Items in Super Smash Bros. Over appear sometimes in a match. However you can turn items on and off. You can also choose how many items can appear in a match.


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Bob-Omb: This item can be thrown at other players or can be left alone. If this item hits anyone, it'll explode and does a high knockback to everyone who touches the explosion.

Laser Gun: This item can be grabbed and can shoot lasers at the characters. After twenty shots, it runs out of ammo and can be thrown like a throwing item.

Super Scope: This item can be charged for more damage. After ten (five when charged) shots, it runs out of ammo and can be thrown at other players.

Smart Bomb: This item can be thrown at other players to cause a big explosion. Anyone caught in the explosion takes huge damage.

Chaos Emerald: Causes lighting to come down on the players, causing huge damage and high knockback.

Bullet Bill: With the Bullet Bill, you can turn into one with the color of your character. Does huge damage and medium knockback.

Lighting: Causes everyone or the character who touches this item to shrink down or grow bigger.

Energy Discs: Can be thrown at opponents, causing a high knockback.

Fire Flower: Can be uses to shoot a stream of fire, causing the Fire status effect.


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Food: Random food decreases the percent damage by 1-20%.

Maximum Tomato: The Maximum Tomato decreases the percent damage by 50%. When you take damage from somebody, it'll absorb the damage.

Heart Container: This item decreases the percent damage by 100%.

Energy Tank: This item decreases the percent damage fully.


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Super Mushroom: This item can make the character grow bigger for a damage increase and low knockback from attacks.


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Angry Sun: Angry Suns can do U turns and shoot fireballs that follow the nearest opponent. When the Angry Sun collides with the water, it disappears.


Image Name Description
TBA Assist Trophy TBA

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