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Super Smash Bros. Nitro is a 2019 cross-over fighting game published by Nintendo, co-developed by HAL Laboratory and Slapstick Games. It is the fifth installment in the franchise, and was released for the Nintendo NX. It features third party characters from Sega, Capcom, and Tecmo. It is set to have 63 characters total, as opposed to the 55 in the previous game, with only 60 confirmed so far. It will have three DLC packs with three characters each, one of the three packs being a Smash Ballot pack using characters selected by the fans. The game was released on February 2, 2019 to mostly positive reviews.



Name Series Move Set


Super Mario B - Fireball

Mario throws a single fireball forward

Up B - Super Jump Punch

Mario does a jumping uppercut straight up into the air

Side B - Cape

Mario turns around quickly, hitting anyone behind him with his cape

Down B - Raccoon Tail

Mario crouches down and sprouts a raccoon tail, spinning very quickly

Final Smash - Mario Finale

Mario sends a powerful burst of flames flying forward



Super Mario B - Iceball

Luigi throws a blue snowball forward

Up B - Super Jump Punch

Luigi does a jumping uppercut straight up into the air

Side B - Green Missile

Luigi launches himself forward headfirst

Down B - Negative Zone

Luigi does a strange dance as a field of negative energy forms around him, doing damage to anyone who gets caught in it

Final Smash - Poltergust 5000

Luigi pulls out the Poltergust from Luigi's Mansion, sucking up all the enemies into it and then blasting them off of the stage when finished


Princess Peach

Super Mario B - Toad

Up B - Peach Parasol

Side B - Vibe Scepter

Down B - Vegetable

Final Smash - Peach Blossom



Super Mario B - Fire Breath

Up B - Koopa Clown Car

Side B - Flying Slam

Down B - Bowser Bomb

Final Smash - Magma Bowser



Yoshi B - Egg Lay

Up B - Egg Throw

Side B - Egg Roll

Down B - Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash - Super Dragon



Wario B - Chomp

Up B - Corkscrew

Side B - Wario Bike

Down B - Wario Waft

Final Smash - Shake It

Donkus kongus

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong B - Giant Punch

Up B - Spinning Kong

Side B - Headbutt

Down B - Hand Slap

Final Smash - Konga Beat

Didpee kongus

Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong B - Peanut Popgun

Up B - Rocketbarrel Boost

Side B - Monkey Flip

Down B - Banana Peel

Final Smash - Rocketbarrel Barrage



Legend of Zelda B - Hero's Bow

Up B - Spin Attack

Side B - Gale Boomerang

Down B - Bomb

Final Smash - Triforce of Courage



Legend of Zelda B - Nayru's Love

Up B - Farore's Wind

Side B - Din's Fire

Down B - Phantom Slash

Final Smash - Light Arrow



Legend of Zelda B - Sword Strike

Up B - Levitation

Side B - Phantom Rider

Down B - Portal

Final Smash - Beast Ganon



Pokemon B - Thunder Jolt

Up B - Quick Attack

Side B - Skull Bash

Down B - Thunder

Final Smash - Volt Tackle

Its kirby








King peepeepee

King Dedede

Metallica knight

Meta Knight



Fire Emblem


Fire Emblem
Robin guys


Fire Emblem


Kid Icarus
Paul oo teen duh


Kid Icarus
Samus aaron

Samus Aran

Fox kids

Fox McCloud

Star Fox
Nintendo entertainment system



Captain Falcon

Big mac

Little Mac

Pee shit trainturd

Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit


Animal Crossing
Mr game and crotch

Mr. Game & Watch

Game & Watch

Ice Climbers

Ice Climber
Sonic ssbn


Sonic the Hedgehog
Mii baller

Mii Brawler

Super Smash Bros.
Mega mii

Mii Gunner

Super Smash Bros.'
Mii sword guy

Mii Swordfighter

Super Smash Bros.


