Super Smash Bros. Melee HD
The game's banner on the Zeta Nebula.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Masahiro Sakurai
Producer(s) Hiroaki Suga

Shigeru Miyamoto

Composer(s) Hirokazu Ando

Shogo Sakai Tadashi Ikegami

Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
November 21, 2017


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS
Successor TBA
Cost $49.99
Super Smash Bros. Melee HD is a remake of Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Switch. The game is being developed by Hal Laboratory and will published by Nintendo. It is said to feature updated graphics, scrapped content from the original game, some small add-ons, reworked characters, and many fixed glitches. It will be both a physical title that you can purchase along with a downloadable one. It will be released during Q4 of 2017, specifically November 21st, 2017.


Changes include:

  • Graphics have been updated to look like the Wii U incarnation of Smash.
  • Final Smashes were added along with Smash Balls.
  • King Dedede, Wario, Lucas, Pit, Snake, and Sonic were added, along with DLC characters in the form of Saki, Sigurd, Meowth, and Wolf
  • Eleven new stages have been added overall.
  • Switch controllers can now be used alongside updated Wavebird controllers.
  • Updated models for items, stage hazards, and stages.
  • 10 more events have been added.
  • More music has been added to the list of songs.
  • The 4 DLC characters can be transported to the Wii U and the 3DS versions, along with Snake, Young Link, Pichu, and the Ice Climbers.



Super Smash Bros. Melee is known for being extremely fast in terms of gameplay. Since this is the case, the game plays exactly like the original Gamecube game. You can play with the Switch controller, Switch pro Controllers, the Joycons, and Gamecube controllers with the Gamecube Adapter. Minor glitches were removed while glitches like wavedashing and L-Cancelling were kept in to keep the original feel of the game. The graphics have been updated to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U quality.

All modes from Melee return, including Adventure Mode, Break the Targets, and the old incarnations of Classic Mode and All-Star Mode. Characters like Ice Climbers, Young Link, and Pichu return while characters who were going to be in Melee made it in, including Wario, Lucas, Sonic, and Snake. In addition, the Smash Ball from Brawl and Wii U/3DS has returned, but like the other items, it is completely optional to use. Also returning from SSB4 is the Omega stages, a mode where every single stage is flat with no platforms in the same style as Final Destination.


  • Classic Mode: You play as any character through 11 battles, one with Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand, and 3 being Break the Targets.
  • Adventure Mode: You play as any character as you fight your way through Nintendo-themed stages.
  • All-Star: You can unlock this mode by unlocking every character. You fight all characters in a specific order which is randomized each time.
  • Event Match: Events are missions with a certain goal to be achieved.
  • Stadium: This mode includes minigames like Target Test, Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Melee, and Training.
  • Melee: Melee is the standard 4 player fighting mode. You choose a stage and you can fight either real life players or CPUs.
  • Tournament Mode: This mode involves 2-on-2 battles. Whoever loses is eliminated from the next few rounds. You can add up to 64 characters overall.

Buffs and nerfs have been included as well. Characters like Roy, Kirby, Mewtwo, Bowser, Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Link have been buffed, while characters like Fox, Falco, Marth, and Sheik have been nerfed.

Final Smashes

All Final Smashes for each individual character can be found on this page.

Default Characters (Veterans)

Character+Description Character+Description


Mario is a balanced character with a variety of moves. He attacks quickly, but jumps low and has among the worst recoveries in the game. His backwards throw can throw almost farther than any other character's throws. His Cape helps deflect oncoming attacks and shoots whatever is being shot at him back to his opponent

Bowser yendo alts

Bowser is the heaviest and one of the slowest characters, but has powerful attacks and is hard to hit off of the stage at low damage percentages. He can use his weight to crush the characters he grabs. He is one of the first villains to be playable in the series. His Fire Breath move burns his enemies down.

Peach ssbc

Princess Peach has a special ability to float above the ground for a short amount of time. In her forward smash, she swings a golf club, a tennis racket, or a frying pan. When using her recovery, she can slowly float in the direction she chooses, proving to be a very useful horizontal recovery. Toad can be used as a Counter.

