Dixie Kong is an Unlockable Character in Super Smash Bros. Obliteration. The Original "Girl With The Twirl" among the Kong's and Diddy Kong's Girlfriend makes her Smash debut after years of aiding the Kong Family in their quests to protect The Kongs, Their Bananas or the Kong Isle's. Much like with Diddy, Dixie is here to use speed over size and give the contest a real hair whipping level of excitement in true a fight for the ages.


Type Name Damage Description
Neutral (3% = hit 1 and 2, 5% = hit 3, 1% = loop, 3% = last, 12% = total). Punches twice, then kicks jumping off opponent, or rapid flurry of all out kicks ending with the same jump kick,
Forward Tilt (3% = both hits, 6% = total) Dixie leans forward attacking twice with ponytail wtice in a slicing motion,
Up Tilt (5%) Crouches while attacking upwards with ponytail in an arc motion,
Down Tilt (6%) Attacks towards the ground with Her ponytail in a sweeping motion,
Forward Smash (3% = uncharged hit 1, 6% = fully charged Hit 1, 8% = uncharged Hit 2, 10% = fully charged Hit 2.) Swings Her Arms Forward Teice
Up Smash (13% = clean, 8% = late) Dixie Kong swings her ponytail upwards in a wide arc,
Down Smash (12% = clean, 7% = late). Spins on the ground in a break dance like fashion,

Aerial Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Hair Flip (8.5% = clean, 5.5% = late) Rolls into a ball and performs a corkscrew like attack with her hair extended
Forward (11% = clean, 7% = late) Claps her Hands Forward while Curved.
Back (11% = clean, 8% = late) Perfoms a Spinning Kick behind herself
Up (3% = hair 1, 2% = hair 2, 6% = kick, 11% = total). Attacks Twice with her hair, then kicks with her leg extended in a upward direction,
Down (11% = impact, 3% = landing, 14% = total). A stall then fall. Dixie kicks downwards in a similar fashion to the attacking animation of Diddy Kong’s Monkey Flip,

Other Attacks

Type Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (Front) (6%) Kicks in Both Forward/Back Directions, while Getting Up.
Floor Attack (Back) (5%) Same as Front Attack, just with Less Power
Floor Attack (Trip) (6%) Kicks in Both Forward/Back Directions, near the ground.
Ledge Attack (7%) Performs a spinning hair attack, while climbing up.
Dash Attack (2% = hits 1-2, 3% = hit 3, 5% = total) Runs Forward and performs a somersault attack, at opponents


Type Name Damage Description
Grab (N/A) Grabs an Opponent
Pummel (1.6%) Slaps an Opponent Across the Face with her Ponytail, a Fairly Fast Pummel.
Forward (3% = hit 1, 2% = throw, 5% = total) Hurls the foe forward, and then tail-slaps them, has good range but little knockback
Back (5% = hit 1, 2% = throw, 7% = total) Throws Opponent Behind Her, then hits them with her Gumball Gun Barrel.
Up (4% = hits 1-2, 2% = throw, 10% = total. Launches Opponent upward with her hands, then whacks them twice with Her Ponytail.
Down (7% = gumball gun, 4% = throw, 11% = total). Slams The Opponent Downward then shoots them with her Gumball Gun.


Up = Dixie connects her hands while shaking and laughing then claps.

Side = Dixie tosses a gumball into the Air, then catches/eats it with her mouth.

Down = Dixie eats a banana out of boredom,

Special Moves

Type Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Gumball Gun (10% = clean, 7% = late) Dixie Kong shoots a gumball from her Gumball Dispenser Gun, It does more damage with immediate contact and bounces on the ground

but loses power as it travels, Excellent move for gimps

Side Special Ponytail Spin (5%, 1.5% = reflected projectiles). Dixie Kong spins in the direction inputted using her hair for 10 second duration. She can damage opponents with slight knockback

and it can be used to slowly recover onto the stage horizontally. The spinning can also send projectiles back,</span>

Up Special Hair Copter (7% = hit 1, 3% = hit 2, 10% = total) Dixie Kong spins her hair and moves upwards in a similar fashion to Link’s, Toon Links, and Young Link's Up Special's. She can’t use

it on the ground, however. It sucks opponents in and does average-high knockback.

Down Special Banana Peel (N/A) Dixie tosses a banana peel on the ground causing any opponents who step on it to slip and fall thus allowing her to take control of the stage even as the attack deals no damage.

Final Smash

Type Name Damage Description
Final Smash Cannon Shot (KO) (N/A = Automatic KO) Dixie Kong Sneaks Up behind an opponent and chants AHA!!, in Ape Language She Then Traps the Opponent in a Barrel Cannon, Locks the Hatch and Lights the fuse, she then opens the hatch as the fuse expires, and the force of the blast does no damage but is so powerful it sends

the opponent flying and automatically KO's them.

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