Super Smash Bros. Onslaught is a Super Smash Bros. game produced by Electric Enterprises and Fritez Co..


Playable Characters


Image Name Series Description Special Moveset
N/A Waluigi Super Mario Waluigi joins in with many sports stuff including, Tennis Rackets, Golf Clubs, Dodgeballs and More! Waluigi is a fast moving, lighter than average mediumweigt character but has little coverage and is tall making him eaiser to hit.
N/A Paper Mario Super Mario Paper Mario flips in with a hammer, some pixels and some 2D moves. Paper Mario being the lightest lightweight character in the game has big knockback from attacks but falls the slowest . Sometimes attacks will miss him by a decent chance. Standard - Pixel
Side - Flip Out
Up - Paperchute
Down - Pixel Switch
N/A Unova Trainer Pokemon With a Snivy, Dewott, and an Emboar Unova Trainer is ready to battle! He dosen't actully fight just stays in the background while the pokemon fight. Being able to switch pokemon at anytime Unova Trainer has more than one pro and con. Snivy being a fast and agile weak Lightweight, Dewott being a top-prioridy Mediumweight fighter or Emboar a strong Heavyweight character.


N/A Waddle Dee Kirby Standard - Spear Throw
Side - Thrust Barrage
Up - Spear Propeller
Down - Moon Drop
SSBOStarfy Starfy Starfy Standard - Star Spin
Side - Star Wheel
Up - Star Drill
Down - Shooting Star



Assist Trophies


Image Name Series Description
Rosalina Super Mario
Koopa Troop Super Mario 
Bowser Jr. Super Mario 
Adeleine Kirby 
N/A Magolor Kirby
Meta Knights Kirby 
N/A Metroid Metroid
N/A Ridley Metroid


Andross Star Fox
Masked Man Earthbound

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