Tower of Smash is a new game mode in Super Smash Bros. Myrmidon. In this game mode, the player will have to climb a tower. On each floor, the player will be given a random challenge. On every 10th floor, a boss from Classic Mode is battled. The Intensity chosen will determine how many floors will be featured (0.01-1.00 would have 10 floors, 1.01-2.00 would have 20 floors, etc.)


  • Single Battle
  • Double Battle
  • One vs. Three
  • One vs. Two
  • Two vs. Two
  • Four Way
  • Triple Threat
  • Defeat 10-20 enemies
  • KO an enemy with an Assist Trophy
  • KO an enemy with a Poké Ball
  • KO an enemy without using Special Attacks
  • Avoid getting more than 100% damage in two minutes.

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