Super Smash Bros. Legend is an upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, developed by AzaCraft Gaming. It asks the question of "What if the Super Smash Bros. series began in 2015?", and was released for the Wii U.


The gameplay, like most Smash games, doesn't involve the standard health bars system of fighting. Instead, players use special attacks to try and knock other players off the stage. The more damage characters take, the farther they fly when they are hit.

Most gamemodes from the original games return, such as Team Smash, 8 Player Smash, Smash Run, Classic, Adventure, and Target Test. Story Mode from Brawl also makes a return.

Starting Characters

There are 20 starting characters. 

Character Description
233px-Mario - Mario Party 10
SSB Mario Series
What Smash game would be complete without Mario? He attacks using various items from the Mario games, such as throwing fireballs, using his hammer from the Mario & Luigi games, and using a cape to fly. He is the obligatory balanced character in the game with all-around stats, and is a good character for beginners.  
SSB Mario Series
Mario's cowardly brother, Luigi plays similarly to his brother, but he has a few different moves of his own. As opposed to Mario's fireballs, Luigi shoots balls of ice from his hands, freezing opponents in their tracks. Luigi can also use his famous Poltergust machine, as well as other gadgets made by Proffesor E. Gadd.
LinkSSBV Full
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
The Hero of Time, Link is a strong fighter who uses his sword as his main weapon, as well as having some projectiles like his bombs, Hero's Bow, and his boomerangs. He also can use his shield to protect himself from projectiles.  
Diddy riding a donkey
Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
The heroes of the jungle, sworn to protect all the bananas of the world.... or something like that. Donkey Kong fights with hard punches and is more of a close-ranged fighter, with Diddy Kong riding on his back, providing ranged support with his Peanut Popguns. 
Samus ssbu keyshot render by arrow 4 u-d8mchyc
SSB Metroid Series
Samus is a famous bounty hunter who fights with a suit of armour that causes her to take more damage than other characters. She uses an arm cannon which can shoots repulsor blasts, missiles, and bombs. She also can roll into a ball in order to avoid attacks. Despite her suit, Samus is quite an agile character.
SSB Kirby Series
Kirby is the hero of Dreamland that has a....rather astronomically large apetite. He can use his traditional ability of swallowing people and using the powers of the people he swallows. He also can use his hammer to knock people away. 
PikachuSSBV Full
SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu is the cute widdle electric mouse mascot of Pokemon, who uses electricity-based attacks in battle. He is quite speedy and can dodge attacks quite easily. While Pikachu doesn't hit very hard, his electric powers add an extra punch to his moves. 
SSB Pokémon Series
A legendary Pokemon and one of the most famous of them, Mew is a quite floaty fighter who has psychic powers. He can use his psychic moves in battle, as well as using his tail as a whip-like weapon. 
Inkling girl transparent by sean the artist-d8vcial
SSB Splatoon SeriesB
One of Nintendo's newest IPs, Inkling is a competitive squid-girl who likes to play paintball. She specializes in longe-range attacks, and can use three types of weapons: A standard paintball gun, a sniper gun for even longer range, and a paint-roller. She also can transform into a squid and swim in ink to escape attacks. 
KTD King Dedede
King Dedede
SSB Kirby Series
King Dedede is the eternal rival of Kirby, and he somehow became the King of Dreamland. King Dedede can swallow and spit out other players, and he can also swing his hammer to knock away the other players. He also can get help from his Waddle Dee minions in battle.
132Ditto Ranger3
SSB Pokémon Series
A Pokemon known for transforming into other Pokemon and doing not much else, Ditto joins as another new character for the game. As such, his main ability is transforming into a pink color variant of the character closest to him, and using their moves in battle. However, if he takes too much damage, he will return to his normal form. In his normal form, he can use his slimey body to stick to objects and tether back, and he can also attack with quick jabs. 
SSB Mario Series
Peach is A princess who is only good for being saved by Mario... or is she? Yeah. She is. In this game, however, Peach has some uniqe abilities. She can use her emotion abilities, such being engulfed in a firey blaze when angered and running faster when happy, and can also throw turnips as projectiles. She also can wack people on the head with her frying pan. 
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Zelda is a multi-incarnate princess, and the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom. She can use various forms of magic, such as shooting fire blasts, creating an energy shield, and teleporting, and she can also use her Light Arrows. Zelda is a swift and graceful characters, the kind of playstyle that quite fits a princess. 
SSB Golden Sun Series
A former assist trophy, Isaac officially joins the brawl here! He wields a sword which can be used for quick slashes, and also he can use psynergy attacks. One of his most famous psynergy attacks is Move, in which he summons a large green hand made of energy to push back other players. Overall, he's a fairly balanced player, with more focus on long-ranged magic attacks then melee attacks. 
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Marth, the Hero-King, is the iconic original protagonist of the original Fire Emblem games. He is a fast character attacking with swift sword strikes. Marth can create deadly combos with his sword attacks, and he is also very quick on his feet. 
SSB Kid Icarus Symbol
The angel servant of the goddess Palutena, Pit wields a bow that splits into two blades. He also can fly using his wings for a short amount of time, and uses many of the weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising.
SSB Star Fox Symbol
Vowing to avenge his dead father, James McCloud, Fox became a pilot and captain of the Starfox team. Fox has many gadgets he uses in battle, such as his standard laser blaster, his reflector, and he can also be engulfed in flames and blast forward as Fire Fox.  
SSB Kid Icarus Symbol
Palutena is the goddess of light, and has quite a graceful fighting style. She can use her staff as a weapon, and also can use her light powers. She also can use her shield to deflect projectiles. 
SSB Yoshi Series
Mario's fateful companion, Yoshi has a long tongue which he can use to swallow opponents, and then lay them back out as eggs. That doesn't seem like a pleasant experience. Yoshi is also very good at throwing projectiles, whether it be Bob-ombs, eggs, or even other fighters.
Balloon Fighter
SSB Balloon Fight Series
A character from a classic Nintendo game, Balloon Fighter mostly uses balloons in his movesets in different ways. He can fire explosive balloons as projectiles, and he can also use balloons to temporarily float in the air. 

