Chapter 1: Only the Beginning

PART 1:Castle Smashers

It begins with a cutscene, a Lakitu flying around in the air as the camera descends into Peach's Castle. It shows the two Mario Bros. and Peach eating and laughing at a table. They all stop laughing at a sudden bang on the castle door. The door then violently explodes into flames and Bowser Jr. and a troop of Koopas and Goombas barge in. Mario, Luigi, and Peach then go into a battle stance

Objective: Defeat 25 Koopa Troopas!

Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, or Peach

After the Objective is completed Bowser Jr. will fire a bomb at the three, and they all fly back into a wall. Bowser Jr. loads one more bomb and aims, but it then slammed into by a purple hand, similar to Master Hand. His Koopa Clown Car uncontrollably throws itself into a wall and explodes, throwing Bowser Jr. violently into a table. The purple hand then aims his pointer finger at the castle wall and fires, shooting out a pink ball of magic. As the pink ball hits the castle the pieces of the castle snap apart and rise up into the sky. Luigi then looks up and notices the roof is gone, revealing a portal, where all the debris is floating up to. The hand then focuses on Peach, and quickly barges through Mario and Luigi, throwing the 2 back. The hand grabs Peach and seems to inject her with the pink magic he used before. Peach slowly turns into a statue, and then quickly flies up towards the portal. Mario tries to reach her, but can't grab her. Mario then turns around and notices Luigi is not anywhere near him. He looks up to see Luigi stuck on a part of the castle, which is floating away.

Objective: Make your way up the floating debris to get Luigi!

Playable Characters: Mario

After getting to the top Mario reaches for Luigi, but the debris they are both standing on breaks in half, causing the two to fall. They are then caught by something, they look down and notice that Yoshi, equipped with wings, had caught them. Yoshi then crashes into a chunk of debris and the three begin to fall. They land in what used to be the castle. And look up, staring straight at the purple hand. The purple hand seems to begin to pull something out, but is then hit with a bomb by Bowser Jr. The hand seems to get enraged and grabs Bowser Jr. violently, throwing him straight up into the portal ahead. The hand then faces Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. He fires a shot at Luigi and Mario leaps infront of Luigi, taking the shot. Mario falls backwards and slowly turns into a trophy, beginning to float away. Luigi tries to grab it, but his hands slip from the trophy and he falls backwards, screaming for Mario. The hand then slaps both Luigi and Yoshi straight into Toad Town and floats back up into the portal, laughing.

PART 2: Magnificent Airride

Eggman is seen sitting in the grass, flying a mini drone that looks like the Egg Mobile, which has a mini Eggman figure in the drone. The drone then gets hit by a yellow and pink blur, destroying it. Eggman groans and looks to the pink puffball named Kirby standing there, his Warp Star beside him.

"Look what you did to my drone! You'll pay for this, you pathetic pink puffball!" Eggman leaps into the real Egg Mobile and turns it on, gliding in the air.

"Time to try out my new invention!" Eggman slams his finger onto a blue button and the front of the Egg Mobile opens, shooting out what looks like a grappling hook. It flies past Kirby and grabs onto the Warp Star, pulling it into the Egg Mobile. The front shuts and the Egg Mobile begins to transform into something resembling the Warp Star, loaded with weapons.

"Get a Load of This!" Eggman laughs and takes off, charging at Kirby.

BOSS BATTLE: Eggman Warp Star

Playable Characters: Kirby

After the boss is defeated the Eggman Warp Star will burst into a bright light, turning the Eggmobile back to normal and throwing the Warp Star back out with Eggman holding onto it. Kirby walks over and tries to grab the Warp Star but Eggman pulls it back.

"It's mine!" Eggman yells, pulling it back once more.

"Mine!" Kirby pulls it back once again. A lightning bolt then strucks beside them, throwing them back, they both look up to see a giant storm beginning to surround them.

"Look, I know we got off at the wrong foot, but lets work together, for now?" Eggman looks at Kirby and Kirby shakes his head back and forth, jumping backwards.

"Please?" Eggman begs, Kirby then shakes his head once again, Eggman sighs and rushes toward Kirby, grabbing him and leaping on the Warp Star, both of them taking off.

Wario and Waluigi observe Kirby and Eggman through a telescope, grinning and pulling out a Gas Bomb. Waluigi loads it up and Wario aims.

"Fire!" Wario yells, the Gas Bomb flying into the air, hitting the two. The Warp Star goes out of control and begins to head straight for Wario and Waluigi, they both scream and run in circles, both of them colliding. The Warp Star then crashes into them sending all of them flying throughout Wario's Treehouse.


Playable Characters: Kirby and Eggman

As both Wario and Waluigi are laying in a sprawl Kirby begins to suck them up, but is stopped as the treehouse is shaken and all four of them are thrown out of the treehouse's door into the grass. Wario, Waluigi, and Kirby begin to argue as Eggman looks back at the treehouse.

"Guys!" Eggman screams, all four of them look to the treehouse, which is being shaken by a dark beast. The large figure then looks at the four, throwing the treehouse backwards into the sky, he takes out two axes and begins to charge.

"RUUUN!" Eggman screams, all four of them begin to run as the monster begins to uproot trees and chase them.

OBJECTIVE:Run Away from Dark Wieldzerker

Playable Characters: Kirby, Wario, Eggman, and Waluigi

After running from the Wieldzerker for awhile, all four of the characters dive into a cave and Eggman pulls out a lamp.

"We need to get back to my Eggmobile, I have a plan." Eggman looks at all of them, nodding his head.

Chapter 2: Best Fiends


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