Super Smash Bros Online is a crossover fighting ame that released on the 8th November 2010.
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I invited Nintendo to help me to create this amazing game.

It feature an massive world where you fight against evil. And it confirmed that there a DIY Mode that you can create your very own adventure. Same Crew in SSBB but also return Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Roy, Pichu and Young Link. It will also include Mega Man. It is actually confirmed that the game's Console will be more programmed then the PC, which is surprising. Up to 10 players can play in certain Chapters. You can send suggestion to Nintendo to expand the game. The player can also do but only in certain material, such as Character. It is only avalable in Ninten4Online. It is created by Samtendo09 and Nintendo.


Get that Traitor!! Here's Mega Man! Fight for Leadership. Rayquaza's Illegal Revenge. Another Nasty Betrayal. Sonic to the Rescue! Vs.Groudon.
Playable Charecter: Mario, Bowser. ( Recuit: Wario, Yoshi, Peach. ) Mega Man. Anyone. Anyone. Mega Man. Sonic. Only 1 Player. Anyone.
Bosses: Petey Piranha, Whipsy Wood, Luigi. Bowser, King Dedede, Ganondorf, Wario, Meta Knight, Dr.Wily. Fawful. Darkrai, Tabuu(1st) Rayquaza, Arceus(Optional.) Elec Man, Porky. Dr.Eggman.(Actually Protogonist, Brainwashed.), Dimentio. Groudon.
Master Hand Still Lives!! Darkness vs Sky. Crazy Hand Goes Crazy! Victini's Cheap Stratigy. The Black Knight's Strike. Kyogre's Land Destruction. Fasle Master Hand Attack! Arceus's Rageous Feeling.
Anyone. Darkrai(Cannot be unlocked.) Mewtwo, Roy, Pichu, Young Link and Dr.Mario. Anyone. Ike, Roy, Marth. Anyone. Mewtwo. Anyone.
Tabuu(2nd Fight.), Galleom, Duon. Rayquaza with Primids. Crazy Hand. Victini. Black Knight. Kyogre, Mew(!?) Fake Master Hand. Arceus(In Rage.)

Luigi's Hesitation. Dr.Light's Big Help. Galacta Knight's Temporary True Side. The Crew Strike Back!! The Tabuu's Heart Secret. ( Final Battle! )
Luigi. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Kirby.
King K. Rool, King Boo. Dr.Wily and Dr.Eggman fighting each ohter. Galacta Knight, Paper Mario(!?) Tabuu(Final Fight with him.)

DIY Boss(Skip if you don't create one.), Marx, Marx Soul, Marx Soul(Again!) and Tabuu.

Super Smash Bros Online/List of enemies Click here for Expansion Sets.

New Assist Trophies:

  • Tabuu(Must be beaten.) He will use his wing and blast of enemies or attack with Dragon Beam.
  • Marx.(Must be beaten at the Final Chapter.) He will attack players with Galactic Laser or summon a Black Hole. He will then transform into Marx Soul to use Meteor Paint or Paint Knock-Out. (Rare!)
  • Bonker. He will smash enemies with his hammer.
  • Geno. He will defend the player/team by giving it/them a forcefield. It dosen't resist to Final Smashes.
  • Mellow. He will heal the player/team by the half of it's damage.
  • Ridley. Fly up and fall, shoot fireballs, or use an attack that is similiar to Master Hand/Crazy Hand.
  • And all bosses! ( Plus DIY Assist Trophies. ) ???

One change: You can hit the Assist Trophies in order to get rid of them. The Nintendog will not get hurt in order to avoid the Real-Life Animal cruality.

New Pokémon:

  • Every Boss Pokémon. ???
  • Darkrai. Use Dark Void to sleep foes and damage them for 8 seconds. (Rare!)
  • Palkia. It uses Spacial Rend to damage enemies. Likely to OHKO them does to critical hit. (Rare!)
  • Dialga. Use Roar of Time to take out enemies. It will only use it once per being summoned. (Rare!)
  • Typhlosion. Use Overheat. It become less and less powerful, use per use.
  • Swampert. Use Hydro Cannon. Similiar to Dialga but more common.
  • Torterra. Use Wood Hammer. It will hit hard but hurt itself too.
  • Unown(Return!) Same as in Melee.
  • And Regigigas and the Trio Golems. Call up the other and use Giga Impact. (Very Rare!)

Just like Assist Trophies, Pokémon can get hit. However, some will counter, which hurts badly.

5 New Final Smashes:

  • Mega Man's Ultra Form. He will blast out the other with his Ultra Form.
  • Roy's Critical Hit. Same as Marth but less powerful but more accurate.
  • Mewtwo's Psychic Blast. Very powerful but will likely hit teammate, hence his selfish personality.
  • Pichu's Volt Taclke. Same as Pikachu but a bit more powerful ironacly but take damage 1% per hit.
  • And Dr.Mario's Virus Rampage. Summon Viruses and attack the foes.


  • There every feature form SSBB avaliable except for the Subspace Emissary.
  • This is the only Super Smash Bros. Game that offer Online Play doing Chapter Mode.
  • Roy's Neutral B get nerded alot: It become as strong as Ike's.
  • Every stages and musics form the whole series is avalable.
  • This is game can be considered a mix of SSB and WarioWare DIY.

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