Unlockable Characters

There are 12 unlockable fighters.

Character Description

SSB Mario Series
Bowser is the evil king of the Koopas, and is quite a heavyweight fighter. Bowser can breathe flames, slash at the other players with talons, and can also body-slam other opponents. The spikes on his shell can also be lethal.

Unlocked by winning 15 matches as any Mario character. 

Fig 20 excitebike
SSB Excitebike SeriesB
Sometimes, all you need in order to become a Nintendo All-Star is to ride a bike. Excitebiker doesn't quite fight normally, instead fighting using bike tricks as opposed to normal attacks. He also is quite fast, due to him being on a bike and all.

Unlocked by clearing Classic as any character. 
Retro Captain Falcon PM
Captain Falcon
SSB F-Zero Series
The original racing star, Captain Falcon is an over-the-top fighter who is strong but also a quick character as well. He attacks with many punches and kicks, and most of his moves emmit flames. His most iconic move is his Falcon Punch, which is sure to knock nasty opponents away. 

Unlocked by winning 25 matches. 
SSB EarthBound Series
Lucas is the hero of the depressing-ass game known as Mother 3. Lucas uses his PK abilities such as a flaming projectile known as PK Fire, stopping people in their tracks with PK Freeze, or absorb enemy projectiles with PSI Magnet. 

Unlocked by winning 35 matches. 
605px-Blue Toad SM3DW

SSB Mario Series
A random Toad that appears in Mario's adventures, Toad is a fighter that is quick on his feet, but doesn't quite hit hard. He can use Mushrooms to heal himself or throw poison mushrooms as projectiles, and he can also knock people away with quick punches and kicks.

Unlocked by clearing Adventure as Peach. 

Olimar SSB3M
SSB Pikmin Series
Olimar is a pint-sized space explorer, who used plot devices to grow his size tremendously. Olimar can use his Pikmin to help him in battle, such as using many Pikmin to form a chain, or use the different Pikmin's special abilites.

Unlocked by winning 50 matches. 
SSB Xenoblade Series
Shulk is the wielder of the Monado, a powerful sword that can help him predict the future. The Monado is great for combos and counter-attacks, and it can also give him "Charms" that change his stats, making him jump higher, run faster, or hit harder. 

Unlocked by winning 75 matches. 
King k rool recolor by edgeorgencody-d76ngcv
King K. Rool
SSB Donkey Kong Series
King K. Rool is the most vicious Banana Thief in history, and the arch-rival of the Kong family. He is a heavyweight character who uses a large blunderbuss as a weapon, which doubles as a vaccuum. He also can turn into a boxer and doctor. 