Name Series Move Set
King boop

King Boo haunts the battlefield!

Super Mario B - Boo

King Boo shouts "BOO!", emitting an invisible blast from his mouth that flies forward

Up B - Illusion

King Boo uses his illusion powers to conjure up a giant fist that rises up from the ground behind him, punching anyone above him

Side B - Paranormal Portal

King Boo opens a small wormhole, summoning a small Boo that quickly flies forward

Down B - Vanish

King Boo disappears for a second and then reappears

Final Smash - Portrait

A giant, blank painting hovers up above the stage, shooting out several fireballs that pull anyone who is hit by them into the painting for a few seconds as they are attacked by several Boos and then sent flying off of the stage


Paper Mario turns the page!

Paper Mario B - Fireball

Paper Mario throws a paper fireball forward

Up B - Parakarry

Parakarry appears and lifts Paper Mario up into the air

Side B - Sticker Comet

The Sticker Comet from Paper Mario: Sticker Star zooms forward, exploding once it hits someone

Down B - Hammer

Paper Mario strikes the ground with his hammer, causing a mini-shockwave

Final Smash - Mega Star

Paper Mario transforms into a giant, 8-bit Mario sprite and attacks the enemies as stars rain down from the sky and explode upon hitting the ground

Dixpee Kong

Dixie Kong takes flight!

Donkey Kong B - Barrel Throw

Dixie Kong throws a barrel forward

Up B - Ponytail Copter

Dixie Kong's ponytail swings in a circle, creating a propeller that lifts her up into the air

Side B - Cannon Shot

A small cannon appears in front of Dixie and shoots two exploding barrels forward

Down B - Guitar

Dixie Kong begins playing on her guitar, causing sound-waves to shoot out in all directions

Final Smash - Stampede

A bunch of jungle animals stampede through the stage, trampling over several enemies


Lana casts her spell!

Legend of Zelda B - Slingshot

Lana shoots a pebble from her slingshot, and the longer the B button is held down the farther the pebble goes

Up B - Deku Leaf

Lana holds up a Deku Leaf, and a gust of wind comes up from under her, lifting her up into the air

Side B - Spear Throw

Lana throws a spear forward

Down B - Deku Shield

Lana crouches down, using the Deku Shield to protect herself, which also deflects any projectiles

Final Smash - Summoning Gate

Lana opens a large portal, summoning giant Cuccos that rampage through the stage

Cia yo

Cia wages war!

Legend of Zelda B - Whip

Lana cracks her whip, and the damage is increased the longer the B button is held down

Up B - Scepter Blast

Lana holds her scepter up into the air, firing a beam of energy upwards

Side B - Dark Link

Lana summons an evil Link clone that thrusts it's sword forward

Down B - Dark Force Field

Lana crouches down as an energy field forms around her, doing damage to anyone that touches it

Final Smash - Gate of Souls

Lana opens the Gate of Souls, summoning Dodongos, Redeads, Octoroks, and Darknuts that attack the enemies

Hawlucha pokemon

Hawlucha swoops in!

Pokemon B - Karate Chop

Hawlucha lunges forward and does a karate chop attack

Up B - High Jump Kick

Hawlucha jumps up into the air and preforms a powerful kick

Side B - Stone Edge

Hawlucha levitates several rock shards in front of him and sends them flying forward

Down B - Hone Claws

Hawlucha crouches down and holds his arms out to both sides as his claws glow wit energy

Final Smash - Focus Blast

Hawlucha jumps up into the air and fires a destructive beam of energy all around the stage, instantly defeating anyone he hits with the beam


Groudon brings the drought!

Pokemon B - Lava Plume

Lava bubbles up from the ground, burning anyone who touches it

Up B - Flare Blitz

Groudon is propelled up into the air by a burst of flames

Side B - Solar Beam

Groudon fires a crimson energy beam forward that causes whoever it hits to catch fire

Down B - Earthquake

Groudon stomps onto the ground, causing a small tremor

Final Smash - Primal Groudon

Groudon transforms into Primal Groudon, becoming immensely more powerful and gaining the ability to K.O. any enemy with just three hits


Sylux hunts down the foes!

