Super Smash Bros. Outrage
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Fire Games
Platform(s) Fire Player
Release Date(s)
December, 17, 2015 (Demo)

November 2017 (Full Game)


Smash, Story, Redux, Outrage, Tournament

Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U
Media Included Video Game

Super Smash Bros. Outrage is A game For the Fire Player, Sega, Namco-Bandai, Sora, and Now Fire Games Worked on the game.

New Features

Offline Tournament

In Offline Tournaments, A Player Fights 10 Consectutive Battles. There Are Set to Be 20 tournaments, 15 Default

Mario Tournament 1 Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Rosalina & Luma, Dr. Mario
One-On Tournament Mega Man, R.O.B, Mr. Game & Watch, Little Mac, Olimar, Villager,  Duck Hunt, Wii Fit Trainer, Freddy, Capt. Falcon
Kirby-Kid Icarus-Metroid Tornament Magolor, Waddle Dee, Zero Suit Samus, Dark Pit, King Meta Knight, King Dedede, Palutena, Samus, Pit, Kirby
Pokemon Tournament Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charizard,  Sceptile, Zoroark, Mewtwo, Pichu, Greninja,Gallade, Lucario

Outrage Mode

A very hard mode, in which 1-3 Opponments have hard hitting attacks (Ex. Attacks deal 20 Damage, and some can even cause meteor smashes) there are 5 Rewards for beating this mode.

Outrage Mode Difficulties

Outrage Mode 01: Normal Outrage

Outrage Mode 02: No Fair Outrage

Outrage Mode 03: Big Outrage

Outrage Mode 04: Cheating Outrage

Outrage Mode 05: Hacked Outrage

Story Mode: The Outrage of the Smashons

A new story mode was revealed on 12/10/14 as Fire Games' first Firey Chrismas Showcase Thing, it revolves around ailiens called "Smashons" invading the Super Smash Bros. World, as their God wants to rule it, then burn it in fire.


Veterans - Default

Name Moveset FS Notes
Mario Standard:Fireball


Up:Super Jump Punch


Mario Finale
Luigi Standard: Fireball

Side: Luigi Missle

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: Luigi Cyclone

Poltergust 5000
Peach Standard: Toad

Side: Peach Bomber

Up: Peach's Parasol

Down: Vegetable

Peach Blossom
Bowser Standard:Fire Breath

Side:Dash Punch

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Bowser Bomb

Giga Bowser
Bowser Jr. Standard: Cannonball

Side:Clown Kart Dash

Up: Abandon Ship!