Yoshi union

Yoshi is an unusually heavy fighter with average speed, though he is rather weak, unlike other heavyweights. Unlike other fighters, Yoshi's shield is not an energy bubble but a green-spotted Yoshi Egg. He lacks a third jump but can jump extremely high. He can swallow enemies and turn them into eggs with his Egg Lay move. Unusually, Yoshi cannot jump out of shield, making him the only fighter with this odd trait.

Donkey kong union

Donkey Kong is a strong and heavy character, but is surprisingly agile. When he grabs enemies, he can carry them for a short distance. His Headbutt can bury opponents for a certain time (depending on their damage percentage).


Captain Falcon is one of the fastest-running character in the game. His attacks are quick, but some are still very strong, particularly his forward aerial knee attack and up-smash. His Falcon Punch is famous for its sheer power. Similar to Fox, he is unique in a way that he is both fast and strong.

Fox union

Fox is a fast character with surprising strength. He falls very fast, and his Blaster has the unique ability to do damage to enemies without stopping them. Due to his mix of both high strength and high speed, Fox is widely considered to be one of the best characters in terms of offense.


The Ice Climbers fight as a pair. The player only controls one Ice Climber, and a CPU plays the partner, who generally follows the player's moves. The Ice Climbers have a low reach, but they also have some high power attacks and dangerous grabs. By changing colors, the player can choose between controlling Popo or Nana.


Ness is a slow character who relies on his PSI attacks. He can attack with a baseball bat and a yo-yo as his smash attacks. To recover with his PK Thunder, Ness must direct the ball of lightning and hit himself to catapult himself towards the stage. He also uses his PSI Magnet to recover damage with certain enemy projectiles.


Kirby is a light and fairly slow character with weak attacks. He can jump five times in mid-air. His Swallow attack allows him to copy other characters' B Button abilities. He has the ability to become a Stone and come crashing down on his enemies

Samus smash wii u png

Samus is a heavy character with powerful attacks. Her Grappling Beam, while slow, allows her to grab characters from farther away. She can charge up a shot which increases in power the longer it's charging.


Zelda is a slow-moving character. Her attacks can be quite powerful, but her strongest attacks don't hit the enemy easily. She has the ability to transform herself into Sheik, giving her a wide range of different special moves.

Sheik (SSB 3DS & Wii U)

Sheik is Zelda's alter-ego. Compared to Zelda, Shiek moves faster, attacks rapidly and combos well. However, unlike Zelda, Sheik doesn't have a lot of powerful moves. Zelda can transform into Sheik at any point during the match and vice versa, though the player can be Sheik at the start of the battle by holding down A Button on the controller.

Link union

Link is a character of high weight and medium strength. However, he is rather slow. He uses his sword to attack. He also shoots a bow and has a boomerang.

Pikachu png smash wii u

Pikachu is fast and light. It uses its electric attacks to damage other enemies. Pikachu's recovery is unique in a way that it can be used twice, provided that the second recovery is in a different direction.

Starter Characters (Newcomers)

Character+Description Character+Description


Since WarioWare wasn't made back in 2001, Wario represents his other series, Wario Land. Wario is a heavy character with great aerial mobility. He can use his Shoulder Charge, chomp down on enemies, break pots, and toss coins around. Wario can also clap his hands around his enemies.


Lucas was going to be in the original game, but since his game was always getting delayed, he never made it into the game. Lucas plays a lot like Ness, but has a lot of different attacks that he can use. He's heavier and has a faster falling speed, but packs a heavier punch than Ness ever could.


King Dedede wasn't put in the original Super Smash Bros. Melee due to Sakurai not wanting to overrepresent his own series. King Dedede has the same recovery as Kirby, but it's way heavier and slower. The same can be said for King Dedede. He's extremely heavy but has decent speed. As you can see, King Dedede uses his hammer to attack enemies. He can also swallow enemies and spit them out.