Metroid B - Imperialist

Sylux fires a powerful energy beam from his arm cannon

Up B - Launch

Sylux quickly zooms up into the air

Side B - Shock Coil

Sylux releases a powerful electric blast, temporarily stunning whoever it hits

Down B - Lockjaw

Sylux transforms into the Lockjaw, and is now able to zoom around the stage and drop bombs

Final Smash - Delano 7

Sylux flies around the stage in his ship, the Delano 7, firing off missiles that do immense damage


Ridley finally gets his chance!

Metroid B - Fire Breath

Ridley shoots fire out of his mouth

Up B - Wing Attack

Ridley tucks in his wings and flies straight up into the air, spiraling in a circle

Side B - Tail Jab

Ridley quickly spins around and stabs at the enemy with his tail

Down B - Tail Swipe

Ridley swipes at the ground with his tail, knocking over whoever he hits

Final Smash - Omega Ridley

Ridley transforms into Omega Ridley, which greatly increases his speed and strength, as well as his size

Pooey gooey

Gooey oozes in!

Kirby B - Slurp

Gooey slurps up the enemy with his tongue, gaining a hat that resembles them as well as their B move (this move has no effect on Kirby)

Up B - Bounce

Gooey bounces off of the ground and springs up into the air

Side B - Tongue Lash

Gooey flicks out his tounge

Down B - Puddle

Gooey melts down into a puddle, causing anyone who walks over him to fall over

Final Smash - Dark Matter

Gooey is engulfed in dark energy, and transforms into Dark Matter, attacking the enemies with powerful laser beams


Magnus charges into battle!

Kid Icarus B - Slash

Magnus holds out his sword and spins in a circle

Up B - Aerial Sword Strike

Magnus jumps up and thrusts his sword upward

Side B - Lunge

Magnus lunges to the side, tackling whoever he hits to the ground

Down B - Stomp Attack

Magnus stomps his foot onto the ground, causing a small tremor

Final Smash - Dark Lord Gaol

The Dark Lord Gaol appears, and levitates the enemies into the air, temporarily immobilizing them and allowing Magnus to repeatedly attack them before she slams the enemies back onto the ground


King Hippo defends his title!

Punch-Out!! B - Hippo Punch

King Hippo pulls back his arm and unleashes a punch with powerful knock-back

Up B - Uppercut

King Hippo uppercuts the enemy, sending them flying back

Side B - Hippo Elbow Charge

King Hippo lunges forward with his elbow sticking out, pushing back the enemy

Down B - Lunge

King Hippo lunges down to the ground, falling face first

Final Smash - Star Punch

King Hippo unleashes a powerful uppercut that instantly defeats the enemy

May i MASK you a question

Masked Man strikes from the shadows!

Mother B - Rapid Slash

Masked Man ferociously slashes at the air with his sword

Up B - Jetpack

Masked Man uses his jetpack to zoom up into the air

Side B - Lightning Bolt

Masked Man fires a bolt of lightning that temporarily paralyzes whoever it hits

Down B - Lightning Strike

A bolt of lightning strikes down from the sky and hits the ground, causing a small electric explosion

Final Smash - Seven Needles

Masked Man summons the Dark Dragon, who wreaks havoc on the opponents as meteors fall down from the sky

The ballinest nooks

Timmy and Tommy hit the jackpot!

