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Super Smash Bros. Melee 2.0 ((大乱闘 スマッシュ ブラザーズ バージョン 二番, Great Fray Smash Brothers Deluxe Version 2) is a new release of the very popular Super Smash Bros. Melee being released exclusively on the Nintendo NX. It is being developed by Namco Bandai Games Inc..and Sora, and will be published by Nintendo. It features the gameplay seen in Super Smash Bros. Melee, while adding some new content to make it a little more than just a remake.

Super Smash Bros. Melee 2.0
Developer (s) Sora Ltd., Namco Bandai
Publisher (s) Nintendo
Genre (s) Fighting
Mode (s) Singleplayer, Multiplayer (2-4)
Platform (s) Nintendo NX
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
Release Date November 21, 2018


Super Smash Bros. Melee 2.0 includes 32 characters (not including Sheik who returns as a transformation of Zelda), which is 7 more than the original game. All 25(26) characters from Super Smash Brothers Melee return, as well as the addition of 7 characters (two of them not previously playable in any iteration of the Smash series). Also, in 2.0, Marth is a starter, Ness is unlockable, and almost every unlocking condition has changed from Super Smash Bros. Melee

The characters not in Melee, but in Melee 2.0, are Wario, Lucas, King Dedede, Sukapon, Pit, Mach Rider and Sonic. These seven were chosen based on the ideas and plans from Melee. 4 of them (Lucas, Wario, Sukapon, King Dedede) are starter and 3 (Pit, Mach Rider, Sonic) are unlockable

List of Characters

Starter Characters
Mario Peach Bowser Donkey Kong Link Zelda/Sheik
Samus Yoshi Kirby Dedede Pikachu Fox Lucas
Captain Falcon Ice Climbers Marth Wario Sukapon
Unlockable Characters
Luigi Dr. Mario Ganondorf Young Link Jigglypuff Mewtwo Pichu
Falco Ness Roy Mr. Game and Watch Pit Mach Rider Sonic

How to Unlock

Character How to Unlock Vs. Matches Stage Fought On
Jigglypuff Clear Classic or Adventure on any Difficulty 50 Pokemon Stadium
Ness Play 10 matches on Onett 100 Onett
Young Link Clear Classic or Adventure as Link with no continues 150 Great Bay
Dr. Mario Collect 50 Trophies 200 Peach's Castle 64
Pichu Clear Classic or Adventure with 10 characters (including Pikachu and Jigglypuff) 250 Pokemon Stadium
Mach Rider Defeat 125 enemies in Endless Melee 300 Big Blue
Falco Clear Event 32: Target Aquired 350 Corneria
Luigi Complete Stage #1 of Adventure Mode with a time ending in a "2" in the seconds meter. (Example- 3:42:35) If done correctly, Luigi will replace Mario in the next battle. Defeat Luigi and Peach in less than a minute, and then complete Adventure Mode. 400 Kingdom II
Roy Clear Classic or Adventure as Marth on Normal or higher 500 Akaneia
Pit Clear Classic or Adventure with all the starter characters  600 Underworld
Mewtwo Play VS. Mode for a combined 20 hours 700 Battlefield
Ganondorf Clear Target Test with 30 characters 800 Final Destination
Mr. Game and Watch Clear Classic or Adventure or Target Test as every character but himself and Sonic 900 Super Flat Zone
Sonic Use every other character in a VS. match 5 times as a human player 1000 Emerald Coast

Note: Any unlock condition invloving Classic or Adventure can be done in All-Star if the player goes to Options>Erase Data>Characters

Note 2: Any unlock condition involving Target Test can be done in Board the Platforms as well


Melee 2.0 has a total of 36 stages. In addition to including almost all 29 stages featured in Super Smash Bros. Melee (Flat Zone is now Super Flat Zone, while Venom and Mushroom Kingdom got cut), it features 3 new stages and the return of all 9 stages from the original Super Smash Brothers. Many of the stages were reworked to be better fit for fair gameplay. In addition, almost every stage has an Alpha form. Alpha form stages are stages made to fit the guidelines of competitive play.

Starter Arenas

Mushroom Kingdom:

Princess Peach's Castle

DK Island:

Jungle Japes      



Planet Zebes:


Yoshi's Island:

Yoshi's Story

Dream Land:

Green Greens

Lylat System:



Pokemon Stadium

F-Zero Grand Prix:

Mute City



Infinite Glacier:

Icicle Mountain


Talys Fortress

Unlockable Arenas

Mushroom Kingdom:

Rainbow Cruise


Kingdom II

DK Island:

Kongo Jungle


Great Bay

Planet Zebes:

Brinstar Dephts

Yoshi's Island:

Yoshi's Island

Dream Land:

Fountain of Dreams

Kanto Skies:

Poke Floats


Big Blue



Superflat World:

Super Flat Zone

Angel Land:


Station Square;

Emerald Coast

Special Stage:


Special Stage:

Final Destination

Past Stages:

Peach's Castle

Past Stages:

Congo Jungle

Past Stages:

Hyrule Castle

Past Stages:

Planet Zebes

Past Stages:

Yoshi's Island

Past Stages:

Dream Land

Past Stages:

Sector Z

Past Stages:

Saffron City

Past Stages:

Mushroom Kingdom

How to Unlock

Stage How to Unlock
Rainbow Cruise Clear 100-Man Melee
Kingdom II Obtain the Birdo trophy
Kongo Jungle Play 50 VS. Matches
Great Bay Clear Classic or Adventure as Young Link
Brinstar Dephts Play 250 Vs. Matches
Yoshi's Island Clear Classic or Adventure as Yoshi with no continues
Fountain of Dreams Clear Event 16: Kirby's Air Raid
Poke Floats Clear Event 37: Legendary Pokemon
Big Blue Earn the Speed Demon Bonus on a diffuculty other than Very Easy
Fourside Play 100 VS. Mode matches
Super Flat Zone Clear Target Test with all characters
Underworld Collect 150 Trophies
Emerald Coast Clear Classic or Adventure as Sonic
Battlefield Clear all events
Final Destination Complete atleast 3 VS. Mode matches on every other stage
Peach's Castle 64 Play 200 VS. Matches
Kongo Jungle 64 Endure a 15-Minute Melee
Hyrule Castle 64 Play 150 VS. Mode Matches
Planet Zebes 64 Play VS. Mode for a combined 10 Hours
Yoshi's Island 64 Clear 1300 ft. in the Home Run Contest
Dream Land 64 Clear Classic or Adventure as Dedede on Normal or Higher
Sector Z 64 Play 300 VS. Matches
Saffron City 64 Clear All-Star as Mewtwo without using a Heart Container
Mushroom Kingdom 64 Clear Classic or Adventure as every character

Note: With the exception of Mushroom Kingdom 64 (must be Classic or Adventure) and Saffron City 64 (Must be All Star), every stage that is stated to be unlocked in Classic or Adventure can also be done in All-Star

Note 2: Any unlock condition that involves the Target Test can be done in Board the Platforms as well

Notable Stage Changes (and New Stage Descriptions)

Yoshi's Story

  • Is completely redesigned to be a horizontial moving stage. It is a faithful recreation of the Stage Treaure Hunt from Yoshi's Story. It also has additional cloud platforms. The original Yoshi's Story stage is now the Alpha transformation


  • The stage Venom from Super Smash Bros. Melee was given the name Corneria (and redesigned to actually look like the Corneria background) solely due to the return of all 9 SSB64 stages. Sector Z is exactly the same as the original Corneria stage.

Pokemon Stadium

  • Adds the Electric variation from Pokemon Stadium 2, minus the appearance of the Pokemon there. Conveyor belts move very slowly and adds an extra platform, making it look similar to Battlefield

Super Flat Zone

  • Combines all Flat Zone X transformations, plus two new transformations for Mario's Cement Factory and TBD. Unlike in Flat Zone X, whenever a stage transformation happens, it does not always go back the Fire transformation, and each transformation can happen randomly


All modes from Super Smash Bros. Melee return. In 2.0, the return of Board the Platforms mode as well as the addition of Smash Run from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS are the major additions. There is also an amiibo exclusive mode

Single Player

  • Regular Match
    • Classic Mode
    • Adventure Mode
    • All-Star
  • Event Match
  • Stadium
    • Target Test
    • Board the Platforms
    • Home-Run Contest
  • Multi-Man Melee
    • 10-Man Melee
    • 100-Man Melee
    • 3 Minute Melee
    • 15 Minute Melee
    • Cruel Melee
    • Endless Melee


  • Melee
  • Tournament Melee
  • Special Melee
    • Camera Mode
    • Stamina Mode
    • Super Sudden Death Mode (300%)
    • Giant Melee
    • Tiny Melee
    • Lightning Melee
    • Slow-Mo Melee
    • Invisible Melee
    • Metal Melee
    • Flower Melee
    • Fixed Camera Melee
    • Single-Button Melee
  • Smash Run
  • Mysterious Amiibo-only related mode


There are 393 trophies to collect, which is 100 more than the original Melee. Confirmed new trophies are

  • 3 trophies for each of the 7 new characters
  • 7 Sonic related trophies (including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman)
  • 3 Kid Icarus related trophies (including Palutena and Eggplant Wizard
  • 1 Joy Mech related trophy
  • 4 Fire Emblem related trophies (including Sigurd)
  • Diddy Kong
  • Koopalings
  • Wolf
  • Porky
  • More Pokemon (TBD amount of trophies)
  • Even More trophies

Coming Soon...

  • Detailed list of character changes, as well as descriptions of new characters
  • Detailed changes in more stages as well as Alpha transformations
  • Pictures everywhere, my computer will only let me do it half of the time.
  • Trophy List
  • List of gameplay changes from Smash 4 (as well as any changes from Melee)
  • Amiibo-exclusive mode that I have no idea what It'll be (as well as release dates for Ice Climbers, Pichu, Young Link, Sukapon and Mach Rider amiibo)
  • New events
  • Changes to all single player modes
  • Items and Pokemon (might add new Pokemon, definitley adding atleast 5 new items)
  • Talk about online functionality (which will in fact happen)
  • New costumes
  • Create a new box-art (or find someone who can make a new boxart)
  • Create and talk about new music tracks (each stage is getting 5 songs instead of 2 and each one is atleast getting one original remix from yours' truly)
  • Fake a development cycle and trivia
  • Fake knowing anything about Melee's competitive scene
  • Spelling and grammar (note, I don't know how to spell grammar)
  • Explain why I have this giant section dedicated to things I need to do instead of just writing it somewhere.
  • Other stuff I can't think of right now.

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