Unlocked by clearing Classic twice as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. 
450px-SSB4 - Wii Fit Trainer Artwork
Wii Fit Trainer
SSB Wii Fit Symbol
Oh! Oh! Feel the burn! Wii Fit Trainer is here to help you get fit..... and beat you to a pulp. She can kick a soccer ball as a projectile, as well as using different yoga poses and moves. Just be sure to breath in, breath out.... and brace yourselves!

Unlocked by winning 100 matches. 
Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4e
SSB Wario Series
Waaaaaaaaaah! Wario is a fat greedy little PIG who likes to eat all things. Wario can eat Garlic to power himself up, and is a powerhouse in the ring. He also can... shoot rocket farts to rocket himself into the sky? What? He also has a motorbike. 

Unlocked by clearing Adventure five times. 
SSB Pokémon Series
Mewtwo strikes back! Mewtwo is a strong fighter, who hits hard and also has psychic attacks and dark blasts as projectiles. He also can use his tail as a whip and teleport. 

Unlocked by winning 130 matches. 
ShantaeSSBV Update
SBB Shantae
Shantae is a genie pirate hero thingy....ok this is gonna be confusing. Shantae wields a pirate sword for melee attacks, and she also can use her hair as a whip and can create magical fireballs. Shantae also can transform into different animals to help her in battle. 

Unlocked by winning 150 matches. 


Item Description
New Smash Ball
Smash Ball
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
This item flies around the stage for about 20 seconds. When a player attacks it enough and breaks it, they can summon a special attack.
Fig 20 assistfigure
Assist Trophy
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
When you use this item, it summons a randomly selected character to temporarily assist you in battle.
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)
SSB Mario Series
A mushroom that causes you to grow three times your size.

Assist Characters

Assist characters can be summoned using assist trophies. There are 20 Assist characters. 

Character Description
SSB Mario Series
An overrated character from Super Mario RPG, Geno shoots star blasts at opponents when summoned. 
400px-Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
SSB Mario Series
Goombas are the basic enemies of Mario, debuting way back in the first game. However, they aren't quite effective assists, as they simply walk towards the nearest opponent, hoping to do some sort of damage. Thankfully, this assist is quite rare. 
Bowser Jr. SSB4
Bowser Jr.
SSB Mario Series
Of all of Bowser's kids, Bowser Jr. is clearly the most famous. He flies around at the top of the stage, raining Koopa Shells and Bob-Ombs down on enemies.
480px-Little Mac SSB4
Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series
Little Mac is an underdog boxing champion, who was able to prove himself despite his small stature. Little Mac, once summoned, will barrage the nearest enemy with punches, ending on a hard uppercut. 
250px-Rambi DKCR
SSB Donkey Kong Series
One of Donkey Kong's animal friends, Rambi charges forward when he is summoned, dealing major damage to whoever he comes in contact with. 
SSB Pokémon Series
Jigglypuff has the ability to sing any character close to her to sleep, making them vulnerable for attack. 
SSB Pokémon Series
While Lickitung isn't the most useful assist, he makes the characters more slippery and harder to control by licking them. 


Stage Description
Excitebike Raceway
SSB Excitebike SeriesB
The arena for the original Excitebike, this raceway is a side-scrolling stage, where you must avoid getting hit by Excitebikers and keep up with the stage's place. At some points the pace in which the stage moves speeds up or slows down, only to change back to the normal pace.
Mushroom Gorge MKWii
Mushroom Gorge
SSB Mario Series
An iconic stage from Mario Kart Wii, Mushroom Gorge is a variation of the typical Mario Kart-esque stage where you can bounce along on the mushrooms, while avoiding racing Shy Guys. 
Pokemon Stadium 2
Pokemon Stadium
SSB Pokémon Series
A stage that appears time and time again in Smash games. It appears to be an ordinary stage at first glance, but it cycles through many different transformations based on different Pokemon types. This time around, the types are Bug, Fire, Electric, and Ice. 
Luigi's Mansion SSB4
Luigi's Mansion
SSB Luigi's Mansion Series
The haunted mansion that Luigi goes to in, well, Luigi's Mansion. The mansion itself can easily be broken down with just a few hits, but beware! Boos might attack you. 
Dinosaur Office
SSB Nintendo DS Symbol
The titular location of the Dinosaur Office shorts. This is one of the most dangerous stages, as dinosaurs will run rampant in the stage.

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