Animal Crossing B - Money Bags

The two brothers stand side to side and swing bags of their father's money to their sides, hitting anyone on either side

Up B - Nookling Juction

The Nookling Juction store will rise up out of the ground beneath the two, lifting them up into the air while damaging anyone who gets hit by the building as it rises, and then after a few seconds the store will disappear

Side B - Double Tail Smash

The Nooks quickly turn to face each other, hitting anyone on either side of them with their tails

Down B - Shovels

The two brothers pull out shovels and dig up some dirt out of the ground, sending the dirt flying at anyone on either side of them

Final Smash - Father-Son Bonding

Tom Nook appears and a platform rises up out of the ground with the three Nooks on it, and when the platform is at the top of the stage they begin throwing money bags all over the stage that hurt the enemies


Inkling defends her turf!

Splatoon B - Ink Blaster

Up B - Super Jump

Side B - Burst Bomb

Down B - Ink Dive

Final Smash - Orbital Ink Strike


DJ Octavio jams out!

Splatoon B - Octorpedoes

Up B - Octobomber

Side B - Octolaser

Down B - Octoball

Final Smash - Octotrooper Army

Master higgchief

Master Higgins joins the adventure!

Adventure Island B - Hatchet

Throws a hatchet forward

Up B - Pterodactyl

Flies upwards, riding on a Pterodactyl

Side B - Fruit

Throws fruit forward, temporarily stunning whoever it hits

Down B - Skateboard

Gets on a skateboard and zooms to the side

Final Smash - Flying Saucer

A flying saucer comes down from the top of the stage and fires an energy beam down at the ground, carrying anyone it hits up off the top of the stage, defeating them

Flem to the ing

Henry Fleming blows off some steam!

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. B - Eagle Rifle

Up B - Steam Propel

Side B - Eagle Strike

Down B - Overwatch

Final Smash - Agents of S.T.E.A.M.

Ray stantz

Ray upgrades the battlefield!

Custom Robo B - Quick Jump Legs

Up B - Wave Pod

Side B - Eagle Gun

Down B - Winder Bomb

Final Smash - Final Upgrade


Qbby blocks 'em out!

Boxboy! B - Block Throw

Up B - Block Pillar

Side B - Block Joust

Down B - Afro Shield

Final Smash - Great Wall

River City Butt Stuff

Alex and Ryan gang up on the opponents!

River City Ransom B - Weapon

Up B - Acro Circus

Side B - Javelin Man

Down B - Fatal Steps

Final Smash - River City Combo


Amaterasu brings the sun!

Okami B - Ink Bullet

Up B - Galestorm

Side B - Power Slash

Down B - Thunderstorm

Final Smash - Solar Flare


Ryu Hayabusa strikes the opponents!

Ninja Gaiden B - Shuriken

Up B - Izuna-Otoshi

Side B - Art of Piercing Void

Down B - Smoke Bomb

Final Smash - Curse

Mii craplete

Mii Athlete

Super Smash Bros. B

Baseball Swing



Up B

Slam Dunk

Soccer Kick


Side B

Javelin Throw

Ping Pong


Down B

Bowling Ball

Figure Skating


Final Smash - Home Run

DLC Characters

Hidden Conversations

By pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, and A in that order as certain characters on certain stages, the player can trigger a hidden conversation between that character and another character about the opponent.

Fatherly Advice

The characters needed are Timmy & Tommy, the stage needed is the Nook's Cranny stage, and the character who talks to them is Tom Nook, in a text box with no voice.

Palutena's Wisdom

Team Star Fox


Name Series Description
World 1-1

World 1-1

Super Mario The iconic first screen of the original Super Mario Bros. Breaking the ? Blocks will spawn a random item.
Loogie mansion

Luigi's Mansion

Super Mario A mansion with destructible pillars.
Waloogie pinbawlz

Waluigi Pinball

Super Mario A stage set inside a giant Waluigi-themed pinball machine, with many bumpers for the fighters to knock each other into.
Hydrool field

Hyrule Field

Legend of Zelda A big empty field for the fighters to battle in, with Epona occasionally running by.
Turdima bay

Termina Bay

Legend of Zelda A few platforms for the characters to fight on above some water.

