There are every old Subspace enemies but also new one:

  • Banzaï Bill: Bigger health and stronger then Bullet Bills. However, it is stompable.
  • King Bill: The largest enemies but also the toughest does to their enormous health. It can still being captured as a Trophy.
  • Blue Koopa: An old type of Koopa. They are timid as they don't want player to steal their Shell. Blue Paratroopa is faster then the other two Koopa type but also a bit weaker.
  • Bonker: A tough Kirby enemy. It was a mid-boss. It swing hammer and throw coconuts.
  • Bugzzy: Another tough Kirby enemies. It throw severly the player. It also use their little ladybugs to attack you at distance...maybe.
  • Ice Primid and Thunder Primid: Two new type of Primid. It spit ices and thunders, respectively.
  • Space Pirate: Their weapon was vary but also a bit healthy. They are the enemies of Samus.
  • Blumid: A blue Primid that can swim. It also have a month to bite you.
  • Ro-Bowser: A robotic version of Bowser...They attack the same as Bowser but when they gather up...It gotta be a pain!
  • Robo-De: Robotic version of King know the rest.
  • Eggman Bots: Classic enemies of Sonic. They are all form Sonic the Hedgehog 1.
  • Wily Bots: Classic enemies of Mega Man. They are all form Mega Man 1.
  • Rainbow Primid: The rarest of all Primid. It alway drops very rare items.
  • Golden Primid: The strongest of all Primid, only lose to King Bill. It can use Item but it use it moves unfairly! Unless it weakened by being damaged...! You got it!


  • Those enemies will join you if you throw a Chimestry Bomb at them, a Chapter Mode exclusive item.
  • Any of those enemies are avalable in every stages except in Boss Battles Chapter in Easy Mode. That mean you will meet a Golden Primid at the beginning.
  • The Beta Enemy are Luigi-Bots, however it is removed for unknown reason. However, you see four of them in the Scene where it attacks Mario but ended up to be destroyed by Bowser.

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