Super Smash Bros. Oblivion (often abbreviated SSBO) is the 5th game in the Smash series. It was announced late 2015, it is scheduled for a 2017 release date.


Welcome to Oblivion

Yoshi is shown leaning up against a tree, seamingly napping. A dark shadow devours the tree and Yoshi's eyes droop open, and he looks up with alertness. It is a giant Primid with a Ray Gun. As it charges up the Ray Gun Yoshi scrambles to get up but trips and falls. He looks up and covers his eyes, but nothing hits him. He looks forward to see Donkey Kong slamming straight into the Primid, throwing it far away. Primids drop down from the sky and create a massive army of Primids, swarming Donkey Kong and Yoshi. They then surround them, and Donkey Kong pulls out a horn that resembles a banana. He blows on it and a loud horn noise comes out of it, echoing throughout the land. The distant sound of a Kart becomes louder and louder as it shows Mario speeding through on his Kart, smashing into Primids. He leaps off of his Kart and lands beside Donkey Kong and Yoshi. It then shows Samus with Pikachu on her shoulder, the two blasting Primids away, they charge through a large group of Primids as Pikachu uses thunderbolt, sending Primids flying. They both land by the group of characters. It then shows Fox, Ness, Captain Falcon, and Luigi. They all land beside the group, getting into fighting positions. Link, Jigglypuff, and Kirby then land a little bit after. A small whirring sound is heard and the twelve look up, and see Shy Guy with a propellor, the propellor dissapears and he falls down, landing and getting into a fighting position. The Trailer ends as the 13 charge at all the Primids.

Smash Begins Once More

It starts with the original 12 plus Shy Guy clashing as a giant explosion emits from the middle of the fighting, sending Samus to the ground. A hand then lifts her up, revealing Bowser. Bowser turns to the others and laughs, throwing Samus to the ground. Samus struggles to get up and watches as Bowser runs toward the others. A blinding light flashes from the distance as Bowser looks up. After the light ends it shows Bowser flying into the distance. From the darkness arises Eggman in an Eggmobile, a Primid in a battle stance, and KK Slider, who strums a tune. Mario glares at Eggman, but the two look over as a portal appears, throwing something out of it. It reveals Peach, who looks at the two, and then smiles. The logo then appears, a hammer suddenly smashing through it. King Dedede runs out from the wreckage and leans on the hammer, smirking.

Oblivion into Full Throttle

The trailer begins, starting off after the end of the second one. Eggman chuckles and presses a button, as a wrecking ball pops out from the bottom of the Eggmobile. He swing it towards the 13 fighters, as Mario, Pikachu, and Luigi leap up, dodging the wrecking ball. It hits the others and throws them to the side, knocking them unconscious. KK Slider runs in and slams the guitar against Pikachu's head and corners him. Mario then looks to see Luigi fighting Primid, and then looks to Eggman. It then cuts into gameplay as KK Slider slams a guitar onto Pikachu, earning himself a KO. It then cuts to Eggman dismounting the Eggmobile to get an extra jump, then punching the Final Smash and getting it. It zooms into Eggman as pieces of metal surround him, revealing Death Egg Robot. Mario jumps up and begins to run as the robot closes in.

It then cuts to an animation of the Death Egg Robot blasting Mario off into the distance, as the metal melts away, letting Eggman drop back down. He then screams as 3 missiles slam into the Eggmobile, sending it flying to the ground. Cloud Strife then slices upward on the Eggmobile, causing it to explode and send Eggman out of the map. It then shows Vile was the one who shot the eggmobile, as he walks slowly, the burning remains of the Eggmobile rolling past him. Vile and Cloud stare at eachother, as two shadows approach from the other sides. It reveals that it is a Mii Brawler and Maxwell. All four run to eachother, and the Oblivion logo appears. two yarn ropes wrap around the logo, as it pans out to Yarn Yoshi and Prince Fluff, tugging on the logo.




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Oblivion starters Roster



Starting Stages



Who should be included as a boss?

Winner:Galactia Knight

Character Reveals

  • 10/4/15 - Mario, Luigi, Ness, Fox, Link, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Shy Guy are revealed.
  • 2/20/16 - Eggman, Bowser, Primid, King Dedede, K.K. Slider and Peach are revealed.
  • 2/29/16 - Vile, Maxwell, Mii Fighter, Cloud, Yarn Yoshi and Prince Fluff are revealed


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