Planet Zebes

Metroid A few unstable platforms hover over a sea of deadly acid.
KMA Dream Land

Dream Land

Kirby Players start out in a generic forest area but are then transported to Dyna Blade's Nest, Mt. Dedede, and Kirby's House.
Checker Knights2

Checker Knights

Kirby The players fight on platforms that zoom through the Checker Knights course from Kirby Air Ride.

Castle Siege

Fire Emblem A castle under attack that then transports the players to a middle tier and a lower tier.

Hoshido Palace

Fire Emblem A palace gate that the players battle in front of.
Nooks cranny

Nook's Cranny

Animal Crossing Tom Nook's store, which several Animal Crosisng characters gather around in front of to watch the fight. Depending on what time the game is being played at, the time of day in the stage will be different. At 1:00 AM, K.K. Slider will appear and play Totaka's Song on his guitar.


Splatoon A big busy plaza where Inklings walk by in the background.


Boxboy! A simple stage with a small pit in the middle.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island A tropical island with 8-bit dinosaurs that occasionally attack the players.

Station Square

Sonic the Hedgehog A busy city street with cars that occasionally drive by, hitting players.
Kamiki village okami

Kamiki Village

Okami A small village mainly surrounded by water, which causes the players to die if they fall into it.
Shadow clan fortress

Shadow Clan Ninja Fortress

Ninja Gaiden A chaotic hidden fortress where several ninja assassins rush by, randomly dropping smoke bombs and throwing out shurikens.

DLC Stages


Name Series Effect
Assist trophy wife

Assist Trophy

Super Smash Bros. Summons a random assist character
Smash balls

Smash Ball

Super Smash Bros. Allows the user to do their Final Smash after they manage to break it

Super Mushroom

Super Mario Makes the user grow taller
Pyromaniac flower

Fire Flower

Super Mario Temporarily allows the user to shoot fire
Flower that is of ice

Ice Flower

Super Mario Temporarily allows the user to throw snowballs that cause whoever they hit to freeze in a block of ice


Super Mario Temporarily makes the player invincible to all attacks
Bonzai william

Banzai Bill

Super Mario A large bullet that can be thrown forward at enemies
Mystery Mushroom Super Mario Maker Randomly changes the user's character to any other character that has already been unlocked
Master Sword Legend of Zelda A powerful sword that the user can attack enemies with
Deku Nut Legend of Zelda Can be thrown at enemies to temporarily stun them
Deku Leaf Legend of Zelda Allows the user to glide in the air
Ice Arrow Legend of Zelda Can be thrown at enemies to temporarily freeze them solid
Pokeball Pokemon Summons a random Pokemon
Master Ball Pokemon Summons a random Legendary Pokémon
Rare Candy Pokemon Increases the damage of the user's attacks
Warp Star Kirby The user can ride on the Warp Star, which will lift them to the top of the stage and bring them zooming back down to the ground at super speed
Maxim Tomato Kirby Reduces the user's damage percentage
Screw Attack Metroid
Daybreak Kid Icarus Three different items that, once a fighter collects all three, become the Daybreak, which can instantly K.O. an enemy if aimed right at them
Shrinky Bean Kid Icarus Temporarily shrinks the user
Franklin Badge Mother Can be used to reflect electric-based projectiles
Golden Net Animal Crossing Can be used to hit opponents
Rainmaker Splatoon A blaster which releases a tornado of ink
Medi-Carbine Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. An item that can only appear in team battles, and can be used on teammates to heal them
Splash Gun Custom Robo A blaster that fires three projectiles that temporarily stun whoever they hit
Excitebike Excitebike A small motorcycle that can be ridden around the stage that can only be hit five times before it explodes
Lip's Stick Panel de Pon A flower wand that causes damage-dealing flowers to sprout from the enemy's head once the enemy is hit with it
NES Zapper Nintendo Can be used to shoot enemies
Super-Scope Nintendo A faster, more powerful, and heavier version of the NES Zapper that resembles a bazooka
Power Glove Nintendo A gauntlet that allows the user to emit invisible waves that push back enemies and items
Boss Galaga Galaga A pixelated spaceship that, once thrown, flies around and carries away a random enemy with it's tractor beam
Energy Tank Mega Man Heals the user
Tek Bow Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Allows the user to fire explosive arrows at enemies

Assist Characters

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies
Name Series Effect


Super Mario Traps the nearest enemy and repeatedly hits them with his tennis racket

Hammer Bro.

