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Super Smash Bros. Masters
Genre(s) Fighting
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U
Successor N/A

Super Smash Bros Masters is an upcoming Smash Bros game for the Nintendo NX. It is set to be released in 2016, and is the fifth game in the Smash Bros Series.


The gameplay is almost identical to that of its predecessor. It is known that Footstool Jumping and Final Smashes will return, as well as Crawling. Tripping will not return, however.


There has been confirmed to be a total of 72 characters in this game.

Bold denotes newcomers.

Starting Characters

Image Name Series Moveset
Mario Union
Mario Super Mario Neutral Special: Fireball

Side Special: Cape

Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Down Special: F.L.U.D.D

Final Smash: Mario Finale

Peach union
Peach Super Mario Neutral Special: Toad

Side Special: Peach Bomber

Up Special: Parasol

Down Special: Vegetable

Final Smash: Peach Blossom

Bowser union
Bowser Super Mario Neutral Special: Fire Breath

Side Special: Koopa Klaw

Up Special: Whirling Fortress

Down Special: Bowser Bomber

Final Smash: Giga Bowser

SSB4 Rosalina Artwork
Rosalina Super Mario Neutral Special: Luma Shot

Side Special: Star Bits

Up Special: Launch Star

Down Special: Gravitational Pull

Final Smash: Power Star

Yoshi union
Yoshi Yoshi Neutral Special: Egg Lay

Side Special: Egg Roll

Up Special: Egg Toss

Down Special: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Yoshi Dragon

Donkey kong union
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Neutral Special: Giant Punch

Side Special: Headbutt

Up Special: Spinning Kong

Down Special: Hand Slap

Final Smash: Konga Beat

Diddy kong union
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Neutral Special: Peanut Popgun

Side Special: Monkey Flip

Up Special: Rocketbarrel Jump

Down Special: Banana Peel

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

Wario Wario Neutral Special: Chomp

Side Special: Wario Bike

Up Special: Corkscrew

Down Special: Wario Waft

Final Smash: Wario-Man

Link union
Link Legend of Zelda Neutral Special: Hero's Bow

Side Special: Gale Boomerang

Up Special: Spin Slash

Down Special: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Zelda Legend of Zelda Neutral Special: Nayru's Love

Side Special: Din's Fire

Up Special: Farore's Wind

Down Special: Phantom Slash

Final Smash: Light Arrow

Sheik SSB4
Sheik Legend of Zelda Neutral Special: Needle Storm

Side Special: Burst Grenade

Up Special: Disappear

Down Special: Bouncing Fish

Final Smash: Light Arrow

HW Lana vb
Lana Hyrule Warriors Neutral Special: Barrier Spell

Side Special: Argorok

Up Special: Step Barrier

Down Special: Deku Sprout

Final Smash: Focus Spirit Finisher

Kirby union
Kirby Kirby Neutral Special: Inhale

Side Special: Hammer Flip

Up Special: Final Cutter

Down Special: Stone

Final Smash: Ultra Sword

Dedede union
King Dedede Kirby Neutral Special: Inhale

Side Special: Gordo Toss

Up Special: Super DeDeDe Jump

Down Special: Jet Hammer

Final Smash: DeDeDe Burst

Bandana DeeSSBV
Bandana Waddle Dee Kirby Neutral Special: Spear Throw

Side Special: Samurai Sword

Up Special: Spearocopter

Down Special: Beam Guard

Final Smash: United Dragons

Pikachu union
Pikachu Pokémon Neutral Special: Thunder Jolt

Side Special: Skull Bash

Up Special: Quick Attack

Down Special: Thunder

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

342px-Lucario SSB4 Artwork
Lucario Pokémon Neutral Special: Aura Sphere

Side Special: Force Palm

Up Special: Extreme Speed

Down Special: Double Team

Final Smash: Mega Evolution

Greninja yendo alts
Greninja Pokémon Neutral Special: Water Shuriken

Side Special: Shadow Sneak

Up Special: Aqua Jet

Down Special: Substitute

Final Smash: Secret Ninja Attack

Samus union
Samus Metroid Neutral Special: Charge Shot

Side Special: Missile

Up Special: Screw Attack

Down Special: Bomb

Final Smash: Zero Laser

Zero Suit Samus SSB4
Zero Suit Samus Metroid Neutral Special: Paralyzer

Side Special: Plasma Whip

Up Special: Jet Heels

Down Special: Flip Jump

Final Smash: Gunship

Fox union
Fox Star Fox Neutral Special: Blaster

Side Special: Fox Illusion

Up Special: Fire Fox

Down Special: Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

Pit union
Pit Kid Icarus Neutral Special: Palutena's Bow

Side Special: Upperdash Arm

Up Special: Power of Flight

Down Special: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures

Palutena Kid Icarus Neutral Special: Autoreticle

Side Special: Explosive Flame

Up Special: Warp

Down Special: Counter

Final Smash: Black Hole Laser

Ness smash wii u
Ness Earthbound Neutral Special: PK Flash

Side Special: PK Fire

Up Special: PK Thunder

Down Special: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Lucas Earthbound Neutral Special: PK Freeze

