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Super Smash Bros. Omega is a new game in Super Smash Bros. (series). It will be playable only on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. There will be new features but it will explained following. The two versions have the same roster but different stages, modes, Pokéballs and Assist Trophies.


The first section is about character because they are the same in both versions. There are 46 characters in this game (11 more than Brawl). There are only 17 starter character. In the image the starters are into blue frames

Dimensions Roster2

There are 32 veterans, 14 newcomers and 23 series. But now a gallery for our protagonists.

Wii U's unique features

Wii U version has some unique feature. Under there are they.


Lots of character have an Element. The elements are Plant, Fire, Earth, Cold, Thunder, Water, Air, Iron, Light, Darkness and Aura. Lots of elements can do something, other are only a view effect.

Plant is a view effect.

Fire can burn things and can make exploding Bob-Ombs, Smart Bombs or Explosive Boxes.

Cold can freeze opponents.

Thunder can paralyze opponents.

Water can move opponents.

Air can move opponents.

Iron makes weapons.

Light is a view effect.

Darkness can make the opponents slower for 2 seconds.

Aura can become stronger with more damage.

Smash Run

Smash Run, from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has become an unique feature of Wii U version. Not great changes has made at this move but now you can't use special powers, you can use only items (like Beam Sword).

3DS' unique features

3DS too has some unique features. Let's see what are they!

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode from Melee has been reused for this game. Under there is a list of the levels which are in this mode.

1) Mario fields (platform section + fight against 2 Mario characters and an ally).

2) DK Falls (fight against a Giant DK and two characters from DK, WarioWare or Yoshi series).

3) Triforce Labyrinth (platform section + fight against a Zelda character).

4) Skyworld Madness (fight against a Giant Pit and 2 allies from Metroid, Kid Icarus, Ice Climber or Excitebike series).

5) Dream Land (fight against 2 Kirby, Pikmin or F-Zero characters and an ally from those series).

6) Star Crossing (platform section + fight against a Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Punch-Out!!! or Game & Watch series).

7) Pokémon Stadium (fight against 10 Pokémon weaker than normal characters).

8) The Arena (fight against 2 Fire Emblem, EarthBound, Wonderful 101, Splatoon or Golden Sun series + platform section).

9) Final Destination (platform section + fight against Crazy Hand).

Other Modes

Those are the other modes.

Group Modes

-Match which can be:

1) Classic Match.

2) Duel (1 VS 1).

3) Team Battle.

4) Assault (1 VS 1, 30 seconds, the lower damage takes a Smash Ball and tries to win, if the Final Smash fails, the character lose).

5) Battle Royal (a single player gets, in a chosen order, 3 characters).

-Tournament: for play with 4 or more friends (until 32 players).

Solo Modes

-Story Mode: like the Emissary of the Subspace. There is a section with the two Story Modes.

-Classic Mode: fight against some character in 13 rounds with three breaks (Target Smash, Board the Platforms and Race to the Finish). Characters and Stage are chosen casually, with the second-last which is the rival. Play alone or with a friend, for the first time! If you win, you'll get the character's Trophy.

-All-Stars Mode: the All-Stars Mode is just like Melee's. There are casual opponents (except the last one which is always Mr. Game & Watch). From the first to the fifth match there is an opponent, from the sixth to the tenth there are two opponents, from the eleventh to the nineteenth there are three opponents and in the last match there is only an opponent. The stage is chosen in the same way as Melee. In the Stages section there is also the character's stage.

Assist Trophies and Pokéball

Here there are the Assist Trophies and the Pokéball but some of these are shared between the versions but some others are exclusive for only a version.

Common Assist Trophies

Wii U Assist Trophies

3DS Assist Trophies

Common Pokéball

Wii U Pokéball

3DS Pokéball


Here, there is a section for the stages. Enjoy it. There is also written which stage is home of any character. The stage is always from the series of the character. There are 49 stages.


Here there is the rival's list. The rival is the second-last fight in the Classic Mode (the last is Master Hand). I had the idea by watching TheSuxxedOne???'s video so I copied some rivals.