Super Mario Jumps around and throws hammers all over the stage

Koopa Paratroopa

Super Mario Paratroopa flies toward the nearest enemy and carries them up off of the stage


Super Mario Traps an enemy in his bag and if they don't fight their way out in time he throws them off of the stage
Poopa kid

Koopa Kid

Super Mario Declares that he is here to cause travel on the behalf of Bowser before driving through the stage on his Mario Kart cart, throwing random items and Bowser Bombs all over the stage

Midna & Wolf Link

Legend of Zelda Midna charges forward, riding on Wolf Link and ramming into the opponents


Legend of Zelda Agitha runs toward the nearest opponent and traps them in a butterfly net, then flings them off of the stage


Legend of Zelda Runs around the stage ramming into enemies


Legend of Zelda Jumps around the stage, tossing out throwing knives at enemies, which create suffocating bubbles around the heads of whoever they hit, briefly stunning them and doing damage the entire time


Legend of Zelda Makar buries a seed into the ground, which suddenly bursts into a gigantic tree
Poopymon trainer


Pokemon Spawns a random Pokémon to attack the opponents and throws out three Pokeballs before disappearing


Kirby Flies around and strikes lightning down onto the stage below

Dark Samus

Metroid Fires a giant blast of energy from her arm cannon
King kraid rool


Metroid Launches boulders from it's mouth that hit the enemies and explode
Snob 64

ROB 64

Star Fox Calls in several Arwings to fire at the enemies


Fire Emblem Casts "Elfire", shooting flames all over the stage

Glass Joe

Punch-Out!! A joke character who weakly throws a few punches and can be sent flying by one hit

K.K. Slider

Animal Crossing Plays on his guitar, causing anyone close enough to him to start dancing


Splatoon Begins shooting at the nearest enemy and then disappears as several Burst Bombs drop down from the top of the stage


Splatoon Flops around randomly, electrifying and stunning whoever it comes in contact with

Abraham Lincoln

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Summons the A.B.E., a giant mech suit, and jumps inside it, using it to rampage through the stage
Custom robo athena


Custom Robo Deploys three Dolphin Pods, dolphin-like drones, that immediately crash into the nearest enemy and self destruct

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic the Hedgehog Glides down from up above the stage and divebombs into a random enemy, then proceeds to punch them before disappearing
Too much edge for u 2 handle

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Temporarily slows down the opponents with his Chaos Control and shoots at them with his gun
Silver surfer

Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog Levitates the opponents and slams them to the ground
Lyrics in description

Lyric the Last Ancient

Sonic the Hedgehog Lyric grabs the nearest enemy with his tail, and repeatedly blasts them with his lasers, until eventually throwing them into the air and leaping off the stage
Hector the professor

Professor Hector

Gyromite Summons either R.O.B., who fires lasers from it's eyes at the enemies, or Snicks, who fly around the stage, divebombing opponents
Ballzpoop Fighter

Balloon Fighter

Balloon Fight Flies around and shoots at the enemies, but disappears once his balloon gets popped
Wild Gunman

Wild Gunman

Wild Gunman Repeatedly turns from side to side, firing at enemies left and right
Roy my boy

King Roy

Freakyforms Summons a random Freakyforms creature that stomps around the stage, stomping over opponents as he does so, and then disappears along with the creature
Wonder Bread

