmin
Samus SSB4 Samus Same as SSBB Metroid
Zero Suit Samus Alpha Zero Suit Samus Same as SSBB Metroid
470px-MegaManSSB4 Megaman Same as SSB Wii U Megaman
349px-Soniccolorssonicartwork Sonic " 'Limits' aren't in the vocabulary of this speedy blue hedgehog!" Same as SSBB Sonic the Hedgehog




  • Standard 1: Tail Swipe
  • Side 1: Cannon
  • Down 1: Spin Dash
  • Up 1: Fly (Same as Pit's from Brawl)
  • FS: Tails get's in the tornado, and the tornado swoops down and deals damage.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Knuckles the echidna by mintenndo-d5n7ab1



Sonic the Hedgehog



Fire Emblem
180px-Marth Marth Same as SSBB Fire Emblem

Little Mac

Punch Out!!!
Takamaru SW3



The Mysterious Muasame Castle



Golden Sun
Minecraft-steve 12



  • special attacks
  • B-sword slash
  • side B-bow
  • up B-TNT (Plant a TNT below you to deal damage and get a boost)
  • down B- Shovel smash (smashes you downwards with a shovel)
  • FS-Power Up (Gains Diamond Armor and A Diamond Sword for 30 seconds. Takes less damage and all special moves convert to powerful sword blows)


Photo Name Descriptions Special Attacks How to unlock Series
150px Luigi "The cowardly brother of Super Mario. Somehow, this cowardly superstar can pack a punch." Same as SSBB

Win as Mario 15 Times

Super Mario



"A badass doll with super powers! No not Chucky,this guy!"
  • Standard 1 - Bullet
  • Side 1 - Geno Whirl
  • Up 1 - Geno Blast
  • Down 1 - Geno Flash
  • Final Smash - Legend of the Seven Stars
Encounter in Story Mode Super Mario
Wario-mario party 8 Wario "Wario LOVES money. You will even need to pay to battle him, by falling victim to his toxic farts." Same as SSBB Win as Luigi 20 times Wario
Toonlink Toon Link "The Hero of Time! Sounds familiar? Good." Same as SSBB Encounter in Story Mode Legend of Zelda

180px-Toon Zelda

Toon Zelda


Encounter in Story Mode Legend of Zelda
200px-Ganondorf Ganondorf Same as SSBB Win as Link 50 times Legend of Zelda
Ghirahim Second Battle



Win as Ganondorf 75 times Legend of Zelda
Jigglypuff Brawl Jigglypuff Same as SSBB Win as Pikachu 15 times Pokemon



"He's you, no wait now he's me, no now he's you again!" Encounter in Story Mode Pokemon
150Mega Mewtwo Y Mewtwo Pokemon



"The happy go lucky Yoshi-cat hybrid joins the battle!"
  • Standard 1: Scratch
  • Side 1: Egg Roll
  • Down 1:Mewshi Bomb
  • Up 1: Upward Pounce
  • FS:Dash 
Win as Yoshi 15 times Mewshi the Dinocat



"This sword-wielding rep is the best new rep from Fire Emblem! Oh wait, he's from Kid Icarus? I would have never knew..." Encounter in Story Mode Kid Icarus

King K Rool


"A fat king wants to get even fatter! Can he NOT just get some bananas from the store and prevent being beat up by A huge ape and his monkey friends!" Win as Donkey Kong 50 times Donkey Kong
Falco Lombardi Falco Same as SSBB Win as Fox 25 times StarFox
Ness the awesome Ness Same as SSBB Win 5 times Mother



Win as Samus 75 times Metroid


Encounter in Story Mode Xenoblade Chronicles
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Same as SSBB Win 15 times as Ness Ice Climber


Mr. Game & Watch Same as SSBB Win 35 times as Ice Climbers.  Game and Watch
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon "He'll pawnch you." Same as SSBB Encounter in Story Mode F-Zero



"Cliche number 12.B: The  emo lookin doppleganger." Win as Sonic 50 times Sonic the Hedgehog



Encounter in Story Mode Sonic the Hedgehog



Win as Megaman 50 times Megaman



  • Standard 1:Ender Beam
  • Side 1:Block Throw
  • Down 1:Counter
  • Up 1:Teleport
  • FS: Ender Dragon Smash
Win as Steve 50 times Minecraft


