The Classic Mode is the mode that involves VS matches, Target Tests etc. The mode is sectioned in 12 levels, two of them are bonus levels, that can be Target Test or Multi-Man Smash. It ends with the showdown against Master Hand. Depending on the difficulty chosen by the player, Crazy Hand and Master Core are also opponents. The player gets rewarded by an amount of Smash Coins after completion of a level. After defeating the Final Boss, the player gets rewarded with a trophy of the fighter used in the mode, and the whole amount of Smash coins collected throughout the mode.

The whole progress of the game looks like this:

Level 1: VS. Random Opponent

Level 2: VS Random Opponent

Level 3: VS Random Opponents & Ally

Level 4: Target Test

Level 5: VS Multiple Opponents

Level 6: VS Metal Opponents

Level 7: VS Giant Opponent

Level 8: Multi-Man Smash (3-Minute Smash)

Level 9: VS Random Opponents

Level 10: VS Metal-Giant Opponents

Level 11: VS Multiple Opponents

Level 12: Final Battle against Master Hand, Crazy Hand or Master Core, depending on the difficulty

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