Unlockable Characters (Veterans)

Character+Description Character+Description


Jigglypuff is light, but has a few powerful attacks. It can jump five times in mid-air and has the best aerial speed in the game. Its Rest attack has a very low reach, but is extremely powerful and can KO at low damage. Although Jigglypuff is light, it has the slowest overall ground speed in the game.

Dr. Mario SSB4

Dr. Mario is very similar to Mario. His attacks have different effects (usually electric instead of fire), but act the same way as Mario's. Most of his attacks are stronger than Mario's, though he moves slower.

Pichu Smashified by KryptonLion

Pichu is similar to Pikachu. It is the lightest character in the game. Like Pikachu, it moves and attacks quickly. Like said in the National Pokedex, whenever it uses an electric attack, Pichu will inflict damage to itself. The creator of the game has stated multiple times that Pichu is a "joke character."


Falco's moves are similar to those of Fox's. He is not as fast as Fox, but he jumps higher and has a longer reach. His Blaster also functions differently; it fires more slowly, but it can stun enemies.

Marth yendo alts

Marth is a fast character with average strength and weight. He uses a sword to attack, granting him one of the longest reaches in the game. He is known for his very good air attacks than can easily string together. Marth's attacks are strongest at the tip of the sword.

Young link smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9703zs

Young Link is similar to Link. However, he is considerably weaker, lighter, faster, and can Wall Jump.


Ganondorf's attacks are similar to Captain Falcon's. However, he is very slow, quite heavy, and possesses the strongest attacks in terms of knockback. He also has a unique special attack when pressing A Button and moving Control Stick upwards; different from a Smash Attack.

Mewtwo yendo alts

Mewtwo is a slow, floaty character, who features a strong grab and some powerful throws. The game attributes its low weight to the fact that it hovers above ground.

Luigi SSBU

Luigi is a character with average weight and speed, but with above average strength. He has many similarities to Mario in his move set. He jumps highly but slowly, and has low traction, giving him the game's longest sliding distance.


Roy is similar to Marth. Unlike Marth, his attacks are strongest at the base of his sword, and his air game is very bad. His fully charged Flare Blade is the game's strongest non-reflected attack, but it backfires when charged maximally, doing 30 damage to Roy himself.


Mr. Game & Watch has average speed and strength, but his weight is low due to his 2D appearance. His Judgment attack chooses a number from 1-9 at random, getting stronger each number. 9 is a 1-hit-KO move, while 1 does minimal knockback and damage and even damages Mr. Game & Watch himself.

Unlockable Characters (Newcomers)

Character+Description Character+Description

Smash 3C Classic Pit by ledgerewskie, Codex-9, the101, zarx1554 with credit to SomeSmashBro, PMDT, Smash 3 Team

Pit was rumored to be planned for the original Smash Bros. along with Meowth and Sigurd. He wasn't in the first two games, but he was in Melee as a trophy. Pit can fly for a short time, shoot our arrows, and split his bow in two blades. He can also use regular punches and kicks.


Snake was going to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee due to a request by Hideo Kojima, but due to time, he couldn't make it. Snake plays exactly like he did in Brawl, except he's now a bit faster. Snake can choke enemies, throw grenades, and shoot out missiles.

Sonic yendo alt

Sonic, like Snake, was going to be in Melee but couldn't be added due to time constraints. Sonic is the fastest character in the entire game, but since Melee is so fast, Sonic is a bit hard to get used to. Sonic Adventure was coming out around the time of Melee, so Sonic uses some moves from there. He can also Spin Dash.

DLC Characters

Character+Description Character+Description

Meowth SSB4

Meowth is a Pokemon from Gen 1 that you can encounter in the wild. It's more famous for being the face of Team Rocket, though. Meowth can claw and toss coins at his enemies for some attacks, but his claim to fame is his guitar. Meowth can plays songs on it that blow the enemies away. He can also whack them with it.