Wonder Red

The Wonderful 101 Summons several other Wonderful Ones to all gang up on the enemies for a brief period of time before they all vanish


Chibi-Robo Grabs his plug and throws it toward the nearest enemy, and if the plug hit the enemy the enemy is then shocked with electricity
Advance war megatank


Advance Wars Roams around the stage firing missiles at enemies
Turbin crampion

Urban Champion

Urban Champion Punches his way through the stage, hitting anyone that gets in his way
Imajin nitro


Doki Doki Panic Either summons a Snifit who shoots at the enemies, summons a Bob-Omb who walks in circles for a few seconds before exploding, or just throws vegetables all over the stage


Clock Tower Chases the enemies around with scissors, instantly defeating whoever he catches
Pete harvest


Harvest Moon Runs around the stage, attacking enemies with an axe and causing small crops to pop up out of the ground
Klonoa smash


Klonoa A gust of wind blows through the stage, and Klonoa rapidly attacks anyone caught in it with his Wind Sword
Alex ridd

Alex Kidd

Alex Kidd Does one of two random attacks: zooms around the stage on his motorbike and rams into random enemies or leaps toward a random enemy and punches them off the stage unless they dodge his attack in time.


Street Fighter Fires a Hadoken at the nearest enemy

Pokéball Pokémon

Pokeball Pokemon
Name Effect


Uses String Shot on the opponents, temporarily slowing them down


Uses Razor Leaf, shooting out several leaves in all directions


Uses Sand-Attack, covering the entire screen with sand and dirt for a few seconds
Nidokingdom hearts


Uses Horn Drill, zooming forward with his horn spinning and hitting the nearest enemy
Ha ha its magikarp ha ha GET IT GET THE JOKE HE SUCKS GET IT


Flops around, splashing water and not doing any damage


Leaps around the stage, throwing coins out at opponents


Runs around the stage, devouring every item (and person) it touches


Uses Absorb, creating a force field that drains the health of anyone caught in it and heals the summoner
Baby lucario


Uses Screech, emitting a sound wave from it's mouth that damages whoever it hits
Banana peel


Uses Aurora Beam, firing a blast of light from his horn at the enemies
American sevipner


Uses Wrap, lunging at a random enemy and wrapping itself around them, doing damage the entire time unless the enemy is able to break out by button-mashing


Uses Water Gun, blasting a stream of water at the enemies


Uses Dragon Tail, charging at the nearest enemy and hitting them with it's tail, sending them flying off into the air


Jumps up into the air and uses X-Scissor, creating a giant red X that covers the screen and does damage to anyone it covers

Master Ball Pokémon

Master Ball Pokemon
Name Effect


Uses Judgement, unleashing several beams of light all over the stage that do massive damage
Articuno Summons a gust of arctic wind that blows away all the opponents with a higher percentage

Game Modes


The players choose their characters and stage, and fight it out. Items can be turned on or off, and when they are on they randomly fall onto the stage. There are time battles, in which the teams fight until they reach the time limit, and stock battles, in which the players have set amounts of lives, and the battle ends when there is only one left. The regular Smash battles can have up to four players.

Special Smash

In Special Smash, the player can choose several different effects to alter the battle, including:

  • Fighter size big or small
  • Heads have flowers, bunny ears, Mario hats, or Wing Caps on their heads
  • Fighters have metal bodies, clear bodies, rainbow bodies, tails, rocket belts, back shields, angel wings, or Elephant trunks
  • Speed slow or fast
  • Gravity light, heavy, or off
  • Camera fixed or angled
  • Colors inverted, lightened, or darkened
  • Background music sped up, slowed down, or off

8-Player Smash

In eight-player Smash, there can be up to eight players and they fight in larger-sized stages.

Story Mode

See: Super Smash Bros. Nitro/Story Mode

Story Mode follows several different characters through an action-packed story, which consists of platforming sections and regular Smash battles.