Mario VS Bowser

Luigi VS Pikmin and Olimar

Peach VS Zelda/Sheik

Bowser Jr. VS Tingle

DK VS King K.Rool

Diddy Kong VS Jigglypuff

Yoshi VS Kirby

Wario VS Lucario

Link VS Pit

Ganondorf VS Noivern

Masked Link VS Ness

Samus VS Little Mac

Palutena VS Wonder Red

Ice Climbers VS Inkling

Excitebiker VS Captain Falcon

Meta Knight VS King Dedede

Fox VS Falco

Villager VS Geno

Mr. Game & Watch VS Mii

Pikachu VS Pink Gold Peach

Charizard VS Oshawott

Marth VS Ike

Robin VS Isaac.


Here there are the items.

Boss in the Stages

This is the section about the bosses in the stages. Enjoy it.


There are 10 DLC character divided in 5 packs. Each pack has 2 characters, 2 stages and 2 Assist Trophies (or Pokéball). Here there are the DLC packs.




Story Modes

There are two Story Modes: the first is for Wii U and the second for 3DS.

Wii U Story: Falling of Dimensions

Initially, there was only a dimension: the Subspace. Then the king of Subspace, Tabuu, destroyed his dimension by using his Off Waves. He did it to become the king of bigger dimensions. But the population of dimensions forgot quickly Tabuu and they made some new lives. So he tried to destroy those dimensions. He forged some alliances with some of the greatest villains of the biggest dimension: Nintendo Dimension! He got some allies: Bowser, King K.Rool, Wario, Meta Knight, Noivern and the evilest of everyone: Ganondorf! He had also other allies, including Ridley and Petey Piranha. With his allies, he appeared invincible. But some heroes guided by Mario, Link, Samus and Luigi defeated they! Heroes and villains also discovered another dimension: Mii Dimension! And they will join our heroes to defeat Tabuu!

Boss in Falling of Dimensions

3DS Story Mode: Contest of Heroes

Nintendo heroes saw that Nintendo villains has united so they decided to stop them! The boss are the same as Wii U Story Mode.

Possible Sequels

Because the success of this game, it's possible a sequel. Some rumors said a new form for Samus, some changing about transformations, no new characters and two new modes. Now the sequel is official: it's Super Smash Bros. Strife which will be developed by the same team as this game!


In the characters' pages, you can read something like "he is a Balanced character". So here I want to explain what does those words mean.

  • Balanced: a balanced character hasn't got a very quality: in fact he can do everything but, remember, he is the best in nothing. Mario and Luigi are balanced characters.
  • Flyer: a flyer character can fly! It's not the same thing as jumping! He can remain in the air for some time! Peach and Noivern are flyer characters.
  • Brick: a brick character is very strong, usually very heavy and often very slow. Bowser, King Dedede and Ganondorf are some examples of bricks.
  • Speedster: speedsters run very speedy but often they are weak. Bowser Jr. and Pikachu are some speedsters. Excitebiker is the best speedster in the game: he is the fastest character in the game!
  • Jumper: a jumper jumps very high. Yoshi, Kirby and Meta Knight are jumpers. Falco has the greatest jump in the game (but he can only jump twice. By using multi-jumps, the best jumpers are Kirby and Jigglypuff)
  • Weapon Master: a weapon master uses a weapon (usually a sword, but can use also a bow or a boomerang). Link, Marth and Ike are weapon masters.
  • Wizard: a wizard uses his spells to control the battlefield. Zelda, Tingle and Robin are wizard characters.
  • Ranged: characters who have great range attack but doesn't use weapons or spells are in this category. Masked Link in his Deku form or Geno are ranged characters.
  • Shield: characters who have great defensive abilities are in this category. Palutena and the Villager are shields.
  • Twin: with twin characters you can play with two fighters at the same time! The Ice Climbers are the only twin in the game.
  • Tricky: tricky characters use very tactical moves. Pikmin and Olimar and Mr. Game & Watch are tricky characters.

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