Sigurd was the main protagonist in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and was the first lord in Fire Emblem to be mounted on a horse. Sigurd can use his horse for his Final Smash, but mostly uses his sword and lances. Sigurd can jab, use his Iron Lance, swipe enemies with his cape, and use his sword or lance for a downstrike.

Saki SSB4

Saki is the main protagonist from the Sin & Punishment series, and is often confused for a girl due to his hair. Saki's main method of attack is his Cannon Sword, which he can use to slash and shoot enemies with. Saki is extremely fast.

Wolf render smash wii u 3ds style by machriderz-d8nym1k

Wolf was rumored to be added to Melee along with Ridley, Saki, and Toad. Now, he's finally in! Wolf is much like Fox and Falco, but is heavier and has attacks that deal better damage. Wolf can also claw at opponents since...he's a wolf. He's feral. Duh.

Default Stages (Returning)

Stage+Description Stage+Description


Icicle Mountain is a stage that scrolls up and down at different speeds. It has many different small platforms to jump on, similar to the classical platforming game Ice Climber


In this stage, the battle takes place on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64. There are some hovering platforms at either side of the small tower. Switches can be activated, making ? Blocks appear. From time to time, a Banzai Bill is shot into the castle, causing an explosion.


The Kongo Jungle stage is set on logs over a waterfall. A small platform also appears to the right, and sometimes logs are falling down the waterfall, creating temporary platforms. Below the stage is a Barrel Cannon which shoots out characters in a random direction when they fall into it.


The Great Bay stage, based on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, has two platforms which stand fixed in the water, and a swimming stone. Sometimes, a turtle rises from the water, creating additional platforms. Tingle is also seen on the stage with a giant balloon, and is forming another platform.


Yoshi's Story features elements of the game Yoshi's Story. In the center is Yoshi's Island, and three smaller platforms are hovering above it. It also has a cloud moving below it to catch falling characters. Fly Guys fly by occasionally, carrying Food.


On the Fountain of Dreams stage from the Kirby series, the fountain itself forms a big platform in the middle with three smaller hovering platforms above it, whose height varies.


In the Corneria stage from the Star Fox series, the battle is held on the Great Fox, a spaceship. From time to time, Arwings fly by and shoot at the combatants.

SSBMania RainbowCruise

Rainbow Cruise(NTSC)/Rainbow Ride (PAL) is a moving stage with different environments based on Rainbow Ride from Super Mario 64. It starts on a floating ship, which falls down after a certain time, and players have to move on over the various platforms.


The Jungle Japes stage from the Donkey Kong series is set on a river, with three ledges made of wood with a house and a toilet house found on them. The players fight on these platforms. Occasionally, Klaptraps jump out of the water, trying to drag characters downwards into the water.

Temple SSBWU.png

The Temple is the biggest stage of the game, designed after several games from the Legend of Zelda series. It features many different platforms and a tunnel system. Despite its size, it does not have any side effects.


The Yoshi's Island stage is set in a scene from Super Mario World. The area is enclosed by a slope on the one side and a Warp Pipe on the other. In the middle, there is a hole with Turning Blocks above it. There are also two groups of turning blocks floating on the stage serving as additional platforms.


Green Greens from the Kirby series is consisting of three separated grass platforms. The huge tree, Whispy Woods, blows the characters away. Sometimes, apples fall from him. Also, blocks and bomb blocks fall from the sky in between the platforms.


Much like Corneria, Venom is featuring the Great Fox flying over the surface. But unlike Corneria, the battle is fought on the Great Fox's four wings, the ship is seen from the front. Arwings also appear and shoot at the players.

SSB4 Brinstar

Brinstar from Metroid is consisting of several platforms which are held together by organic material or other objects. These connections can be destroyed, causing some of the platforms to hover in the air. Sometimes, acid rises from below burning the characters, but also restoring broken connections.


In Onett from EarthBound, the battle takes place on a few houses in the village and a nearby tree. Cars drive by and hit characters when they do not avoid them. There are warning signs announcing the cars. The platforms of the drug store in the middle can collapse, but restore themselves after a certain time.


