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This is a character ballot for Super Smash Bros. One, by Comet Gaming, Inc. for the Nintendo Comet. It was made because the company wanted to cater more to the wants of the players.


When submitting characters, please use this form. Remember, they don't have to be a newcomer. Just any character that's not already in the game. Depending on how many characters I put in the game and the amount that are submitted here, I will probably include a significant portion of the ballot characters in the final roster.

;Character name
:Any information you would like to give about the character such as a moveset idea
:{{User|your name}}

Shovel Knight
Huge moveset potential using his relics, alternate costumes can be the different armors he wears throughout the game, and would be an excellent addition to the roster in my opinion. (Also I may or may not still be salty about him losing to Bayonetta. Maybe.)
Gentleman_Deadpool (tbc)

Cat Mario
Hey can wall jump, but like, on the air.
NepetaLast (tbc)

Unite Morphs as a gameplay mechanic; possibly a neutral special that generates a Unite Hand? Gives player a trade-off between attack range/power and lag time.
Pyrostar (tbc)

Can place a hoop on the stage and then another to create a portal network between them, players and projectiles can go through them allowing for some interesting gameplay
Plazzap (tbc)

Paper Mario
Lots of potential. Could use stickers, partners, hammer, items, etc
Hamclub13 (tbc)

As a custom robo he's got alot of weapons for moveset potentional,could soulboost for final smash
CrunchTime420 (tbc)

He'd be the best character in the game. He'd have a beast moveset.
HoshiNoKaabii2000 (tbc)

I know we have Greninja as a Water starter, but Sceptile and Blaziken were in Pokken and not the Hoenn Water Starter. His movepool would be based on his strength, including swinging his arms instand of punching, as well as Ground moves instand of just Water moves. His Final Smash is obvoisly his Mega Evolution, Mega Swampert.
Samtendo09 (tbc)

Karate Joe
He could chuck flowerpots at opponents, kick some bombs inside barrels, and for his Final Smash, he could summon his father or something.
Smileykits (tbc)

Reckless Wii Remote Safety Guy
Plenty of ideas for moves if you look in that trippy Japanese manual.
AgentMuffin (tbc)

The protagonist of The Legendary Starfy. He is a prominent enough game character to be in the Smash series, although appearing as a rather weak AT. His main focus of the moveset would still revolve around spinning, while his Final Smash may even let him spin so hard that he creates a mega whirlpool.
DarKingdomHearts (tbc)

She could be a tricky character based on zoning and punishing. Has a lot to draw from, like her magic items, transformations, and fighting moves.
Apihedron (tbc)

The Pikachu of Yo-Kai Watch, I think it would make sense to have Jibanyan. He could have Paws of Fury for his neutral special, have a special chat feature with Nate & Whisper, and have Baddinyan & Thornyan as alt. costumes.
Mattgamer03 (tbc)

Waddle Dee
He could use his spear to attack. Costumes would be different coloured bandannas.
WaddleDeeDreamMoonX2 (tbc)

Chorus Kids
For their Final Smash, they could each charge up a scream and release it for an instant KO for anyone with more than 0% damage.
WoofWoofKirbyWoof (tbc)

From the NiGHTS series. An airborne menace that wields good range and high-knockback aerials, but has relatively low damage output and can't take many hits. Like Sonic, but with flying high instead of moving fast.
Monstermanchego (tbc)

B.D. Joe
From Crazy Taxi. B.D. Joe can use his taxi like how Wario uses his bike. He can use other skills he has too.
RTA fan (tbc)

Bowser Jr./Koopalings
A new addition to these SSB4 veterans, though, could be that they share one character slot, but they all have unique attacks, taunts, Final Smashes, etc...
Withersoul 235 (tbc)

The real PK starstorm user of Mother 3, Kumatora's moves could be from This link showing all her PSI level up moves. Her final smash could be Lucas's PK Starstorm, but she has some moves that could make her not be a copy of Lucas. Although, if you don't wanna implement a fighter who could end up being a clone, i'd suggest Lucas instead.
TerrariaBoss (tbc)

The female lead of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there is a lot of moveset potential for Elma. She uses dual swords and dual guns, and in XCX, she can switch between those two weapons, giving her access different moves. In Smash, Elma would be technical, as the weapon she has out at that moment will change how her attacks work and switching is important. Dual swords have the advantage of power while dual guns have the advantage of range. It would be up to the player to switch between them to fit the situation Elma is in. Her final smash could be to board a Skell, a giant mech that also has a large variety of weapons.
DoubleDeeEddBoy (tbc)

Pokémon Trainer
Please bring him back. Either a new one or the old one. Get rid of stamina while you're at it, too.
Fortanono (tbc)

He was the first ever created Pokémon, for Christ sake. He has a lot of Moveset potential, too.
TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)

He feels like he was made for Smash. His notebook lets him do nearly anything he wants. He comes from a fun and unique game series.
Awesome Betterhero (tbc)

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