This subpage is about the stages in SSBO.

Image and Name Description Unlock Criteria
Peach's Castle
Peach's Castle is the first stage introduced in SSB8, where the player fights on the tippy top of the castle with Yoshi wandering around. Yoshi sometimes throws random items at you, also sometimes cannonballs are shot from the cannon below to the stage, which knocks everyone back at a fair rate when they hit the ball. Default



The Battlefield returns from SSB7 to this game. This time it looks like the floating platform is a rock pulled from the Earth's surface which's width is 400 meters and height is 200 meters. This time, there is a gimmick in the stage, sometimes the audience will throw pebbles and cups at you. The pebbles to more damage than the cups. Default


Super Bell Hill

Super Bell Hill is a new stage that didn't appear in any main installment of Super Smash Bros., you can find Super Bells that turns your character into a Cat version of themselves. Sometimes Cat Goombas (Meowbas) will come and try and dive onto you, dealing damage to you. You can climb trees to find Super Bells. Default


Pokemon Stadium

TBA Default


Paper Theatre

At the Paper Theatre, the stage looks like the battle stage from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The stage has curtains which close randomly, confusing opponents, then opening again which changes its background. Sometimes the audience will throw rocks, cans and other objects that can harm you. Randomly they throw items (none if they are turned off) at the losing player. Unlocked by getting Paper Mario.


Mario Stadium

Mario Stadium is a baseball stadium that appears in Super Mario Sluggers. Sometimes baseballs will come and hit you. When the baseball hits someone, the spectators cheer. Sometimes Goombas and Koopas will come and catch the flying baseball, by diving at you. They come quick so you must jump at the right time. Unlocked by winning 500 matches with Mario.

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