Mute City takes place on a large F-Zero race track with a small platform hovering in the middle of it. Occasionally, this platform will go down, exposing the road. F-Zero gliders will sometimes race into the players, but can also be destroyed.


The Pokémon Stadium looks like a simple stage with two floating platforms, but every once in a while the stage will change into one of four different terrains: Water, Fire, Rock, and Grass, which all have different features obstacles.

250px-Mushroom Kingdom I Melee

The Mushroom Kingdom stage features many objects from classical Super Mario Bros. games, such as Brick Blocks and ? Blocks, which contain items, as well as falling platforms above two gaps.

Default Stages (New)

Character+Description Character+Description


Super Mario Bros. 3 was a legendary NES game. Because of this, we're adding Mushroom Kingdom III into the stage selection! You play on flat ground with pipes and background blocks. You can step on flat platforms with wings passing by.

Pokemon GSC map Tin Tower F1

The Bell Tower is where the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh once resided. You fight on the top of the tower, which is mostly a flat platform. Ho-Oh sometimes appears and lets you fight on it's back.


Kid Icarus finally has some representation in Melee besides a trophy, and that's a character and a new stage. You play in the first part of the original Kid Icarus. Enemies from the original game may come down and hit you, but they're pretty weak overall.

Unlockable Stages (Returning)

Stage+Description Stage+Description


The Flat Zone modeled after a Game & Watch system. From time to time, wrenches, buckets, and other tools fall from the top. Oil can also be spilled over the ground, making it hard for the players to move. Some platforms vanish and appear at different places.


Brinstar Depths from Metroid features a large rock platform. There are few floating rocks, which players can jump onto at any time. When Kraid hits it, the large rock rotates in any direction, exposing a different side of it.

250px-Fourside Melee

This EarthBound stage is set high on the skyscrapers of Fourside. Players have to be careful not to fall into the gaps between the buildings. It has a giant UFO that occasionally shows up on the screen and can be used as a platform.


Big Blue is side-scrolling, and the fight takes place on top of the F-Zero gliders. Players have to be cautious not to hit the track, as they would stay behind and, because of the high speed of the gliders, would hit the barrier at the left end of the stage, knocking them out.


The Poke Floats stage takes place in the skies of Kanto, where giant floating Pokemon balloons are found. To survive on this stage, the player must jump from one Pokemon balloon to the next. It is unlocked by playing 200 Vs Matches.

MushroomKingdomII USBIV

Mushroom Kingdom II, actually featuring Super Mario Bros. 2, has a generic scene from the game with several platforms and a waterfall that forms gorges between them. Occasionally, logs will fall down the waterfall, creating temporary platforms. A Pidgit will also occasionally fly in, creating another platform, and a Birdo appears from time to time, spitting Birdo Eggs at the characters. Birdo can be KOed in a series of weak attacks or one strong attack.


Battlefield is a floating stage consisting of a big platform in the middle and three smaller platforms hovering above it. The stage does not have any side effects, which allows players to solely concentrate on the fight.


Final Destination has absolutely no features, so the combatants are not bothered by the stage in any way.


The Dream Land is a stage returning from Super Smash Bros. The only feature is Whispy Woods who occasionally blows a harsh wind in a random direction.


Yoshi's Island is a stage returning from Super Smash Bros. It is consisting of a big platform with the Super Happy Tree in the background, three other smaller floating platforms above, and three clouds at the edges of the stage, which vanish when a character stands on them too long.

Super smash bros kongojungle64

The Kongo Jungle is a stage returning from Super Smash Bros. The stage is made out of a large wooden platform with several smaller, sometimes floating ones around it. There is also a Barrel Cannon underneath the arena.

Unlockable Stages (New)

Stage+Description Stage+Description


Hyrule Castle came from Ocarina of Time, but unlike the original stage from the N64 version, the layout is enitrely different. You fight on top of the castle again, but you can also fight in the castle garden as well.