Shadow Mario Paint
Wario Standard: Chomp

Side:Wario Bike


Down:Wario Waft

Donkey Kong Standard: Giant Punch


Up:Spinning Kong

Down:Hand Slap

Konga Beat
Link Standard:Hero's Bow

Side:Gale Boomerang

Up:Spin Attack


Triforce Slash
Samus Standard:Charge Shot


Up:Screw Attack


Zero Laser
Zero Suit Samus Standard:Paralyzer

Side: Plasma Whip

Up: Boost Kick

Down: Flip Jump


Standard:PK Flash

Side:PK Fire

UP:PK Thunder

Down:PSI Magnet

PK Starstorm

Standard:PK Freeze

Side:PK Fire

UP:PK Thunder

Down:PSI Magnet

PK Starstorm
Capt. Falcon

Standard: Falcon Punch

Side: Raptor Boost

Up: Falcon Dive

Down: Falcon Kick

Blue Falcon

Standard: Inhale

Side: Hammer Flip

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Stone

Ultra Sword
King Dedede

Standard: Inhale

Side: Gordo Throw

Up: Super Dedede Jump

Down: Jet Hammer

Masked Dedede- Functions similar to Mega Lucario, Giga Bowser and Wario-Man,

Side Speicial has him launch missles instead of gordos

Meta Knight

Standard: Mach Tornado

Side: Sheildbreaker Drill

Up: Shuttle Loop

Down: Dimensional Cape

Galaxia Darkness

Standard: Thunder Jolt

Side: Skull Bash

Down Thunder

Up: Quick Attack

Volt Tackle

Standard: Flamethrower

Side: Flare Blitz

Down: Rock Smash

Up: Fly

Mega Charizard X

Standard: Rollout

Side: Pound

Up: Sing

Down: Rest

Puff Up

Standard: Shadow Ball

Side: Confusion

Up: Teleport

Down: Disable

Mega Mewtwo Y

Standard: Thunder Jolt

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Agility

Down: Thunderbolt

Volt Tackle No longer takes Recoil

Standard: Aura Sphere

Side: Force Palm

Up: Extreme Speed

Down: Double Team

Mega Lucario

Standard: Water Shuriken

Side: Shadow Sneak

Up: Hydro Pump

Down: Substitute

Secret Ninja Attack

Standard:Shield Breaker

Side:Dancing Blade

Up: Dolphin Slash


Critical Hit


Side: Quick Draw

Up: Aether

Down: Counter

Great Aether

Standard:Flare Blade

Side: Double-Edge Dance

Up: Blazer

Down: Counter

Critical Hit

Standard:Shield Breaker

Side: Dancing Blade

Up: Dolphin Slash

Down: Counter

Critical Hit

Standard: Thunder

Side: Arcfire

Up: Elewind

Down: Nosferasto

Pair Up

Standard: Blaster

Side: Fox Illusion

Up: Fire Fox

Down: Reflector

Little Mac

Standard: Straight Lunge

Side: Jolt Haymaker

Up: Rising Uppercut

Down: Slip Counter

Giga Mac
Standard: Homing Attack

Side: Spin Dash

Up: Spring

Down: Spin Charge

Super Sonic
Mega Man
Standard: Metal Blade

Side: Crash Bomb

Up: Rush Coil

Down: Leaf Shield

Mega Legends
Standard: Bonus Fruit

Side: Power Pellet Up: Pac-Jump Down: Fire Hydrant

Super Pac Man

Unlockable Veatrans


Ice Climbers





Wii Fit Trainer

Mega Man







Newcomers ( Right now I'm gonna post their Final Smash)

Newcomer Info FinalSmash Moves
Tails Green Hill may or may not be a Stage anymore, so I have Tails in as a Newcomer! Triple Tails
Shadow Shadow is partly a Clone of sonic... Partly Super Shadow

Standard:Homing Attack

Side: Chaos Spear

Down: Chaos Control


King Harikan From the depths of the CD-I games he has come! He mostly uses his Dinner Blaster. Dinner Tank
Sceptile Hoeen Confirmed! If Pokèmon ORAS Diddn't exist, but here we have Sceptile! Mega Sceptile
Waluigi Expecting a Description Here? Too Bad, Waluigi Time Waluigi Time
Bandana Waddle Dee I don't know how to explain this Spear Dance
Zoroark Zoroark is not a Pokeball pokemon anymore! Fury Swipes

Standard: Night Daze

Side: Foul Play

Up: Bounce

Down: Punishment

Magolor There were no good people for Smash On Triple Deluxe Magolor Soul
Dr. Luigi LOSE YA BALLZ PEOPLE!!!!!!! Lol... Unlike Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi is only a slight clone of Luigi, Only sharing their up smash and their FS. Poltergust 5000

Standard: Dr. Pound

Side: Miracle Cure

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: Weegee Bash

Gallade Yeah, another Pokemon rep, yay, his Up special is Taken from mewtwo Mega Gallade- Will Mega Evolve to Mega Gallade then will Do a random attack of: Rock Tomb, Dual Chop, Stored Power, X-Scissor, then he will use Giga Impact

