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Super Smash Bros. NeXt is the fifth game in the Smash series. It has been confirmed that the game will be released only on the Nintendo NX (and NeXt is a reference to the console). Also, Square Enix and Platinum Games join the development of the game, along with Masahiro Sakurai, Sora Ltd. and a special help from Shigeru Miyamoto. The game is assumed to coming out in late 2021.


As of today, 12 characters have been revealed to be in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. At the end of the last Nintendo Direct before the E3 2019, Mario was seen running with a flag that said: "Get ready for the NeXt generation!". At the E3 2019 the game was formally revealed: a first trailer showed DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu and Mario, along with two newcomers: Splatoon's Inkling and Golden Sun's Matthew. During the E3, both Splatoon: Squid Squad! and Golden Sun Trilogy for NX were revealed. On the second day of the E3, Sakurai himself showed Tomato Adventure's DeMille and on the last day, the Treehouse showed Kingdom Hearts' Sora, along with Kingdom Hearts IV as an exclusive game for the NX.


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NSM Mario.dojo
NSM DK.dojo
NSM Link.dojo
NSM Samus.dojo
NSM Yoshi.dojo
NSM Kirby.dojo
NSM Fox.dojo
NSM Pikachu.dojo


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NSM Inkling.dojo
NSM Matthew.dojo
NSM DeMille.dojo
NSM Sora.dojo


As of today, 12 stages have been confirmed to be in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. Each stage will have the Ω form and three new ones: the α form with Battlefield's layout, δ form without any hazard and θ form, which is a bigger version of the stage. However, not every stage will have the θ form: familiar stages won't have this feature, as well as some bigger new stages. Each stage can be chosen for a 5-Player Smash or a 6-Player Smash but only θ forms or the stages that don't have this form can be chose for a 7-Player Smash or an 8-Player Smash.

New Stages

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Battlefield dojo
GhostHouse dojo
DKJungle dojo
NewHyrule dojo
ChozoRuins dojo
Yoshi'sIsland dojo
GourmetRace dojo
CorneriaZero dojo
BellTower dojo
KelpDome dojo
VenusLighthouse dojo
DivetotheHeart dojo

Game modes

Here, there are the modes in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. However, as of today, only some information has been revealed so stay tuned for updates!


Smash is the main mode: fight with up to 7 friends in local!

Smash: Smash

The classic 4 player rumble: just a fight with your friends! You can choose many options such as Items, Stages' version (Omega, Alpha, Delta and Theta), rules (Stock, Time, Coins) and many other stuff.

Smash: 8-Player Smash

The rumble gets doubled! However, the rules don't change. The only thing you can't customize is Stage's version (only Theta version for some stages).


Fight against the world, with friends or other smashers all around the globe.

Online: With Friends

Fight with your friends online. Here, the rules are like Smash mode.

Online: With Anyone

Fight with others smashers. There are three modes With Anyone: For Fun and For Glory (that return from Smash 4) and For Money. For Money is like For Fun but everyone has to pay some Gold to fight. The winner will gain his bet and loser's bet, the second classified will gain his bet and half of third's, the third will lose half of his bet and the loser will lose his entire bet.

Online: Spectator

Spectator Mode returns from Smash 4 but this time you can't bet because of For Money mode.

Games & More

Many modes are waiting to being played in Games & More! Much like Smash 4, in Games & More there's NeXt's true game in single player.

Games & More: Classic Mode

Classic Mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl returns, but with more stages. More information will be added with new updated so stay tuned!

Games & More: Story Mode

A new Story Mode is confirmed to return. Its name will be Story Mode: the Darkest Day and will revolve around Heartless. However, no more information is known as of today.

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