Mt. Dedede is the obvious home of King Dedede. It's where his castle is located, and it's the final location in Kirby Super Star's "Spring Breeze" mode. You fight in Dedede's boxing ring as different enemies from Adventure Mode watch the fight go on.


Green Hill Zone is the most iconic Sonic location of all time. Unlike Brawl, thought, this location is more like the original game. Kinda a fusion between Mushroom Kingdom II and Green Hill Zone. You can jump on Badniks as they pass they.


Shadow Moses Island is the stage that represents both Snake and the Metal Gear Solid series. You fight on the helipad area and a seachlight may appear and highlight you. Metal Gears may break the background, but won't attack you.

DLC Stages

Stage+Description Stage+Description

Pewter Museum

Pewter City is the first town with a gym you visit in Generation 1. The main location is the gym, where Brock and his Rock type Pokemon are located. You fight inside the gym as Brock's Pokemon mess with the battlefield. Geodude can roll by or Onyx can serve as a platform.

Map akaneia

Akaneia was originally going to put in Super Smash Bros. Melee, since Marth and Roy were added as the Fire Emblem representatives. You fight on floating platforms that dive into an illustration of Akaneia, showing you all the different landscapes the land has to offer.

Water Tunnel

The Underwater Tunnel is a location from the game "Sin & Punishment: Star Successor." It's the game's take on the stereotypical water level. You fight on a platform as the level is seen in the background. Enemies from the stage, including the Medusa Keeper, appear in the background and sometimes even the foreground.


Corneria is the most iconic location in Star Fox history. This version of Corneria is based on the original Star Fox on the SNES. You fight on Arwings flying into the horizon. The Arwings are slanted due to to limitations of the SNES.


Items are things that appear at random points in the battle. They can be turned on and off on the Options menu.

Item Description
Item+Description Item+Description Item+Description Item+Description


The Smash Ball floats in and flies above the stage. If a character hits it enough, they can unleash a special attack that most likely can harm the other opponents on the stage.


The Barrel contains a single random item, which can be released by smashing the barrel or throwing it against a wall. When thrown to the ground, it will roll onwards and hit players.


The Barrel Cannon is used to trap a character inside. Then the barrel rotates, and depending when the trapped character presses a button, they will be fired out in a certain angle. However, the Barrel Cannon vanishes quite quickly after appearing on the stage.

Fig 20 beamsword

The Beam Sword can be used to hit other characters. It is powerful, but the hits are rather slow.


The Bob-omb can be thrown at another character to cause an explosion. If left on the ground for a few seconds, it starts walking around. It then explodes after a certain amount of time or if it walks into a character.


The character wearing the Bunny Hood is faster and can jump higher.


The Capsule contains a single random item that is small. It can be easily thrown and sometimes explodes when hitting the wall or a character.


The Cloaking Device makes the player invisible. The player still takes damage regardless of being invisible and harder to hit, but their damage percentage will not increase while invisible.


The Crate contains three different random items. Sometimes, it explodes when hit.


The Egg contains a single item and is very similar to the Capsule. Whether it is a weapon or Food depends on the current stage. It can also explode.


The Fan is used to smack other characters. It is difficult to escape the Fan's fast hits, though they do not do much damage per hit.


When thrown, the Flipper stops hovering in the air, creating an obstacle for players. It can also repel projectiles.


The Fire Flower is used to shoot fire at other characters. It is not, like in the Mario series, similar to the Fireball attack, but to Bowser's Fire Breath.


The player's damage meter is reduced by a small amount. The actual amount varies from food to food.

Freezie SSB4

The Freezie glides along the stage and can fall off edges. It can be destroyed before it has been picked up. It can be used to freeze other players in an ice block when throwing it at them. Using fiery attacks will make them normal again.


The Green Shell can be thrown, and then slides along the ground, being able to hit multiple characters.


A massive hammer from Donkey Kong. If picked up, it can do great damage, the hammer of the top of the head will stay on all the time from now on.


The Heart Container reduces the player's damage meter by 100%.


