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Super Smash Bros. Omega Battle
Developer(s) Sora Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Single-player, Multiplayer (2-8)
Media Included Nintendo Wii U optical disc
Available Input Nintendo Wii U Gamepad

Nintendo Wii U controller

Super Smash Bros. Omega Battle is a game for the Nintendo Wii U. It features new characters such as Rayman and the Inkling. It features the return of the Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Snake. It is the 5th installment in the Super Smash Bros. series.


78 characters (21 newcomers, 50 veterans, 7 DLC characters) are playable in this game. There are more third party characters in this game than any of the past Smash Bros. games.


Character Image Universe Final Smash Palatte Swap
Female Inkling
Splatoon Turns into a Kraken for 8 seconds that can leave ink around the stage to slow down opponents and can instantly knock opponents off the stage Different Inklings (Including Male Inklings)
Wario Shrinks all opponents for a short period of time, making it easier to defeat them. Different color variation
Waluigi Smash Bros
Mario Giant tennis rackets fall from the sky, hitting opponents but not Waluigi. Different color variation
Rayman Many enemies from the Rayman games fall from the sky and chase Rayman, hurting any opponents that Rayman happens to pass by. Different color variation
Shantae Smashified
Shantae TBD Different color variation


DLC characters


There are a total of 89 stages. 15 stages are stages from past Smash Bros. games.

Assist Trophies

Many assist trophies from past games return, but there are many new ones.

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