Side Special: PK Fire

Up Special: PK Thunder

Down Special: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Kumatora Earthbound Neutral Special: PK Love

Side Special: PK Fire

Up Special: PK Thunder

Down Special: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Marth union
Marth Fire Emblem Neutral Special: Shield Breaker

Side Special: Dancing Blade

Up Special: Dolphin Slash

Down Special: Counter

Final Smash: Critical Hit

Ike Fire Emblem Neutral Special: Eruption

Side Special: Quick Draw

Up Special: Aether

Down Special: Counter

Final Smash: Great Aether

Robin yendo alts
Robin Fire Emblem Neutral Special: Thunder

Side Special: Arcfire

Up Special: Elwind

Down Special: Nosferatu

Final Smash: Pair Up

Captain falcon union
Captain Falcon F-Zero Neutral Special: Falcon Punch

Side Special: Raptor Boost

Up Special: Falcon Jump

Down Special: Falcon Kick

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

Olimar Pikmin Neutral Special: Pikmin Pluck

Side Special: Pikmin Throw

Up Special: Winged Pikmin

Down Special: Pikmin Order

Final Smash: End of Day

Villager SSB
Villager Animal Crossing Neutral Special: Pocket

Side Special: Lloid Rocket

Up Special: Balloon Trip

Down Special: Timber

Final Smash: Dream Home

Wii Fit Trainer Smash Bros
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Neutral Special: Sun Salutation

Side Special: Soccer Ball

Up Special: Hula Hoops

Down Special: Deep Breathing

Final Smash: Wii Fit

Little Mac Punch-Out Neutral Special: Straight Lunge

Side Special: Jolt Haymaker

Up Special: Rising Uppercut

Down Special: Slip Counter

Final Smash: Giga Mac

Shulk Xenoblade Neutral Special: Monado Arts

Side Special: Backslash

Up Special: Airslash

Down Special: Vision

Final Smash: Chain Attack

Inkling Smash5
Inkling Splatoon Neutral Special: Paint Nozzle

Side Special: Roller

Up Special: Paint Jet

Down Special: Paint Brush

Final Smash: Kraken

Takamaru Smash5
Takamaru The Mysterious Marusame Castle Neutral Special: Shuriken

Side Special: Flame Wisps

Up Special: Rising Sun

Down Special: Invisibility Cloak

Final Smash: Inazuma Lightning

Sylux mph Artwork
Sylux Metroid Neutral Special: Shock Coil Blast

Side Special: Shock Coil Thrust

Up Special: Shock Coil Jump

Down Special: Lockjaw

Final Smash: Shock Coil Laser

Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Neutral Special: Chibi Blaster

Side Special: Toothbrush

Up Special: Chibi-Copter

Down Special: Charge

Final Smash: Giga Robo

Mii Fighters N/A

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Universe Moveset
Luigi SSB4
Luigi Super Mario Neutral Special: Fireball

Side Special: Green Missile

Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Down Special: Luigi Cyclone

Final Smash: Poltergust 3000

Bowser Jr Smash Bros
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Neutral Special: Cannonball

Side Special: Clown Kart Dash

Up Special: Abandon Ship

Down Special: Mechakoopa

Final Smash: Shadow Mario Paint

KRool Smashified
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Neutral Special: Kannonball

Side Special: Krown Toss

Up Special: Kopter Pack

Down Special: Kround Pound

Final Smash: Kannonball Barrage

Ashley WarioWare Neutral Special: Magical Blast

Side Special: Magical Charge

Up Special: Teleportation Spell

Down Special: Shrinking Potion

Final Smash: Potion Special

Dixie kong smashified transparent by sean the artist-d9bcj5s
Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Neutral Special: Bubble Gum Popgun

Side Special: Ponytail Twirl

Up Special: Ponytail Copter

Down Special: Bongo Dance

Final Smash: Hair Slash

SSB4 Corrin
​Corrin Fire Emblem Neutral Special: Dragon Fang Shot

Side Special: Dragon Lunge

Up Special: Dragon Ascent

Down Special: Counter Surge

Final Smash: Torrential Roar

Ganondorf (SSB 3DS & Wii U)
Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Neutral Special: Warlock Punch

Side Special: Flame Choke

Up Special: Dark Dive

Down Special: Wizard's Foot

Final Smash: Beast Ganon

Toon LinkSSBVFull
Toon Link Legend of Zelda Neutral Special: Arrow

Side Special: Boomerang

Up Special: Sword Spin

Down Special: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Meta Knight-SSBC
Meta Knight Kirby Neutral Special: Meta Tornado

Side Special: Drill Rush

Up Special: Shuttle Loop

Down Special: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

Jigglypuff Pokémon Neutral Special: Roll-Out

Side Special: Pound

Up Special: Sing

Down Special: Rest

Final Smash: Puff Up

Mewtwo Pokémon Neutral Special: Shadow Ball

Side Special: Confusion

Up Special: Teleport

Down Special: Disable

Final Smash: Psystrike

Falco Smash Bros
Falco Star Fox Neutral Special: Blaster

Side Special: Falco Phantasm

Up Special: Fire Bird

Down Special: Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

Medusa SSB
​Medusa Kid Icarus Neutral Special:

Side Special:

Up Special:

Down Special:

Final Smash: Medusa's Stare

Micaiah Fire Emblem Neutral Special:

Side Special:

Up Special:

Down Special:

Final Smash:

Roy Fire Emblem Neutral Special: Flare Blade

Side Special: Double-Edge Dance

Up Special: Blazer

Down Special: Counter

Final Smash: Critical Hit

Bomberman Smashified
Bomberman Bomberman Neutral Special: Bomb Kick

Side Special: Shining Fire Bomb

Up Special: Jetpack

Down Special:

Final Smash: Bomber Copter

Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Neutral Special: Homing Attack

Side Special: Spin Dash

Up Special: Spring Charge

Down Special: Spin Charge

Final Smash: Super Sonic

Mega Man Mega Man Neutral Special: Metal Blade

Side Special: Crash Bomber

Up Special: Rush Coil

Down Special: Leaf Shield

Final Smash: Mega Legends

Pac-Man Pac-Man Neutral Special: Bonus Fruit

Side Special: Power Pellet

Up Special: Pac-Jump

Down Special: Fire Hydrant

Final Smash: Super Pac-Man

Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Neutral Special: Trick Shot

Side Special: Clay Shooting

Up Special: Duck Jump

Down Special: Wild Gunman

Final Smash: NES Zapper Posse

Rayman Rayman Neutral Special: Blue Punch

Side Special: Lum Throw

Up Special: Helicopter

Down Special: Globox Pound

Final Smash: Rabbid Rabbits

Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot

Neutral Special: Spining Crash Attack

Side Special: Skateboard

Up Special: Up Arrow Crate

Down Special: Aku Aku Shield

R.O.B. Gyromite Neutral Special: Robo Beam

Side Special: Arm Rotor

Up Special: Robo Burner

Down Special: Gyro

Final Smash: Super Diffusion Beam

Game and Watch Smash Bros
Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch Neutral Special: Chef

Side Special: Judge

Up Special: Fire

Down Special: Oil Panic

Final Smash: Octopus


Starting Stages

For more information on each stage, see Super Smash Bros. Masters/Stages

New Stages=

BattlefieldDayNightCycle2WiiUSSB4Battlefield FinalDest2Final Destination SprixieKingdomSSBBL3D World BowserCastleBowser Castle Gloomy MansionDark Moon Mansion
Gangplank Galleon - Overworld - Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)Gangplank Galleon Yoshi's Woolly World - E3 2014 screen 4Woolly World HW Hyrule CastleHyrule Castle CanvasCurseCanvas Curse VictoryroadVictory Road
AquisAquis CyrosphereCyrosphere Kid Icarus MapUnderground Hall of MemoriesHall of Memories Fire Emblem 55Warrior's Ground
Mechonis CoreMechonis Core Sandocean01 lSand Ocean Pikmin JungleJungle Chibi2House
Splatoon-03Complex TurtleBoatTurtle Boat

|-| Returning Stages=

OnettSSBBOnett GreatbayGreat Bay CorneriaCorneria
SSBMushroomyMushroomy Kingdom 640px-SSBB Halberd StageBattleship Halberd 640px-SSBB Luigi's Mansion StageLuigi's Mansion
Reset Bomb ForestReset Bomb Forest 640px-MagicantSSB3DSTemporaryMagicant LivingRoom SSB4Living Room
Garden of Hope press imageGarden of Hope OrbitalGateSSB4Orbital Gate 640px-Pilotwings Wuhu Island 2Pilotwings

Unlockable Stages

New Stages

640px-MK8 RainbowRoadRainbow Road U WiiU GameandWario Website Screens Bird 1Game and Wario Lorule CastleRealm of Lorule KMA StarcutterLor Starcutter
PokemonBattleTrozeiBattle Trozei Dragon's TableDragon's Table Rhythm HeavenRhythm Heaven FishingFishing
DuckHuntShooting Range WiiU WiiSportsClub tennis SCRN01Wii Sports Club PushmoParkSSBBLPushmo Park Bomberman 64 Arcade - roxdownloadBomber Maze Sonic casino night zoneCasino Night Zone Board Game IslandBoard Game Island Nintendolandninja610Murasame Castle

Returning Stages

640px-SSBB Big Blue StageBig Blue Poke FloatPoké Floats
640px-SSBB WarioWare, Inc. StageWarioWare Inc 640px-SSBB Yoshi's Island StageYoshi's Island Skyworld1Skyworld Castle Siege Stage SSBACastle Seige 640px-Smashvillewiiu02Smashville
640px-Wilys fortressWily's Castle Boxing ArenaBoxing Ring SSB4 Pac-Maze StagePac-Maze RetroMuteCity SSB4Retro Mute City PaperMario SSB4Paper Mario
GamerWiiUGamer 640px-Pyrosphere press imagePyrosphere ColiseumColiseum Gaur Plain 1Gaur Plains Wii Fit Studio press imageWii Fit Studio

Adventure Mode: Subspace Revenge


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