When a Smash Attack is performed with a Home-Run Bat, the hit character is knocked out instantly. It is also featured in the Home-Run Contest.


The character hit by Lip's Stick gets a flower on their head, which is doing continuous little damage. The more often a character is hit, the bigger the flower grows, and the more damage it will do.


The player's damage meter is reduced by 50% when picked up.


Hitting the Metal Box makes the player metal. They weigh a lot and cannot be thrown off the stage easily; but if they are thrown off, they cannot jump easily and it is harder to survive for them.


When placed on the ground, on the ceiling, or on the side of a ledge, the Motion-Sensor Bomb stays on the ground and explodes when someone touches it.


They are used to throw it at other characters. When they are caught by the player again, they do not vanish, and can hit the other character many times

Parasol SSBR

The Parasol can be used to hit other characters. When falling, the character holding the parasol glides down slowly.


When the Party Ball opens, items appear at random. There is a high chance that the items will be Food or Bob-ombs.


The opposite of Super Mushrooms. The player shrinks, gets easier to K.O., and is weaker; but they also become more flexible and has more evasion.

Fig 20 pokeball

When the Poké Ball is opened, a Pokémon appears. The effect of the Pokémon varies, but they mostly involve attacking the players' enemies without hurting their owner. However, some Pokémon hurt all players within their range. See the List of Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The Ray Gun can shoot out laser beams. It has 14 beams before it runs out.


The Red Shell is much like the Green Shell, but does less damage, homes in on characters, and cannot fall off the stage.


As long as a character is holding the Screw Attack in their hand, their jump is in the form of Samus's Screw Attack move. When another character is hit by it, they also do that jump and take damage.


The Starman makes players invincible for a moment. They do not take damage from their enemies and cannot be hit or grabbed, but they can still fall off the stage and get knocked out this way.


When the Star Rod is used, stars come flying out of it, hitting other characters. The Star Rod has limited use and when all stars have run out, the Star Rod cannot shoot stars anymore


It makes the player larger, and thus become stronger, harder to K.O., but easier to hit (due to the size) and less flexible.


The Super Scope shoots out many small energy balls, or, when charged up, up to three big energy balls. When it runs out of ammo, no more energy balls can fly out of it.


The character who picks the Warp Star up flies up into the air, and then crashes right back down, causing an explosion that damages other players. By tilting the Control Stick while in the air, the player can take influence on the landing point.



DLC Packs

All of the stages and characters, including the returning characters and stages, can be transferred to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. All 4 DLC packs cost $3.99 unless you purchase the "All in One" Pack, which gives you all content from each seperate pack. The pack costs $15.96.

DLC Pack


Contents include:

  • Meowth.
  • Pewter City stage.
  • 4 new songs for Pewter City.
  • 3 Meowth trophies. (Classic, Adventure, All-Star)
  • Cost: $3.99

Akaneia's Pride

Contents include:

  • Sigurd.
  • Akaneia stage.
  • 4 new songs for Akaneia.
  • 3 Sigurd trophies. (Classic, Adventure, All-Star)
  • Cost: $3.99

Smash & Punishment

Contents include:

  • Saki.
  • Underwater Tunnel stage.
  • 4 new songs for Underwater Tunnel.
  • 3 Saki trophies. (Classic, Adventure, All-Star)
  • Cost: $3.99

Can't Let You Do That!

Contents include:

  • Wolf.
  • SNES Corneria stage.
  • 4 new songs for SNES Corneria.
  • 3 Wolf trophies. (Classic, Adventure, All-Star)
  • Cost: $3.99

All in One!

Contents include:

  • Meowth, Sigurd, Saki, and Wolf.
  • Pewter City, Akaneia, Underwater Tunnel, and SNES Corneria stages.
  • All 16 new songs. 4 for each stage.
  • All 12 trophies for each character.
  • Cost: $15.96


  • Originally, the game was going to have a retail release on the Zeta Nebula, but Nintendo realized that the port would not be different enough from the V2 version. Instead, it was given a digital release.