Super Smash Bros. Mania has a ton of unlockable content that will be avaliable as you play through the game. Traditionally unlockable content, mainly characters and stages, are the focus of unlockables in this game.


Super Smash Bros. Mania features 16 unlockable characters, including many that are new to Smash Bros. However, the criteria to unlocking these characters may be difficult for certain players, depending on the fighter. Overall, the unlockable characters require more work in this game then they did the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.

Default Characters
Character Unlock Criteria Character Unlock Criteria
Super Mario symbolLuigiSuper Mario symbol SSB Yoshi SymbolKamekSSB Yoshi Symbol
SBBMania Luigi
  • Play 20 Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode As Mario
SBBMania Kamek
  • Play As Yoshi For 5 Hours
  • Acquire 350 Trophies
DK Symbol0Dixie KongDK Symbol0 Zelda Symbol1MidnaZelda Symbol1
SBBMania DixieKong
  • Play 100 Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode As Diddy
SBBMania Midna
  • Play 250 Matches
  • Play 40 Hours
Zelda Symbol1GanondorfZelda Symbol1 MetroidSymbolSSBVDark SamusMetroidSymbolSSBV
SBBMania Ganondorf
  • Play As Midna For 5 Hours
  • Acquire 500 Trophies
SBBMania DarkSamus
  • Clear Classic With 20 Players
  • Play For 20 Hours
MetroidSymbolSSBVRidleyMetroidSymbolSSBV SSB Kirby SeriesWaddle DeeSSB Kirby Series
SBBMania Ridley
  • Play 750 Matches
  • Play As Dark Samus For 10 Hours
SBBMania WaddleDee
  • Play 60 Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode As Kirby
StarFoxSymbolSSBVFalcoStarFoxSymbolSSBV StarFoxSymbolSSBVWolfStarFoxSymbolSSBV
SBBMania Falco
  • Play 80 Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode As Fox
SBBMania Wolf
  • Log In On Launch Day
  • Play 300 Matches
PokemonSymbolSSBVJigglypuffPokemonSymbolSSBV PokemonSymbolSSBVMewtwoPokemonSymbolSSBV
SBBMania Jigglypuff
  • Play For 25 Hours
  • Acquire 250 Trophies
SBBMania Mewtwo
  • Log In On Melee's Anniversary
  • Play 600 Matches
SSB Fire Emblem SeriesRoySSB Fire Emblem Series EarthboundSymbolSSBVNessEarthboundSymbolSSBV
SBBMania Roy
  • Clear Classic With 10 Players
  • Acquire 100 Trophies
SBBMania Ness
  • Play 40 Matches
  • Beat Classic Mode As Lucas
MegaManSymbolSSBVMega ManMegaManSymbolSSBV BanjoKazooieSymbolBanjo & KazooieBanjoKazooieSymbol
SBBMania MegaMan
  • Clear Classic With 5 Players
  • Play 50 Online Battles
SBBMania Banjo&Kazooie
  • Clear Classic With All Fighters
  • Play For 50 Hours

Alternate Costumes

Alternate Costumes
Character Alternate Costume(s)
SBBMania DixieKong
Dixie Kong
SBBMania DixieKongAlt1
SBBMania Midna
SBBMania MidnaAlt1
SBBMania Ganondorf
SBBMania GanondorfAlt1 SBBMania GanondorfAlt2
SBBMania Banjo&Kazooie
SBBMania Banjo&KazooieAlt1


*Note: Stages that return from Wii U/3DS, Brawl, Melee, or Smash Bros. 64 are italicized for navigation purposes.

Unlockable Stages
Stage Unlock Criteria Stage Unlock Criteria
YoshiSymbolNew IslandYoshiSymbol SSB Mario Series75m (B)SSB Mario Series
SSBMania NewIsland TBA SSBMania 75m TBA

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