Iron Golem


"Iron Golem SMASH! Why Iron Golem pretend to be Hulk Iron Golem not know."
  • Standard 1:Iron Punch
  • Side 1:Spin Attack
  • Down 1: Iron Slam
  • Up 1: Iron Toss Punch
  • FS: Iron Block Strike
Encounter in Story Mode Minecraft



Encounter in Story Mode Klonoa
Spyro ROCU



Encounter in Story Mode Skylanders
Bomberman SSBU



Encounter in Story Mode Bomberman


Photo Name Description Special Attacks How to download Series
Download (50)

Prince Fluff

"This yarnball has come to fight!" Kirby
TBA Super Novac "The sinister villain from LuckyEmile's Super Smash Bros Alpha comes to wreck havoc on the nintendo universe!"
  • Standard 1: Golden Fireball
  • Side 1: Dash
  • Down 1: Blue Lightning
  • Up 1: Fly
  • FS: An invisible force grabs your opponents and does rapid damage before sending them flying.
Super Smash Bros
Penn Penn

the adventurous paladin from chrono-zone 2099 is ready to brawl with his powerbot,glaive and his powerful anubis chrono-crystal

  • B:he slashes with his glaive
  • B^:his powerbot,fires a beam into the air
  • B<>:he spins with his glaive clockwise or counter-clockwise,depending on the direction
  • BV:he drops down a grenade
  • FS:he activates his chrono-crystal anubis-sigma and uses greatly increased power to charge his attacks for quadruple damage
if you have a save file of crowned 2:the crystal pyramid on the uberloader,after you play a match in arcade you can fight him and unlock him crowned


The story mode features a new villain called Nexus, the Dark Dragon, who is trying to plunge the world into darkness.For more info, see Super Smash Bros Overdrive: Story Mode



Photo Name Description Series


Photo Name Description How to unlock Series


Photo Name Description How to unlock Series


Normal Items

Photo Name Ability Series Type Rarity
130px-0,315,4,283-SmashBall Smash Ball The player who will destroy this item by hit it, can do the Final Smash. Smash Bros
  • Attack
  • Status
Crates Crates There's three different types. The Crates contains many random items. They can be launched, anyone that get hit by a crate, will receive damages. Smash Bros
  • Containers
  • Launchable
Crates Rolling Crates Smash Bros
  • Containers
  • Launchable
  • Moving
BrawlBarrels Barrels Smash Bros
  • Containers
  • Launchable
  • Moving
BrawlCapsule Capsule Smash Bros
  • Grabbable
  • Containers
  • Launchable
  • Explode (Sometimes)
250px-BrawlPartyBallArtwork Party Ball Smash Bros
  • Grabbable
  • Container
  • Launchable
  • Explode (Sometimes)
BowserJrPaintbrushRender2 Paintbrush It works as a melee weapon, and you also leave a trail of paint other players can trip on when you walk while you have it equipped. However, the trail dissolves after a few seconds.  Super Mario
  • Grabbable
  • Attack
150px Bob-omb Super Mario
  • Grabblable
  • Launchable
  • Explode
150px Star Super Mario
  • Status
Green Shell Shell Super Mario
  • Grabblable
Master Sword WW Sword The Legend of Zelda
  • Grabblable
  • Attack
150px-SSBBPokeball Pokéball Pokémon
  • Grabblable
  • Help
AssistTrophy Assist Trophy Smash Bros.
  • Help
WarpStarKA3D Warp Star Kirby
  • Attack
BrawlBumper Bumper Smash Bros.
  • Grabblable
  • Launchable
  • Obstacol
Fish MA! Fish It makes the player faster. Mewshi the Dinocat
  • Status


Photo Name Ability Rarity

Assist Trophies

Photo Name Ability Rarity Series
Darkmatter Dark Matter Possesses a random player and does rapid damage for a few seconds Rare Kirby
591px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Boom Boom arrives in field and goes back and forth while banging his fists on the ground causing small earthquakes and trying to hit an opponent. Un-common Super Mario
Creeper Creeper Walks up to the nearest player and explodes, doing damage. Common Minecraft
DrEggman Dr. Eggman Hovers in the air in his machine and shoots lasers and other stuff down on your foes Uncommon Sonic
Grey fox Gray Fox Same as SSBB Common Metal Gear
WaluigiBrawl Waluigi Same as SSBB Common Super Mario
LyndisFORBRAWL Lyndis Same as SSBB Common Fire Emblem
Undergrunt Gunner Underground Gunner Rare Super Mario


I own no characters in this game except for Nexus.

  • Everyone else belongs to their respective companies.

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