Classic Mode

There can be up to four players, and they walk on an Super Mario 3D World-style world map, but all the worlds are different stages where they fight different enemies, who get increasingly harder until they reach the final boss. Depending on the difficulty, the boss fight is different:

  • Very Easy - Mii Fighting Team
  • Easy - Master Hand
  • Medium - Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • Hard - Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Master Core
  • Very Hard - Master Fortress
  • Hardest - Tabuu and Master Fortress

All-Star Mode

The player fights off the entire roster of the game grouped by which decade the characters first appeared in, which can be customized from either oldest-newest or newest-oldest.



Smash Run

Mii Costumes


  • Headgear
    • Princess Peach wig
    • Meta Knight mask
    • Captain Falcon helmet
    • Mario hat
    • Hibiscus
    • Headband
    • Cowboy hat
    • Pokémon Trainer hat
    • Afro
    • Link cap
  • Mii Fighter costumes
    • Tracksuit
    • Zero Suit
    • Tuxedo
    • Vampire suit
  • Mii Gunner costumes
    • Steampunk suit
    • Astronaut suit
    • Samus suit
    • Mech suit
  • Mii Swordfighter costumes
    • Ninja suit
    • Samurai suit
    • Link suit
    • Medieval armor
  • Mii Athlete costumes
    • Swimsuit
    • Raincoat
    • Basketball jersey
    • Neon suit


  • Headgear
    • Luigi cap
    • Wario cap
    • Waluigi cap
    • Toad cap
    • Beehive wig
    • Fedora
    • Scuba hat
    • Biker helmet
    • Splatoon squid hat
    • Devil horns
    • Antlers
    • Arrow through head
    • Executioner mask
    • Ryu Hayabusa mask
    • Hockey mask
  • Mii Fighter costumes
    • Tabuu costume
    • Urban Champion outfit
    • Mario suit
    • Luigi suit
    • Ball gown
    • School uniform
    • Biker uniform
    • Doctor costume
    • Gladiator costume
    • Devil costume
    • Dr. Wright costume
    • Robin suit
  • Mii Gunner costumes
    • Federation Force costume
    • Inkling costume
    • Octoling costume
    • Bear costume
    • Ray costume
    • Shigeru Miyamoto costume
    • Uncle Sam suit
    • Hazmat suit
    • Scuba suit
    • Firefighter suit
    • Masked Man suit
    • Android suit
  • Mii Swordfighter costumes
    • Ryu Hayabusa suit
    • Fencing suit
    • Scissorman costume
    • Lloyd Irving suit
    • Isaac suit
    • Marth suit
    • Ike suit
    • Lucina suit
    • Police uniform
    • King suit
    • Viking suit
    • Wizard suit
  • Mii Athlete costumes
    • Superhero suit
    • Camouflage suit
    • Skeleton suit
    • Zombie costume
    • X-Naut costume
    • Football uniform
    • Little Mac costume
    • King Hippo costume
    • Sonic the Hedgehog costume
    • Shadow the Hedgehog costume
    • Captain Falcon costume
    • Reggie costume




Like the previous game, Super Smash Bros. Nitro has Amiibo compatibility. It works with the Amiibos created for the previous game, except for the characters who were excluded from this one.

Wave One

  • Paper Mario
  • Gooey
  • Hawlucha
  • Dixie Kong
  • Lana
  • Sylux

Wave Two

  • Magnus
  • King Hippo
  • Cia
  • Timmy and Tommy
  • Master Higgins
  • Amaterasu

Mii Costumes

  • Shovel Knight - Unlocks the Shovel Knight suit for the Mii Swordfighter
  • Megaman - Unlocks the Mega Man suit for Mii Gunner
  • Rosalina - Unlocks the Rosalina suit for Mii Brawler
  • Ryu - Unlocks the Ryu suit for Mii Athlete
  • Pac-Man - Unlocks the Pac-Man mask for all four Mii Fighters

Tier List


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