Super Smash Bros. Lockdown is a game by Coke Dimensions for the Nintendo DSX. All updated will be confirmed through a dojo, probably.




  • Battlefield - Confirmed in a video
  • Security Hall - Confirmed in a video
  • Altea Castle - Confirmed in a video


  • Super Mushroom - Confirmed in a video
  • Fire Flower - Confirmed in a video
  • Beam Sword - Confirmed in a video


Video 1

A video was released at a conference, a short one that featured Mario fighting in some sort of tutorial. Content Confirmed:

  • Mario
  • Battlefield
  • Super Mushroom

Video 2

Another video was released at the same time where Rouge the Bat sneaks around Security Hall, but is caught by Mario and they fight.

Content Confirmed:

  • Rouge the Bat
  • Security Hall
  • Fire Flower

Video 3

At another conference, a video was released confirming Ness invading Altea Castle in story mode. He is caught by Marth and they fight in multiple areas, including the throne where Manaketes breathe fire on them.

Content Confirmed:

  • Ness
  • Marth
  • Altea Castle
  • Beam Sword


  • The idea of including Zoroark was thought up in Chat with Shroobario and other users.

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