This is a list of items in Super Smash Bros. Madness. 39 items have been confirmed.


Item Name Series Description
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. (series) When broken, it allows the fighter who broke it to use their Final Smash.
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. (series) The first person who uses this summons another fighter who helps them.
Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros. (series) When charged up and swung, it delievers a 1-hit KO, but has a very small range.
Beam Sword Super Smash Bros. (series) The Beam Sword can be used to attack fighters can a longer range.
Food Super Smash Bros. (series) Food is randomly dropped, restoring 2%-5% of damage dealed to the user.
Box Super Smash Bros. (series) The Box can be broken or thrown, revealing items to use.
Barrel Super Smash Bros. (series) The Barrel can be broken or thrown, revealing items to use. Unlike the Box, it rolls, hurting anyone is rolls onto.
Hammer Super Smash Bros. (series) The Hammer is rare, but when used, allows the user to deal a good amount of damage. It has a 25% chance of dealing no damage.
Golden Hammer Super Smash Bros. (series) The Golden Hammer is very rare, but when used, allows the user to deal massive amounts of damage. It has a 15% chance of dealing no damage.
Sandbag Super Smash Bros. (series) Sandbag can be punched, dropping Food, CDs, Stickers, or sometimes even a Smash Ball.
Team Healer Super Smash Bros. (series) When thrown, the Team Healer heals the user's teammate if it hits him or her.
Fire Flower Mario (series) When picked up, the fighter can use this to shoot out a stream of fire.
Bullet Bill Mario (series) When thrown, the Bullet Bill homes in on the closest enemy and explodes when it hits them or after four seconds.
Super Star Mario (series) When touched, the Super Star turns the user invincible for a short time.
Lightning Mario (series) Lightning shrinks everyone down but the user. It has a 5% chance of shrinking the user.
Bob-Omb Mario (series) The Bob-Omb stays on the ground as a throwable item. If not thrown, the Bob-Omb gets up and walks around before exploding.
Hammer Suit Mario (series) The Hammer Suit allows the wearer to throw three hammers by using the B button.
Mushroom Mario (series) The Mushroom makes the user grow in size.
Poison Mushroom Mario (series) The Poison Mushroom shrinks the user.
Freezie Mario (series) The Freezie, when thrown, freezes its target and sends them in the air.
Super Scope Mario (series) The Super Scope can fire rapid attacks and charged up to fire a large shot.
Banana Peel Donkey Kong (series) The Banana Peel makes anyone who steps on it fall over.
Barrel Cannon Donkey Kong (series) When thrown, it traps the person it hits and sends them out into the air after a few seconds.
Energy Tank Metroid (series) Restores 75% damage.
Screw Attack Metroid (series) Turns the wearers jumps into Screw Attacks.
Heart Container Zelda (series) The Heart Container restores 100% of damage.
Deku Nut Zelda (series) When thrown at someone, it explodes, causing them to be stunned.
Ocarina of Time Zelda (series) The Ocarina of Time slows down time, affecting everyone but the fighter who used it.
Smart Bomb Star Fox (series) The Smart Bomb, when thrown, unleashes a huge explosion.
Warpstar Kirby (series) The Warpstar lets the user fly into the air, crashing down onto the stage. It hurts nearby fighters near the crash zone.
Maximum Tomato Kirby (series) The Maximum Tomato restores 50% of damage.
Dragoon Parts Kirby (series) Three Dragoon Parts must be collected before the user can unleash the Dragoon. When aimed at an enemy, it hits them, dealing a massive amount of damage.
Superspicy Curry Kirby (series) Once eaten, the user spits out fireballs for ten seconds.
Pokeball Pokemon (series) When thrown, a Pokemon comes out of the Pokeball.
Mr. Saturn EarthBound Mr. Saturn walks around and can be thrown for extra damage.
Franklin Badge EarthBound The Franklin Badge, when worn, protects the wearer from projectiles.
Pellet Pikmin (series) The Pellet can be thrown for damage and if it hits the thrower, it restores a little bit of damage.
Pitfall Animal Crossing (series) If the Pitfall hits anyone, it traps them in the ground.
Fishing Rod Animal Crossing (series) The Fishing Rod pulls enemies closer to the user and can be thrown for damage.
Urina Nintendo The Urina can be thrown for damage. Anything touching it after being thrown gets damaged.

Assist Trophies

Name Series Description
Bowser Jr. Mario (series) Bowser Jr. flies around in his Koopa Clown Car, dropping lit Bob-Ombs onto the stage.
Geno Mario (series) Geno unleashes a magical spell, giving a buff to his summoner. The summoner is either tuned invincible, giant, or metal. Afterwards, he vanishes.
Kat and Ana Wario (series) Kat and Ana fly around the stage, damaging fighters with swords.
Funky Kong Donkey Kong (series) Funky pulls out a pair of bongos, acting like DK's old Final Smash.
Groose Zelda (series) Groose runs around the stage, tackling enemies. Afterwards, he flips his hair and jumps off the stage.
Sylux Metroid (series) Sylux fires his blasters at opponents before climbing into his spaceship, flying off.
Falco Star Fox (series) Falco fires on the stage with his Airwing, eventually dropping a giant Smart Bomb.
Prince Fluff Kirby (series) Prince Fluff uses a yarn lasso to pull in opponents before turning into a tank, firing at the stage.
Magnus Kid Icarus (series) Magnus runs around the stages, slashing with his sword, similar to Samurai Goroh from Brawl.
Pico F-Zero(series) Pico climbs into his F-Zero machine, driving through the air, damaging opponents.
Glass Joe Punch-Out (series) Glass Joe delievers very weak jabs, not even flinching opponents.
Dillon The Rolling Western (series) Dillon rolls into a ball and dashes, similar to Sonic's Spin Dash.
Dog Duck Hunt (series)]] Dog appears and the background and simply laughs, vanishing.
Proto Man Mega Man (series) Proto Man jumps around, firing energy pellets at opponents.
Raiden Metal Gear (series) Raiden behaves exactly like Gray Fox from Brawl.
Tails Sonic (series) Tails spins around as he moves across the stage, damaging foes with his tails.
Seigfried SoulCalibur (Series) Seigfried slams his sword into the ground, creating crystal pillars around him, damaging all nearby fighters.

Super Smash Bros. (series)

Tabuu uses his Great Wings attack, damaging opponents.