In SSBO, there are several modes to play when playing the game.


  • VS Mode: The main mode of Super Smash Bros. Oblivion!
    • Regular Smash (Up to 4 players)
    • Hyper Smash (Up to 8 players)
  • Special Smash: A mode where players choose power-ups for the fighters to make the battle a bit interesting. Those include a flower on the head, wearing the Franklin Badge, or changing gravity of the fighters.
  • Smash Turf: An all-new game mode introduced in SSBO. Players can create their own team of characters to participate in a small war. Items can be used, except the Smash Ball. The maximum number of characters in a team is 8. Players start regularly with 3 characters in a team. When one of the characters gets KO'ed, another character takes his/her place. This continues until one of the players has one character left. The player who KO'ed the remaining fighter, wins the battle.


  • Classic Mode: This is the mode that involves VS matches, beat-them-all battles etc. set in 12 rounds. Sometimes, you will get an ally in some rounds, and the final round is the battle against Master Hand. When the intensity is higher, Crazy Hand can also be fought, or against Master Core at the highest intensities. In the end, players get rewarded with a trophy depicting the character they used in this mode. In the mode, there are also bonus stages. These are Target Test and Multi-Man Smash.
  • All-Star Mode: The mode is unlocked after all characters are unlocked. Players must fight the entire roster by the debut year of the characters. Between the rounds, players are located in a room containing three Heart containers and a portal that brings to the next level. After finishing the All-Star Mode, a trophy depicting the used character in an alternate skin will be rewarded for the player.
  • Story Mode: Returning from SSBB, the story takes place 10 years after the Subspace Emissary, called "Remnants of Subspace". The story involves the cast to stop the plans of the resurrected Tabuu and the remnants of the Subspace Army. But, Tabuu is only the tip of the iceberg. Unlike the prequel, the cutscenes have now spoken dialogue which appear in text boxes, and they are animated in a similar style to the Kid Icarus short "Palutena's Revolting Diner". It takes place on a dramatically changed World of Trophies with many new levels.
  • Boss Rush: Returning from Brawl, the third installment of the series, players fight bosses that were fought in the Story mode, and even challenge against Master Hand, Crazy Hand & Master Core. Finishing this mode will be rewarded with the trophy of the Final Smash of the character used in this mode. It is unlocked by clearing the Story Mode for the first time. All bosses are found here!
  • Special Orders: In this mode, Master or Crazy hand give you what to do in this game mode. The tasks range from Multi-Man Smashes to VS matches.
    • Master Orders
    • Crazy Orders
  • Training
  • Stadium
    • Target Test
    • Home-Run Contest
    • Multi-Man Smash
      • 10-Man Smash
      • 100-Man Smash
      • 1-Minute Smash
      • 10-Minute Smash
      • Endless Smash
      • Cruel Smash
  • Event Matches

Online Modes

  • With Anyone
    • For Glory
    • For Fun
  • With Friends
  • Conquest
  • Tourney
  • Spectate
  • World Stats


  • Smash Shop
  • Trophies & Stamps
    • Trophy Gallery
    • Trophy Hoard
    • Trophy Rush
    • Stamp Book
  • Album
    • Screenshot Album
    • Artbook
  • Replays
  • Sound Test
  • Records
    • Fighter Records
    • Stats
    • Milestones
  • Tips
  • Sandbox: An upgrade of the Stage Builder in previous games. This new mode gives players the chance to create their own stages and customize the character's moves & skills. You can also boy costumes for your Mii.
  • Masterpieces
  • Challenges

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