Super Smash Bros. Madness, sometimes referred to as SSBMD, is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series, and the second for the Wii U. Unlike its prequel, transformations return and there is a story mode.

Playable Characters


Image Name Series Description Special Moves
Mariossbi Mario SSB Mario Series Neutral: Fireball

Side: Cape

Up: Super Jump Punch

Down: Ice Storm

Final Smash: Mega Mushroom

PeachAnarchy Peach SSB Mario Series TBA
Bowser SSB4 Bowser SSB Mario Series Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Charge Punch

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Hammer Toss

Final Smash: Giga Bowser

DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series Neutral: Giant Punch

Side: Roll

Up: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slap

Final Smash: Boxing Kong

Diddy Kong for SSB4 Diddy Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series TBA
480px-Wario Overalls SSB4 Render Wario SSB Wario Series TBA
Yoshi SSB4 Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series Neutral: Lick

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Blimp Yoshi

Down: Egg Throw

Final Smash: Eggdozer

Babyyoshi Baby Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series Neutral: Bubble Breath

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Wings

Down: Bite

Final Smash: Dragon Baby Yoshi

Hyrule Warriors Link TP Clothes Link SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Neutral: Hero's Bow

Side: Gale Boomerang

Up: Spin Attack

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

ZeldaAnarchy Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series TBA
Skullkid Skull Kid SSB The Legend of Zelda Series TBA
Samus250 Samus SSB Metroid Series Neutral: Charge Shot

Side: Missile

Up: Screw Attack

Down: Suit Switch

Final Smash: Zero Laser

322px-ZeroSuitSamusSSB4.Wii U Zero Suit Samus SSB Metroid Series Neutral: Plasma Whip

Side: Flip Jump

Up: Boost Kick

Down: Suit Switch

Final Smash: Gunship

KirbySSB4 Kirby SSB Kirby Series Neutral: Inhale

Side: Hammer

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Freezing Aura

Final Smash: Hypernova

KingDededeAnarchy King Dedede SSB Kirby Series TBA
WaddleDeeSSBH Waddle Dee SSB Kirby Series Neutral: Multispear Attack

Side: Spear Throw

Up: Spear Copter

Down: Spear Dive

Final Smash: Megaton Punch

Pikachu SSBR Pikachu SSB Pokémon Series Neutral: Thunder Jolt

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Quick Attack

Down: Thunder

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

PMMewtwo Mewtwo SSB Pokémon Series Neutral: Shadow Ball

Side: Psycho Cut

Up: Teleport

Down: Mist

Final Smash: Mega Mewtwo

701Hawlucha Hawlucha SSB Pokémon Series Neutral: Swords Dance

Side: High Jump Kick

Up: Sky Drop

Down: Detect

Final Smash: Flying Press

FoxAnarchy Fox SSB Star Fox Series TBA
Krystal Icon SSB5 Krystal SSB Star Fox Series TBA
IkeAnarchy Ike FireEmblemSymbolHC TBA
Lucina SSB4 Lucina FireEmblemSymbolHC TBA
108px-LucasSSBH Lucas SSB EarthBound Series TBA
Pit SSB4 Pit KIsymbol Neutral: Palutena's Arrow

Side: Upperdash Arm

Up: Power of Flight

Down: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures

PalutenaAnarchy Palutena KIsymbol TBA
OlimarSSB4 Olimar SSB Pikmin Series Neutral: Pikmin Pluck

Side: Pikmin Throw

Up: Winged Pikmin

Down: Pikmin Order

Final Smash: End of Day

360px-VillagerSSB4 (1) Villager SSB Animal Crossing Series Neutral: Pocket

Side: Gyroid Rocket

Up: Balloon Trip

Down: Timber

Final Smash: Dream Home

Wii fit trainer render by swagnite-d6b26o2 Wii Fit Trainer SSB Wii Fit Series TBA
Mainshulk Shulk SSB Special Symbol TBA
LittleMacAnarchy Little Mac SSB Punch-Out Series TBA
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Inkling SSB Splatoon Neutral: Ink Shot

Side: Paint Roller

Up: Squid Jump

Down: Squid Transformation

Final Smash: Ink Bomb

IceClimbersAnarchy Ice Climbers SSB Special Symbol TBA
Chibi-RoboSSBH Chibi-Robo SSB Special Symbol TBA