Standard: Psycho Cut

Side:  Fury Cutter

Up: Teleport

Down: Close Combat

10 or 6 more newcomers


Stage Apearance
Battlefeild Same as Sm4sh wii
Final Destination There are now 5 apearances: Classic (Smash64), Melee, Brawler (Brawl), Cross (Sm4sh) and Ledgend (Outrage's one, platform appears similar to brawl, and Travels around to different places, including some retro stages)
Toad Town A stage with no Bottomless Pits, but Chain Chomps Commonly Show Up
Fine Feild Lumberjack Dees Sometimes apear, but The stage has no Gimmicks
Hyrule Castle A BIG Stage
Kordai Island Like Hyrule Castle, it's very big
Bowser's Castle This stage has Lots of gimmicks, such as Bob-Ombs, Twimps, and Lava
Splash Hill The First zone in Sonic 4 contains Traps, Spikes and Badniks
Sonic Boomiverse It's like A combination of Pilotwings, And The Racetrack Corses, at the start, You start on the Original Tornado2, while Halfway, you go on the new Tornado2.
Miiverse Shows a few Changes from Wii-u Version of Sm4sh, No longer appearing Similar to Battlefeild, instead changes form through the stage
Yoshi's Island 3 Based of Yoshi's New Island
Mt. Dedede Released Info: Dedede feels like home! Oh wait he is home
Duck Hunt (Returning) Hit ducks,Dog won't laugh at you, don't hit ducks, Dog Laughs at you
Gamer (Returning) It's like Wario's not getting a new stage until I confirm a wario game!
Unknown Stage Released info: Villager: Come on Ness! Don't be A chicken!

Ness: I'm not sure if we are supposed to be here after hours

Seventopia Released Info: This stange is based of Kirby and the rainbow curse, the stage will change once the clay changes

Asist Trophies

15 New Trophies Are Known, Others Return, It is Confirmed that there are 3 Categories: Normal, Rough and Joke)


Koopa Troopa (New)

Elec Man (Returning)


Ashley (Wario Series) (Returning)

CDI Luigi (Effect:Normally Jumps High) (New)

Laikitu ( Now uses SMB3 Sprite!)

the Fus-ro-DAH! Guy (He FUS-RO-DAH!!!!!s People)


Silver (From Sonic Series)

Burnbot (From Sonic Series)

Prince Sable

Kracko (New)

Probaly one of the FNAF Anamatronics



Tingle (What did you expect? Boom Knuckles?)

Pokeball Pokemon

Pokeball Pokemon
Pokemon Attack
Ivysaur Leech Seed
Squirtle Water Pulse
Meowth Pay Day
Goldeen Splash
Arcanine Fire Blast
Omastar Ancient Power
Articuno Blizzard
Moltres Fly
Staryu Swift
Snorlax Boby Slam
Electrode Explosion
Eevee Sand Attack
Ditto Transform- Will transform into an opponment and use their standard speicial
Mew Floats away and Leaves a Trophy/Custom Part/ Custom Move/ Smash Power
Chikorita Razor Leaf
Quilava Flame Wheel
Togepi Metronome- May use Smoke Screen (25%), Sheer Cold (1%), Earthquake (30%), Judgement (4%) or Sleep Powder (40%)
Bellosom Sweet Scent
Entei Fire Spin
Suicune Aurora Beam
Ho-oh Sacred Fire
Lugia Aeroblast
Torchic Peck
Mudkip Scald
Swellow Steel Wing
Mightyena Bite
Linoone Dig
Altaria Dragon Pulse
Solrock Ancient Power
Metagross Earthquake
Kyogre Hydro Pump
Primal Groudon Presciple Blades
Torterra Leaf Storm
Infernape Close Combat
Empoleon Hydro Cannon
Buneary Return
Abomasnow Blizzard, Then Ice Punch
Palkia Spacial Rend
Dialga Roar of Time
Giratina Dragon Breath
Arceus Gravity
Serperior Frenzy Plant
Pignite Heat Crash
Oshawott Surf
Duosion Trick Room
Pawniard Metal Claw
Victini Uses it's abillity: Victory Star
Meloetta Echoed Voice
Genesect Techno Blast
Terrakion Rock Slide
Virizion Grass Knot
Coballion Sacred Sword
Keldeo Secret Sword
Reshiram Fusion Flare
Zekrom Fusion Bolt
Kyureum Glaciate
Chespin Seed Bomb
Braixen Flame Charge
Talonflame Brave Bird
Bunnelby Dig
Dedenne Discharge
Hawlucha Flying Press
Xerneas Geomancy
Yveltal Oblivion Wing
Zygaurd (Complete Form) Land's Wrath
Diancie Diamond Storm
Volcanion Steam Eruption
Rowlet Leafage
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